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Top 50 Hot Anime Guys [2024]

Top 50 Hot Anime Guys [2024]

Let’s make your heart flutter with this massive list of some of the hottest anime guys ever!

We have 50 very hot anime guys listed below, ranging from classic favorites like Spike from Cowboy Bebop to hot rookies like Aki and Loid. And if you’re a fan of muscles? Don’t worry, we have Iskandar and Guts too.

Take a gander at these attractive anime men. Be careful not to blush too much!

Hottest Anime Guys Ranked

50. Kaname (Vampire Knight)

Hottest Anime Guys Kaname

Let’s start this list with this bite-tastic vampire hottie – Kaname Kuran!

Kaname Kuran is from the shojo series Vampire Knight. He is a vampire and love interest of Yuki. Despite his vampire state, he cares for and protects Yuki.

Something happened in his past that made him suppress his memories. On top of that, a lot of people continue to mistrust vampires like him. Good thing Yuki’s love and understanding are all he needs – blood be damned!

49. Ayato (Diabolik Lovers)

Hottest Anime Guys Ayato

Our vampire train continues with our next character, the meanie Ayato from Diabolik Lovers!

Ayato is one of the vampire brothers living in a secluded mansion. A girl, Yui, is sent to them to be their new sacrificial bride. One after the other, the brothers treat Yui in an ill-mannered way at first.

Ayato is rude to anyone, even to his brothers. But hidden behind his aggressive and mean personality is his true affection for Yui.

48. Ren (UTA No Prince-sama)

Hottest Anime Guys Ren Uta No Prince Sama

This next entry might make you sing for joy. Here’s Ren Jinguji from the hit romance-visual-novel-turned-anime Uta no Prince-Sama!

Ren is an absolute ladies man and will flirt with anyone, much to the rejoicing of his fans. He definitely looks quite charming with his strawberry blond hair and cool blue eyes!

Ren is part of the idol group Starish, where he plays the saxophone sometimes. He’s actually one of the sons of a family who owns a conglomerate, so at first, he had a laid-back nature. He eventually found his passion in singing and performing.

47. Kise (Kuroko No Basuke)

Hottest Anime Guys Kise

One of the basketball stars from the anime Kuroko no Basuke graces us with his handsomeness!

Kise has a knack for copying people in P.E., which makes him really great at sports. However, being great at a lot of things can get boring if you don’t have any competition.

But then he discovered the school’s basketball team. He witnessed how Aomine played, which inspired him to play basketball and compete with him. It was the start of the “Perfect Copy” basketball star.

Not only is Kise a great basketball player, but he also works as a model too. Good looks and basketball dunks? Now that’s attractive!

46. Gareki (Karneval)

Hottest Anime Guys Gareki

If you’re looking for a handsome thief to whisk you off in the night, Gareki might be the hot anime guy for you!

Gareki is from the anime Karneval. He’s a thief who robs the mansions of corrupt people. In one of his heists, he meets Nai, a young lad looking for his lost friend.

Nai is, unfortunately, being tricked by a monstrous woman whose house Gareki is currently robbing. Despite being a thief, Gareki is too kindhearted to leave anyone like Nai in danger!

As the show progresses, you see Gareki open up and show his emotions more. He even has tsundere tendencies!

45. Hak (Yona of the Dawn)

Hottest Anime Guys Hak

For a loyal bodyguard who’s quite easy on the eyes, you can’t go wrong with Son Hak from the show Akatsuki no Yona!

Hak is the childhood friend and faithful protector of Princess Yona. At the young age of 15, he was assigned by the king to be her bodyguard.

He can get quite sarcastic and straightforward with his interactions, although he can’t help but be playful and tease Yona.

After the heartbreaking betrayal the two experienced, they know that they have each other to trust and lean on now.

44. Shinya (Psycho-pass)

Hottest Anime Guys Shinya

In Psycho-Pass, a cyberpunk and psychological thriller anime, you’ll fare far if you have someone like Shinya to depend on.

In this world, humans have technologically developed so much in the future. There is now a system that can scan someone’s criminal intent. Shinya Kogami is a hardened Enforcer of the Criminal Investigation Department.

He has a serious personality and is known to be extremely focused and a risk-taker on cases. But despite his seriousness, he likes to tease the new rookie inspector, Akane.

43. Usui (Kaichou WA Maid-sama)

Hottest Anime Guys Usui

What would you do if you found out that the student council president moonlights as a cafe maid? For Usui, he gets inspired by her work ethic but won’t pass up the opportunity to tease her!

Usui is one of the protagonists and main love interest in Kaichou wa Maid-sama. He is skilled at a lot of things, such as in sports and his education.

He has a mysterious and heartbreaking past that he did not share at first. But after getting close to Misaki, he slowly opened up to her.

42. Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Hottest Anime Guys Dazai

Osamu Dazai is one of the members of the Armed Detective Agency, an organization filled with “ability” users. They handle crimes too horrific for regular police.

With Osamu, his mind is sharp, and his intelligence is unparalleled within the group. Along with wit, he solves crimes with negotiation skills, dexterity, and his ability No Longer Human.

Although his detective skills are impressive, and he is shown as friendly and amicable, his intentions seem unclear. He also has a mysterious aura around him that suggests he’s hiding something.

For a lot of anime fans, that mysteriousness is attractive!

41. Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)

Hottest Anime Guys Tomoe

Suddenly abandoned by his former master, Tomoe was surprised to find out that his new master was a young high school student!

Tomoe is a fox spirit who has a violent and bloody history with other gods. He eventually found himself under the care of a mysterious man, who suddenly left him in his shrine after 500 years.

His new master is Nanami, a headstrong girl. Tomoe and Nanami clashed at first but eventually got close. Tomoe likes to tease Nanami, but he does get overprotective when it comes to her safety!

40. Gajeel (Fairy Tail)

Hottest Anime Guys Gajeel

Gajeel Redfox is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. Although he was really aloof and rude to others at first, even claiming he was not here to make friends, he eventually warmed up to his companions and became a loyal ally to them.

Gajeel loves music and would often claim that his metal way of singing is great, despite the glass cracks and destroyed ears of his friends.

You can serenade us anytime with your metal music, Gajeel!

39. Tengen (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba)

Hottest Anime Guys Tengen

Now here’s a hot anime guy who’s not afraid to flaunt it!

Tengen is actually quite proud of how flamboyant, flashy, and eccentric he is. As seen with his nail polish, the flexing of his muscles, and the sparkles around him, being extra is a plus to him!

Aside from this confident and exuberant lifestyle, Tengen is also quite caring and protective of his three wives. His priority is always their safety and happiness, and in return, they are eager to help him however they can.

38. Genos (One Punch Man)

Hottest Anime Guys Genos

Who says robots can’t be hot? Up next on our list is the serious, fly-over-his-head, cyborg hero from One Punch Man – Genos!

Genos is a young cyborg and a loyal disciple of Saitama. He continues to strive for improvement, whether it be his strength or overall skill. He looks up to Saitama and asks him for his guidance.

But due to his super serious and intense nature, he becomes a comic foil to Saitama’s deadpan humor and antics!

37. Rider/Iskandar (Fate/Zero)

Hottest Anime Guys Iskandar

What time is it? It’s muscle o’clock! Here’s Iskander, the Rider-class servant in Fate/Zero!

Iskandar was summoned by Waver Velvet during the Fourth Holy Grail War. His real identity is Alexander the Great, known as the King of Conquerors.

He can be quite wild and adventurous with a big personality, which is the complete opposite of his master. Still, he respects Waver’s wit and determination.

Iskandar is very fond of some things offered by the modern world, such as crackers and videos. We’ll munch on some snacks and watch TV with you, Iskandar!

36. Tamaki and Ouran Hosts (Ouran High School Host Club)

Hottest Anime Guys Tamaki And Ouran Host Club

Let the prince of host clubs welcome you next. Here’s Tamaki and the rest of the Ouran High School Host Club hosts!

Tamaki is the founder and leader of the Ouran Host Club. Despite having a childish side, he takes his host club duties very seriously. It’s no surprise their guests call him a prince!

But it’s not fair to just pick Tamaki for our hot anime guys list since the rest of the host club are equally attractive. So we’ll add the rest of the hosts in this entry as well. Kiss, kiss, fall in love, my friends!

35. Langa (SK8 the Infinity)

Hottest Anime Guys Langa

Let this next hot anime guy skate his way to your heart!

Langa is one of the skaters in SK8 the Infinity. He’s a half-Japanese character who flew from Canada to Okinawa to return to his mother’s hometown.

Langa actually has no skateboarding experience. However, the snowboarding skills he developed in Canada proved to be helpful, so the transition was easy.

34. Ryota (Slam Dunk)

Hottest Anime Guys Ryota

Sakuragi might have amazing flaming-red hair, and Rukawa might have a cheering squad every game, but they don’t have the natural coolness of Ryota!

Ryota is the Point Guard of the Shohoku Basketball Team. He is from Okinawa and sports a curly pompadour and a pierced ear.

He can be a bit of a troublemaker like Sakuragi, but he is as equally dedicated to basketball as the others.

33. Kuroo (Haikyuu)

Hottest Anime Guys Kuroo

How about we go to volleyball? We’re adding Nekoma’s sly and “provocation expert” to the list!

Tetsuro Kuroo is the volleyball captain of Nekoma High. He is a strong and capable captain who would often lift up his team with quips and smirk-filled remarks.

He’s also the childhood friend of Kenma. He knows of Kenma’s potential and often encourages him. Kuroo also likes to tease Tsukishima!

32. Hatsuharu (Fruits Basket)

Hottest Anime Guys Hatsuharu

I hope you like oxes because we’re featuring one next!

Hatsuharu Sohma has the curse of the Ox in the Sohma family. His personality is amusingly a yin-and-yang version of his animal. Hatsuharu can be tranquil, calm, and quiet for one second but can get easily enraged with the slightest provocation!

This black-and-white temper is similar to his hairstyle, which looks pretty cool, by the way.

31. Oreki (Hyouka)

Hottest Anime Guys Oreki

It’s hard to conserve one’s energy and not squee when a hot anime guy like Oreki is around!

Houtarou Oreki is the protagonist of the show Hyouka. He is a smart young man with excellent deduction skills who, unfortunately, is disinterested in a lot of things. He says he prefers to conserve his energy.

Thankfully, the always-curious Eru Chitanda managed to pull him out of his energy-conserving mode!

30. Tsukasa (Dr. Stone)

Hottest Anime Guys Tsukasa

Tsukasa started out as an antagonist against Senku and his friends. This is due to his past experiences, which affected his view of the world.

In his life before petrification, he cared for his sickly younger sister, even turning into an MMA fighter to earn money.

He actually wanted to turn the post-petrified world into a place only for innocent and pure-hearted children, like his sister. He later saw the error of his ways.

We love an anime guy who cares for his siblings!

29. Guts (Berserk)

Hottest Anime Guys Guts

Guts might look like a cold, tough, and hardened mercenary, but he does care!

In the world of Berserk, life can be difficult, to say the least. However, Guts found a family within the Band of the Falcon.

But a betrayal tremendously hurt him and his comrades. Eventually, Guts had to learn to set aside his violent path of revenge to care for his companions.

Poor Guts. He needs a hug.

28. Izaya (Durarara)

Hottest Anime Guys Izaya

Some people will say that they don’t trust this guy, and they’d be right! However, the power of anime hotness trumps that for a lot of his fans.

Izaya is an underground information broker. He trades info for his benefit, although he often claims that he loves humanity. He would even shout this from the rooftops!

I guess the danger and unhingedness he exudes are pretty appealing.

27. Rin (Blue Exorcist)

Hottest Anime Guys Rin Okumura

He’s a demon with a bone to pick against Satan himself!

Despite his lineage, Rin Okomura is studying to be an exorcist to defeat all the demons troubling the world. This quest is joined by his twin brother and their friends at True Cross Academy.

Rin has an impulsive and carefree attitude, which worries his brother. He’s also quite compassionate and caring and can get protective over his brother and friends.

He might have fangs, but Rin doesn’t bite!

26. Loid Forger (Spy X Family)

Hottest Anime Guys Loid

While Loid’s excellent spy skills are impressive enough, what makes him all the more attractive is his heart of gold.

Loid dreams of a world where children don’t have to cry. This is why no matter how tough his spy missions are while juggling his familial duties, Loid still carries on.

We salute you, Loid!

25. Kotetsu (Tiger and Bunny)

Hottest Anime Guys Kotetsu

Here’s another anime dad who has a caring heart.

In the world of Tiger and Bunny, being a superhero is a job. Even their suits are adorned with sponsor logos!

Kotetsu is a veteran hero known as Wild Tiger. Since he’s more concerned with helping people than earning ratings, he’s sadly not so popular.

He has to juggle earning as a hero, protecting and providing for his daughter while being true to his code of justice. That’s admirable, Kotetsu!

24. Leorio (Hunter X Hunter)

Hottest Anime Guys Leorio

While there are a lot of hot anime guys in Hunter x Hunter, we picked Leorio because he’s a total package! Looks, skills, and a compassionate heart? Leorio’s got it.

At the start of the show, he makes his dream sound superficial by saying he just wants money. It turns out he needs money to pay for his medical school just so he can work as a doctor pro-bono.

Years ago, he lost a dear friend to a curable illness that needed surgery, which Leorio couldn’t pay for. This fueled his dream of becoming a doctor.

23. Sebastian (Black Butler)

Hottest Anime Guys Sebastian

There’s more to this butler than meets the eye!

Sebastian is a loyal butler of the Phantomhive household who will do anything for Ciel. The circumstances of their meeting remain a secret, but you can bet something demonic is afoot!

A lot of fans still don’t know what their goals are, but with Ciel’s strong will and Sebastian’s sly nature, nothing can stop them – not even surprise twists!

22. Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

Hottest Anime Guys Sesshomaru

He might seem intimidating and brooding, but this inu daiyokai, essentially a great dog demon, is a good boy.

Sesshomaru is the half-brother of Inuyasha. He has a personal vendetta against Naraku, so he sometimes ends up helping Inuyasha and his friends due to their common goal.

Unlike other demons, Sesshomaru is not out to get any of the Shikon Jewel shards. He thinks wanting to get strong that way for selfish reasons is weak and pathetic. Tell ‘em, Sesshomaru!

21. Aki (Chainsaw Man)

Hottest Anime Guys Aki

Time to fight some devils with our next entry. Here’s Aki, a swordsman devil hunter from Chainsaw Man!

Aki is a serious, stoic, and no-nonsense character in the show. He is committed and very serious towards his job, he even beat up Denji when they first met to make him take their jobs seriously!

But that doesn’t mean Aki doesn’t have a soft side. He’s actually quite softhearted and easily gets attached to people. He tries his best to protect those who are dear to him.

Aki fans, don’t cry!

20. Daisuke (Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited)

Hottest Anime Guys Daisuke

Looks and money ain’t a problem for this detective.

Daisuke Kambe is a descendant of a very rich, billionaire-level family. He uses his access to money and gadgets to solve crimes.

He can seem very haughty and aloof, often refusing to listen to his partner, Haru Kato. He even believes money can solve anything, and would often use bribery and lavish tactics when investigating cases.

We’ll see if he learns a thing or two from his partner!

19. Izumi (Horimiya)

Hottest Anime Guys Izumi

Izumi was a gloomy, distant, and pessimistic individual due to the bullying and harsh treatment of some of his peers. His piercings were a symbol of his difficult time at school.

Thankfully, he met his best friend, Kouichi. He was the first one who treated him kindly. Even after they went to different schools in high school, they kept in touch, and Izumi is forever grateful for the friendship Kouichi extended to him.

18. Hawks (My Hero Academia)

Hottest Anime Guys Hawks

Let’s soar to the skies with our next entry. Here’s Keigo Takami, a.k.a. Wing Hero: Hawks from My Hero Academia!

His smart, carefree, sarcastic, and easy-going nature has smitten a lot of MHA fans. His tongue is as sharp as his wit!

Hawks believe that public popularity greatly helps in her work since the public knowing and trusting you as a hero can help them feel safe and at ease.

What a pragmatic and noble belief. We respect that, Hawks!

17. Manjiro / Mikey (Tokyo Revengers)

Hottest Anime Guys Manjiro Mikey

Don’t let his pretty face and luscious locks fool you. Manjiro “Mikey” Sano is as ruthless as they come!

Mikey grew up being trained by his martial arts master and grandfather. He was deemed a genius at fighting, which came in handy when he decided to be a professional delinquent and started a gang.

He can seem carefree and casual, but enemies should know to run away when he gets serious and focused!

16. Sinbad (Magi)

Hottest Anime Guys Sinbad

Make way for the king! Sinbad, the ruler and founder of the Sindria Kingdom, graces us with his glorious and hot presence.

Aside from his looks, Sinbad has a lot going for him. He’s the esteemed leader of Sindria, president of the most powerful trading company, a Dungeon Capturer and a King Vessel, and master of multiple Djinns!

He can be quite a flirt! His easy-going nature might have others doubt him too. However, when it comes to matters regarding his kingdom and allies, you bet he’s serious!

15. Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

Hottest Anime Guys Ban

Bandit Ban steals and secures a spot in our hot anime guy list!

Ban had a tough life. He grew up mistreated and turned to a life of thievery to survive. Good thing he had a werefox mentor and adoptive father who took him under his wing!

Hoping to see if something good would happen in his life, Ban wanted to drink the Fountain of Youth to gain immortality.

Not only did he find it, but he also met the guardian fairy of the fountain and even got close to her.

14. Ogun (Fire Force)

Hottest Anime Guys Ogun Montgomery

Hot guys, you say? How about a literal hot guy! Here’s Ogun Montgomery, a member of the Special Fire Force!

Ogun wanted to be a Fire Soldier because of his ancestor. This ancestor was a ship captain who sailed people to safety when the cataclysm happened. Just like him, Ogun’s goal is to protect the people in Tokyo.

One of Ogun’s abilities is Flamy Ink, where he tattoos fire on to his body to boost his power. Not only is it useful, but it also looks pretty cool!

13. Roy (Fullmetal Alchemist Series)

Hottest Anime Guys Roy Mustang

Let’s continue this streak of hot anime guys who are hot in more ways than one. This time, we have the renowned Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang!

Roy keeps up appearances by looking like the sleaziest and flirtiest man in the entire state. However, this is all a distraction to his enemies. In reality, he is a great tactician and a skilled alchemist.

His specialty is fire-based alchemy. His special “ignition” gloves create a spark which he turns into flames!

12. Joseph Joestar (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Hottest Anime Guys Joseph Joestar

Yep, this hothead of a JoJo is also a hot anime guy! Joseph Joestar is here to flex his muscles and wow us with Hermit Purple’s thorny vines.

Joseph is quite different from his JoJo ancestor. He gets easily riled up, likes to taunt his enemies, and would rather goof off than work.

But when it comes to authority, you bet he respects his Grandma Erina! Joseph is also quick to protect and fight for his friends. He uses his Stand, Hermit Purple, during combat.

He’s the kind of guy you can depend on!

11. Spike (Cowboy Bebop)

Hottest Anime Guys Spike

In a list of hot guys, we simply can’t skip this cool and suave space cowboy!

Spike is a bounty hunter who initially keeps his distance from a lot of people. At the start, he really only had Jet as his companion.

He would loudly say how he dislikes dogs, children, and women with an attitude, but he eventually endeared himself to Ein, Edward, and Faye.

It’s okay, Spike, you can be a big softie. We won’t tell!

10. Aizen (Bleach)

Hottest Anime Guys Aizen

He might have done one of the biggest betrayals in anime history, but we can’t help but admit that his villain transformation has given him that dangerous appeal.

Aizen Sosuke was the 5th Division’s captain, and a beloved Shinigami liked by a lot of people. He seemed gentle and kind and was out to uncover something shady in Soul Society.

It turns out he’s the only one being shady! After a years-in-the-making plan, Aizen tricked and manipulated everyone just to reach his goal.

In terms of appearance, do you prefer the meek, glasses-wearing, captain look? Or are you into the slicked-hair and badass villain vibe he has later?

9. Levi (Attack on Titan)

Hottest Anime Guys Levi

Speaking of captains, we can’t pass on the small but mighty squad captain from Attack on Titan – Levi Ackerman!

Because of his Ackerman blood and troubled past where he needed to survive, Levi is exceptional when it comes to combat. He would whiz through in the air, slicing Titans left and right.

He is not above using foul words and can seem very rude. However, Levi is loyal to the bitter end, and he always carries the deaths of his comrades in his heart.

We can’t wait to see you in the final-final-final season, Levi!

8. Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Hottest Anime Guys Howl

He’s got magic and pizzazz, and he won’t hesitate to whisk you away on a magical journey. Here’s Howl Jenkins Pendragon, the mighty and beautiful wizard from Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle!

Howl is inarguably a good-looking anime guy. In the story, he has broken the hearts of a lot of maidens in the land, and he takes care of himself by spending at least an hour in the bathroom. What can you say, the guy loves clothes, beauty charms, and hair dyes!

Deep down, Howl has a beautiful heart as well, as seen on how he aided Calcifer, Michael, and Sophie.

7. Zoro (One Piece)

Hottest Anime Guys Zoro

He might often get lost, but he’s in the right direction here. Roronoa Zoro, the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates, definitely deserves a spot in our hot anime guy list!

Zoro is one of the crew’s swordsmen and right-hand man of Luffy. At the start, Luffy really wanted to recruit him after knowing his skills, sense of justice, and kind actions. Zoro was the first to join Luffy’s crew.

Zoro is a serious and hardworking fellow. He is extremely loyal to Luffy and the crew and works very hard to be the best swordsman ever to honor his childhood friend.

Great looks, loyalty, swordsmanship, and an upstanding man? You can get lost in our hearts, Zoro.

6. Victor (Yuri on Ice)

Hottest Anime Guys Victor

Not only is Victor Nikiforov an impressive and attractive ice skater, his charisma and supportive nature are off the charts!

He became an ice skating legend at a young age of 16. Despite his achievements, he has an easygoing but self-aware nature. As a newbie coach, he tried his best to help and support Yuuri.

His platinum hair swaying in the air as he skates and twirls on ice makes him look like an ice fairy! He’s mesmerizing!

5. Char Aznable (Gundam Series)

Hottest Anime Guys Char Aznable

Where are my Gundam fans at? For fans of this mecha series, this entry’s for you! Here is the charismatic and complex antagonist-turned-protagonist character from the Universal Century Gundam – Char Aznable!

Char started out as an antagonist, but due to the popularity and draw of his character, he got his own series. He is an excellent soldier respected by his subordinates, and his skills in combat, tactics, and leadership are constantly acknowledged.

Although he seems to be a benevolent leader, he has a cold side where he won’t hesitate to sacrifice anyone to get what he wants.

However, this is due to his complex past of succeeding after his father and the lack of affection he got due to his turmoil-filled childhood.

Don’t worry, Char, we’ve come here not to laugh at you but to give you a hug.

4. Iwatobi Swim Club (Free!)

Hottest Anime Guys Free

Given how attractive the entire club is, it’s hard to pick just one character from this series. The solution? Include all the Iwatobi swimmers!

KyoAni showed that they’re not just a studio that’s good at making “cute girls doing cute things” shows. They can masterfully make “hot guys doing hot things” as well!

Free! is about the members of the Iwatobi High School Swim Club and their passion for swimming. It shows their dreams, challenges, and camaraderie.

If you want a show with all that plus eye-candy, definitely take a dive with Free!

3. Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Hottest Anime Guys Gojo

He’s definitely the kind of teacher who looks and acts cool. Up next in our list is the sorcerer extraordinaire – Satoru Gojo!

In a lot of scenes, Gojo seems nonchalant and even too laid back to be a teacher. He also has a rebellious side, as seen by his open opposition to the school’s principal.

He’s not even afraid to be cocky and arrogant to his enemies, claiming that he’s the strongest sorcerer in the world. Can’t blame him – he can dish out what he says!

But of course, he also has a compassionate side. His ultimate dream is to change how they educate jujutsu sorcerers. Good one, teach!

2. Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Hottest Anime Guys Kamina

This next entry will pierce through the heavens with his hotness! Here’s Kamina, the inspiring founder and very first leader of Team Gurren!

Kamina has a natural charisma that can lift everyone’s spirits. He is a natural-born leader with a determination that is infectious. His dream was to reach the surface and learn more about the world.

It’s totally understandable if you still tear up over Kamina’s “Believe in me who believes in you!” quote.

1. Kakashi (Naruto)

Hottest Anime Guys Kakashi

And our top pick for the hottest anime guy? It’s none other than the mysterious ninja mentor, Kakashi!

Throughout the show, Kakashi has covered his face with a mask, much to the chagrin and curiosity of his Team 7 students. They even made it a mission to unveil his mask!

People who have glimpsed his face have always expressed much adoration, like the staff at Ramen Ichiraku.

But finally, in episode 469, titled A Special Mission, fans saw the full mask-less face of Kakashi. And yes, he’s as good-looking as expected. That mole on his chin adds +100 to his overall charm!