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Top 20 Best My Summer Car Mods [2024]

Top 20 Best My Summer Car Mods [2024]

Although not the biggest of games, my summer car still saw a lot of fame, with several YouTubers covering it on its release.

Perhaps this is due to its unique setting of Finland 1995 or the game’s vulgar and hardcore survival aspects.

With something unique to offer, the game found a home among a lot of survival game fans and car enthusiasts.

With all that said, the game still has limited content, so the community for my summer car did what most gaming communities do, mod it. And now we’ll be going over what we believe to be the top 20 best My Summer Car mods.

Best My Summer Car Mods

20. Store and Repair Shop Textures

Store And Repair Shop Textures

Store and Repair Shop Textures simply change up the look of the two locations, the store, and repair shop. Maybe you just need to spice things up a bit, or the slightly run-down look of both places isn’t your thing.

Whatever it is, you can easily change up the textures and aesthetic feel of the shops with this mod, allowing for something new.

Do keep in mind that the signboards might not fit well with the rest of the game visuals, but it’s definitely a much-needed change.

19. Home and Garage

Home And Garage

The perfect mod to pair with the previous one, Home and Garage, remove the outdated interior look of your home and garage, replacing it with a more modern finish.

Of course, some people would want to stick with the natural décor of the buildings, but for those of you who want a cleaner feel, this is the mod for you.

18. Suzuki PV

Suzuki Pv

What’s a bike without a subtle yet attractive paint job?!

With Suzuki PV, gamers can now have a bold yellow-red initials paint job on their default black-painted motorbikes.

Cruise around and stand out, that’s what this mod is all about!

17. Jonnez ES Red and White Edition

Jonnez Es Red And White Edition

Maybe the Suzuki PV retexture isn’t your thing, and you want something brighter for your motorbike.

With Jonnez ES Red and White Edition, you’ll get the same general feel but with a different color scheme.

The mod is white and red paint job across your entire motorbike. It’ll definitely turn some heads as you whizz around.

Yep, we’re giving you a lot of options for your two-wheelers, folks!

16. Clean Tires

Clean Tires

Yep, we had to include a mod for all the OCD gamers out there. Clean Tires mod is exactly what the name states.

The mod allows gamers to replace the filthy text-written tires from your dusty garage with some high-quality clean ones.

It makes the garage pop and looks decent.

It might not make a difference for many gamers, but it’s a nice welcome for us and the clean freak community.

15. My Summer Car Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Skin

My Summer Car Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Skin

If you wanted one of those cars that had large anime decals all over them but just couldn’t do it, then My Summer Car Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Skin is the mod for you.

The mod is a simple paint job cleaning up the car as well as adding Hatsune Miku to both the front and roof of the car.

If it’s your thing, then perfect, otherwise you can skip over this as we have some great non-anime ones later on in this list.

14. Secure Spare Tire

Secure Spare Tire

Something you’d want in your real car as well, Secure Spare Tire makes sure you don’t have to stop your trip just because of a slight mishap on the road.

The mod lets gamers bring an extra tire in the boot of their car in case of a little accident on the way.

It helps alleviate any annoyances when a tire or wheel gets wrecked, as you can immediately address it and head to your destination.

13. Clearance Tool

Clearance Tool

The Clearance Tool does exactly what it says. It allows you to adjust the ground clearance and wheel offset.

Just make sure you don’t set the value too high or too low, as this will break the game. If you break the suspension on your car, be sure to click ‘reset to default’ before fixing it.

As long as you follow these, you can customize and enjoy whatever ground clearance you want to have.

12. My Summer Car GT Gauges

My Summer Car Gt Gauges

A nice and simple mod that changes the speedometer and fuel gauges with the ones found in a GT.

My Summer Car GT gauges let you add a bit more flair to your Satsuma, based on the Nissan Cherry.

It does outright change it rather than make a new asset or have a part to add.

It’s a welcome change from the old clunky dashboard and dials to modern sports car gauges. We’re sure many of you will appreciate this change, so check it out!

11. Colorful Gauges

Colorful Gauges

If maybe the GT gauges weren’t quite your thing, then maybe this is.

Colorful Gauges allow you to choose from a variety of options when it comes to the speedometer and fuel gauge.

They will then change to the color of your choosing and illuminate in that color at night.

Each aspect of the gauges is customizable, like the background, needles, and numbers. On top of that, the color selection is in RGB sliders, so you pretty much have an infinite choice when it comes to what colors to use.

10. Wheel Resizer

Wheel Resizer

While driving on the roads of Finland, have you ever felt that your car just wasn’t beefy enough? Well, Wheel Resizer is a quick fix to that.

The mod allows you to adjust the wheel size of the Satsuma anytime.

Make them a bit bigger to get a better and taller view of the road, or just go absolutely nuts and make a “monster truck” Satsuma.

There are several quirks to this, so make sure you read the instructions before using the mod, it’ll help save a lot of time.

9. Fuel Tank Door

Fuel Tank Door

Fuel Tank Door is another small addition that just adds a little bit more to the immersion.

The mod adds a little attachable fuel tank door to your Satsuma. Players can close and open the fuel tank whenever they want or simply detach or paint it.

Additional features include individual paint and fall off upon severe impact.

The immersion is so great that the fuel tank can be tightened down a lot. The more you tighten it, the less likely it is to fly off in the event of a crash.

8. New Hubcaps for Satsuma

New Hubcaps For Satsuma

New Hubcaps for Satsuma change the look of your Satsuma by adding a new set of hubcaps to your wheels.

Based on the Forza Motorsport hubcaps, the new look gives a much sportier look to the wheels of the Satsuma without being too big of a change. It’s definitely a nice non-intrusive change to go with your car.

7. Rally Spotlights

Rally Spotlights

Rally Spotlights is quite straightforward by adding an optional attachment of wide rally-styled spotlights to the front of your Satsuma.

Much like other parts of your car, these can be colored and have to be fitted onto the car. If you choose to slack off in that regard, any sort of crash will see the spotlights flying off your wheel.

Be sure to secure your lights, fasten your seat belts, and let it rip!

6. My Summer Car Satsuma Gulf Skin

My Summer Car Satsuma Gulf Skin

Give your Satsuma a nice bright racing styled paint job with My Summer Car Satsuma Gulf Skin.

The mod provides two options, a rusted Satsuma model look and a very nice and clean Satsuma. Both of these come with a paint job like none other.

Car enthusiasts will appreciate the vintage rustic look offered by the mod covered with a subtle paint job that doesn’t stand out too much.

We don’t know about you, but it’s just nice to have a car that looks like it would have all the other “racing” styled items in one mod.

5. My Ukrainian Car Textures

My Ukrainian Car Textures

My Ukrainian Car Textures is a simple reskin to make My Summer Car from Finnish to Ukrainian.

The mod replaces the in-game textures with real-life brands found in Ukraine, letting you instantly change the signs and brands between the two nations.

It’s a great visual change and intriguing for those wanting to check out some foreign branding!

4. Vhs Reshade

Vhs Reshade

Help add another layer to the aesthetic of the game by using VHS Reshade to view the game in an era before digital technology.

The mod is a simple and classy VHS filter that looks like you’re watching an old movie while playing a video game.

The filter may be a bit intrusive to the gameplay, but it gives some an absolutely classy vintage feel that may be nostalgic.

3. Criminal Russia Map for My Summer Car

Criminal Russia Map For My Summer Car

Criminal Russia Map for My Summer Car is a completely new map based on a famous mod for GTA San Andreas, Criminal Russia.

The map is a bit bare as it is still quite a recent mod as of this writing, however, it does change up the environment substantially.

For now, it has several apartment blocks, small urban areas, and long and curvy roads for you to take your summer car on a spin.

2. Msco


One of the larger and more ambitious projects is MSCO that stands for My Summer Car Online.

The main aim of the project is to provide a free online My Summer Car experience. Unfortunately, there are several compromises you will have to make to use the current version of MSCO.

Firstly, you need to have the steam version of the game, and secondly, the online mode is currently limited to 2 players at a time (defeats the whole purpose of an online experience, if we’re being honest).

Given those limitations, however, you can rest assured that there is still development going on, and you can receive more help from their official discord. On their discord are several guides and videos to follow to assist with running this mod smoothly with a friend.

1. Donnertechracing Satsuma

There is a reason why the DonnerTechRacing Satsuma belongs at the number one spot on our list.

The mod introduces a completely new and more complex bunch of parts to upgrade your Satsuma with. Gamers can get lost in the choices and optimizations offered to tune their Satsuma.

The mod hides different parts in unexpected locations allowing gamers to explore and find the right parts for their car. In addition, it breathes much-needed new life into the game, ensuring a whole lot of fun.

With so many great options available, you can have your fill of customizations. However, the mod is a bit buggy and will take some troubleshooting if you come across a problem, but it’s definitely worth the time.

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