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Top 25 Best Dragon’s Dogma Mods [2024]

Top 25 Best Dragon’s Dogma Mods [2024]

Back in its original release, Dragon’s Dogma was an incredibly well-regarded RPG and still is as its community is quite active to this day.

This can especially be seen in its modding community making new outfits, alterations to vanilla assets, and general quality of life improvements to keep the game alive and keep new fans blown away.

Here, we will explore our top picks of the 21 best Dragon’s Dogma mods on the internet. Let’s get started!

Best Dragon’s Dogma Mods

25. Greater Rewards

Greater Rewards

Any gamer will tell you that not every game gives the same rewards. Dragons Dogma NPCs offer great rewards, but they could be greater.

The Greater Rewards mod does just that by increasing the reward power in the game. The mod increases rewards in three levels: times two, times five, and times ten.

The Greater Rewards mod increases the rewards received from both main and side quests. Some users have noted issues with the mod and newer patches for the game, however.

The creator has noted that playing with an earlier version of Dragons Dogma will allow the mod to work best.

24. Adjusted Stats From Leveling Up

Part of the joy for some gamers is the grind of building an intense character. However, some characters can’t get strong enough!

The Adjusted Stats From Leveling Up mod gives players the ability to create intense, high-level characters. This is a great mod for players who like to experiment with new builds.

This mod takes the best and most powerful stats from each character class and assigns them as you level up. There are also three different versions of this mod.

The three versions include the Max version, Medium version, and the Hybrid version. The Hybrid version also stems out into two versions, Lesser and Arisen Hybrid.

23. Seraph FX Clear Days Dark Nights

Seraph Fx Clear Days Dark Nights

Older games often have unrealistic lighting during the in-game nights, among other effects. The Seraph FX Clear Days Dark Nights mod overhauls the lighting and resolution of the game.

With this mod, the HUD is also overhauled and makes changes to details in the flora as well. Vision in the game is cleared, making the game easier to see.

Textures seen in the daytime are enhanced with this mod. Enhanced textures include the sky with clouds, the natural elements, clothing and hair, and the overall color of the game.

The Seraph FX mod also alters the appearance of the weather, so there will be overcast days too.

22. All Items Save File

All Items Save File

For experienced players of Dragons Dogma, having mods that allow you to experiment with the game can add quite a lot of playtime!

The All Items Save File provides players will all items from the start of the game within a save file. With this save file, there are 100 of each item, totaling over 1,900 items!

It’s not typically recommended that first-time players use this mod since you will want to experience playing the game as it normally is.

But having access to all items in one play-through gives you the chance to explore different ways to play and grind.

21. Power Leveling

Power Leveling

Reaching Level 200 in Dragon’s Dogma can take forever, as you would expect, right? Well, with Power Leveling, you can do just that in a bit less time.

The mod allows gamers to alter the power leveling in the game to their liking. Gamers can increase power leveling just a bit or to the point where it can be almost instantly.

There is a 75% amount of XP per level, a 50% amount of XP per level, and finally, the extreme 25% amount of XP per level.

Choose how fast you want to get to the end game levels with these options and fulfill your ever-growing dream of becoming a god.

20. No Carry Limit

No Carry Limit is a sort of cheat mod, but one created purely to provide more convenience to the player.

As the name suggests, the mod increases the carry limit of characters to 10,000, allowing gamers to pick and fill their inventory without ever needing to replace objects or items.

It’s a well-thought mod and provides an additional feature of adjusting stamina.

Players have the option to adjust the level of stamina drain during sprinting from half to almost 0. Keep them legs moving just like Forest Gump!

19. Augment Reference List Plus

Augment Reference List Plus

Something that can always suck with newer RPGs is the lack of info given to the player as to what something does.

With Augment Reference List Plus, you are given more in-depth information on what stats are and how they affect the gameplay.

This is a great way for new players to understand what you can do, especially if you’re experienced with RPGs, as most of this information will make perfect sense.

Rather than being told vague descriptions or only having half of the numbers, use the mod to gain access to vast levels of information to help make the right decisions. Remember, you need a great strategy to dominate, and for that, you need information!

18. Better Hybrid Stat Growth

Better Hybrid Stat Growth

Better Hybrid Stat Growth is a mod for convenience, especially if you enjoy messing around with different vocations.

The mod was specifically made for the Magick archer to help improve the character’s stats without having to grind again.

This is important if you want to explore other vocations but don’t want to start the entire leveling experience from the start.

Save yourself time while enjoying similar growth levels like sorcerer and assassin.

17. Easy Clothing Inventory ID

Easy Clothing Inventory Id

Easy Clothing Inventory ID is another quality of life mod that makes picking out outfits for you and your party much quicker.

The mod highlights all the clothing items in blue to easily tell them apart from other wearable items.

The mod aims to help new players save time searching through their inventory while they get accustomed to the game.

16. Don’t Blind Me

Don’t Blind Me

A simple mod to improve the moment-to-moment gameplay, Don’t Blind Me makes darker areas a bit more bearable.

This mod’s main thing is dim the lamps and torches, helping players with visibility in darker areas as the halo light can be distracting at times.

There is also the optional addition of dimming spell effects as well if you find spell effects to have the same problem.

Additionally, many reshade and ENBs recommend this as the lighting from these sources can get quite extreme, and even more so when enhanced using other mods.

15. Dd Restyling

Dd Restyling

DD Restyling changes up the overall look of most outfits, making them shorter, removing most of the fluttery bits on clothing.

The mod also tightens some of the other clothes while replacing full leg covering with shorts flaunting a bit of skin.

Although the clothes may seem lighter, the purpose of the mod is to reveal some skin with a modern look.

14. Mega Hair and Beards

Mega Hair And Beards

Mega Hair and Beards is a simple and nice bump up in the quality of the hairs and beards in Dragon’s Dogma as the game is quite old.

The mod takes the original fuzzy-looking 512×512 hairs and beards and upscales them up to 2048×2048.

This feels up to date with today’s graphics and looks great. Besides the upscaling, the mod also improves the actual look of the hair by making them look softer.

You can now have a character that’s rocking massive beards or long hair without it sort of not looking great on a modern monitor where the high pixel count really highlights the game’s age.

13. Jump


A very simple mod adjusted to look fairly natural, Jump increases the jump height in the game by 1.6x.

This was done to add fluidity to movements and make getting around easier for gamers.

Many might be concerned about the mod affecting the game, but it doesn’t break the game or reduce any immersion. It just feels natural.

12. Community Compass Overhaul

Community Compass Overhaul

For years, fanboys complained about the blurry in-game compass, revolting and simply downgrading the true quality of the game.

Community Compass Overhaul provides a better built but still vanilla-styled compass to work with any modern visuals making it sharper and easier to read.

The mod also comes with an additional Dragon Dogma’s official compass if you want to change things up a bit.

11. Never Clipping Cloaks

Never Clipping Cloaks

Very simple, cloaks will never clip when using Never Clipping Cloaks. This isn’t massive, but clipping in clothing is always somewhat distracting in games.

The mod looks to solve all of that, allowing for a more immersive reality in-game as you run across the world.

10. Magick Shield’s Skills Ex Mod Pack

Magick Shield’s Skills Ex Mod Pack

Magick Shield’s Skills EX Mod Pack makes the magick shield more magical.

Rather than the normal riposte, counter, or feint, you instead cast an enchanter, trance, or invocation without any stamina cost or animation time to deal with.

Naturally, you have to make a perfect block for this effect, but it makes the magick shield more useful. There are also three tiers to it, the basic, high, and grand tiers.

The basic tier reduces the duration and adds a healing effect, the high tier also has a slight reduction to duration but also a cleansing effect, and finally, the grand tier has a slightly reduced duration and a haste effect. Choose wisely!

9. Spell Mod Pack

Spell Mod Pack

Spell Mod Pack is an all-in-one convenient download for Signette’s completely original and new spells for Dragon’s Dogma.

The mod adds 7 completely new spells to the game for you to play with, allowing for more diversity in combat.

Your mages feel powerful, and so do you with spells that are either new, enhanced, or prolonged. So, what are you waiting for?

8. Real Steel

Real Steel

Real Steel uses real swords as a basis to enhance the textures of the swords in the vanilla game.

The mod takes pictures of real-life swords to use as a point of reference for the blades, which got further touched up and redone to blend in with the game.

Using upscaling technology, the mod digitally improves the rest of the sword, allowing for a better visual experience.

7. Resonant Enb

Resonant Enb

Resonant ENB tries to give Dragon’s Dogma a nice layer of “film” with its appearance as it makes all of the areas more atmospheric.

It is preset for ENBseries that gives the game a shiny and slightly bloomy look.

The blacks and darkness are accentuated as the lighting is redone to give a stronger contrast and more striking appearance.

This does make the game darker naturally, which might make some areas difficult to see in.

Another aspect of the mod is that it is very performance-friendly with any graphics card within the last 8 years being able to run it at 1080p no problem.

6. E3fx Reshade

E3fx Reshade

This mod aims to improve the game’s overall look without the typical lighting issues leading to dark areas that ENBs typically have.

E3FX Reshade adds bloom, HBAO, sharper textures, and color correction.

Although not all flashy or artsy as several other reshades, it provides a realistic look as to what the game should look like.

If you like a more vanilla but with additional contrast and nicer-looking lighting without the big dark areas, then this mod is pretty much that.

5. Dark Arisen All Natural

Dark Arisen All Natural

Much like the E3FX Reshade, Dark Arisen All Natural is another reshade that doesn’t use ENBs. Unlike the other reshades and ENBs seen in Dragon’s Dogma any other similar games, the mod looks to make the game more realistic visually.

There is no strong contrast or greyness, but the mod provides a balance between the two to look as much like real life as possible.

The mod makes the game super nice, bright, and bloomy, but it also takes away the moody, atmospheric environment that comes with the vanilla game.

4. Gransys Texture Improvement Project

Gransys Texture Improvement Project

Although not a full retexture of everything in Dragon’s Dogma, Gransys Texture Improvement Project redoes the textures for the biggest things you’ll see.

This includes the landscapes and large nearby buildings.

The “redone” textures aren’t new rather just improved original textures that are made sharper and created at a higher resolution.

This texture pack is also quite performance-friendly, with any modern system being able to run it without any hiccups!

3. Enbseries


This will be essential for any ENBs you wish to use with Dragon’s Dogma. ENBseries is used by pretty much all the ENB presets available for the game.

The mod allows users to create their own preset. Make the game look how you want it to look.

More realistic, more contrast, or dimmer, you have the tools to create your fantasy world.

2. Total Rebalance

Total Rebalance

Before we get into Total Rebalance, keep in mind that you will not be able to use these pawns online with the mod. The mod ensures a difficult leveling system.

Level ups and vocation levels now have 2x or more the amount of XP needed to reach the next level.

This does sound quite bad, but in reality, it delivers a rewarding experience. Also, characters are beefed up with additional perks and stats to help make it more balanced

1. Remastering Dragon’s Dogma Sneak Peek

Remastering Dragon’s Dogma Sneak Peek

This mod is supposed to be like a following of the ultimate creation fully remastered Dragon’s Dogma. Remastering Dragon’s Dogma Sneak Peek is a mod that replaces all the textures in the game with improved versions of themselves.

The game visual upgrades are done with a fairly new upscaling technology that has made rounds in the modding community.

As the vanilla textures are pretty much “the same,” they just look much better with a quick upscale and a touchup.

The mod doesn’t take away the vanilla game experience, which many gamers crave, but it certainly ups the visuals for a completely modern experience.

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