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Top 10 Best Arma 3 Mods [2022]

Top 10 Best Arma 3 Mods [2022]

Arma 3 is still the biggest military simulator game even after 8 years due to both the established fanbase and the very active modding community.

Many of these mods offer new scenarios to play through, new maps, new weapons, vehicles, and gear, and even completely new ways to play the game.

Here are our picks for the top 10 best Arma 3 mods.

Best Arma 3 Mods

10. BettIR


BettIR makes the game’s IR laser illuminator more realistic. The mod decreases the spread of the light making the IR effective until 300 meters.

It’s a perfect addition to make any sneaky night operations more covert, intense and a lot of fun.

9. Autumn Livonia

Autumn Livonia

We’ve got just the mod for you for anyone who isn’t really tired of the base maps but maybe wants it to just look a little different.

Autumn Livonia changes the textures of Livonia to make it look like it’s autumn. The mod doesn’t look to change much but simply adds a newer and more colorful coat of paint on a familiar map.

8. County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

As Arma 3’s locations are based on real-life areas, it would be nice to have it look the part as well.

County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, is a mod that requires the global mobilization DLC for smooth running; however, with a bit of technical work, you can play without the need to get a DLC.

The mod adds a map of Northern Ireland for gamers to explore, from thick forests to dense hedgerows, small settlements, and more.

7. Enhanced Movement

Enhanced Movement

Many newer players to Arma 3 will probably find the number of controls dizzying, but that’s how it achieves a “realistic” feel to the gameplay.

Enhanced Movement tries to lower this barrier to entry by decreasing the number of key binds, making it simple for gamers to follow.

It does this by allocating several commands, namely fairly common ones like climbing ladders, opening doors, accessing gear on the ground, and a couple of others to just one button.

If controls were an issue restricting you from enjoying the glory of Arma 3, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore!

6. AI Accuracy Fix

Ai Accuracy Fix

AI Accuracy Fix reduces the accuracy of the AI during operations.

If you’ve played any Arma 3 operation, you’ll know the AI to only be one of two things, completely oblivious or championship shooting level accurate.

Now with this mod, it is closer to the in-between where it doesn’t feel like you’re fighting toddlers nor getting one-shot KO’d from a kilometer away.

5. Star Wars: Opposition

Star Wars Opposition

Star Wars: Opposition is pretty much a complete Star Wars Arma 3 experience.

The mod adds over 450 objects, 75 weapons, 300 new outfits, 12 different races, 60 different vehicles, and more. It even introduces hero units into the game where gamers can use unique powers.

On top of all of this, the developers have also made several Star Wars maps, so you don’t even have to worry about having to play on vanilla maps. Play the mod, and may the force be with you!

4. Samarsk Uprising – WH40k Total Conversion

Samarsk Uprising Wh40k Total Conversion

Another total conversion mod, Samarsk Uprising – WH40k Total Conversion, is a mod that looks to change things completely.

With the mod, the game is set in the Warhammer 40k universe featuring the Imperium vs. the Chaos Renegades in a fictional conflict within the universe.

The biggest difference of this 40k conversion to others is that rather than being a big mod full of all the 40k they can fit in it, these modders are trying to be more focused.  The mod feels like an actual conflict in 40k by keeping it to the scale of the creator’s vision of the Sasmarsk conflict.

Most of the work that’s been done is with units, vehicles, weapons, and structures. It is more than enough to start playing it now.

3. Operation: Trebuchet

Operation Trebuchet

Operation: Trebuchet is a mod that is based on the last major conflict between the UNSC and the human insurrection, focusing on the struggles of the average soldier rather than what the Spartans the Halo games are focused on.

Since the mod focuses on the common soldier, it is perfect for Arma 3. Although the mod is still in the beta stages, it is worth the try.

With this section of the Halo universe not being explored in a game, it is more interesting than most of the total conversion mods.

2. Mafia TeamWork Freemode

Mafia Teamwork Freemode

A completely different game at this point, Mafia TeamWork Freemode is a PVPVE mod that allows you to work for either the local mafia or police, or neither as well.

A massive RP kind of mod lets you work for the local mafia through various missions, with police AI and players trying to stop you.

There are conflicts and fights between the different local gangs and mafias in the area, making it interesting to play.

1. Antistasi Plus – Altis

Antistasi Plus Altis

One of the more well-known mods, Antistasi Plus – Altis, adds a whole heap of new features that make the game playable in SP and MP with both PVP and PVE elements.

It adds multiple side missions with the main goal to either stop or support rebel operations in the area. All of this in a persistent world that lets you do so much, count us in!

Players start as small guerilla skirmishes, slowly escalating fights into large-scale operations using multiple support elements. It’s the perfect long-term campaign to play with a large group of friends.