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How To Buy a House in Ffxiv [Updated for 6.1]

How To Buy a House in Ffxiv [Updated for 6.1]

Learn how to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV with this helpful guide. Get tips on the process, what you need, and more!

Housing in FFXIV is… complicated. But buying your own house in Eorzea is the peak of MMO luxury. The current process is labor and gil intensive but will be improved in Endwalker patch 6.1. In the meantime, let me guide you through the process. You have options.

Eorzean housing districts come in 4 flavors. Each one is unique and beautiful. It comes down to taste.

Welcome to House Hunters: Eorzea!

Buying a House in FF14

I will make this as straightforward as possible. Follow my steps to fantasy homeownership.

Base requirements: Level 50, a second lieutenant in your Grand Company (for a personal house), a rank 6 Free Company (for a company estate).

  • Select the type of FFXIV property you’re in the market for.
  • Get your money in order; FFXIV housing can get pricey.
  • Pick your housing district! Aesthetics MATTER.
  • Track down an eligible property.
  • Enjoy your new home!

The Types of Housing in Ffxiv

There are two base types of housing, one of which has two forms of ownership.


Players can own a single house on their own, and a Free Company can own a single house. A house is the most expensive option. Homes come in small, medium, and large; The price increases as the size increases. The individual plots of land are purchased directly from the placards outside each.

There is technically a mechanic that slowly reduces the price of a plot of land; With the wild scarcity, prices never have a chance to go down from their starting points.

Prices can go UP, however. Because, of course, they can. Plots are ranked by class. If you want a beachside property, get ready to cough up the dough, baby. Houses in The Mist that can barely see the sea are just as good, he lied.

Small plots start at 3,000,000 gil. (Ok…)

Medium plots start at 16,000,000 gil. (Oww…)

Large plots start at 40,000,000 gil. (Yikes…)


Each housing district has its apartment building—these are a much more plentiful, affordable option for player housing.

Like with a personal house, the rank of second lieutenant in your Grand Company is required. These apartments go for the much more reasonable price of 500,000 gil. Apartments are purchased in the lobby of their respective buildings.

The Four Housing Districts in Ffxiv

Adventurers are not allowed to live in the main cities. Citizens thought it made the neighborhoods unsafe with all the raiding, crafting, ERPing, and whatnot. For this reason, each of the three major city-states, plus Kugane, has a residential area where the Warriors of Light can live, laugh, and love.

(An Ishgardian housing district is coming soon.)

The Goblet

Goblet Ffxiv

A jewel in the desert. An oasis paradise. The Goblet is Ul’dah’s player neighborhood.

The Mist

Mist Ffxiv

Vacation vibes. Blue waters. Are those pirates? If you lived here, you’d be home now. (LimsaLominsa)

Lavender Beds

Lavender Beds Ffxiv

Are you Snow White? Well, you are now! Live in the woods. Super lush and green. Gridanialivin’.


Shirogane Ffxiv

Another beach, minus the white stone nautical ambiance. The Kugane aesthetic. The hot new locale.

Finding and Buying a Vacant Plot of Land in Ffxiv

Sign Ffxiv

Bahahaha. You’re joking, right? As of writing this guide, you won’t find one. And if you do, the competition will be W I L D. This is where step five, SUFFER, comes into play.

To check out your server’s real estate market, you can check the main city Aetheryte or the NPCs at the housing districts’ entrances. A vacant plot won’t have a Free Company or Player name listed on it.

If you’re reading this pre-6.1, vacated houses become buyable after an invisible timer with a random durationof up to 24 hours runs out; The plot can then be instantly purchased.This means that the only viable strategy is to spam-click the sign in front of the property while praying. Yeah – this sucks SO bad.

If you’re reading this from the future, ooooh, and 6.1 has been released,vacated houses will be subject to a lottery system. A lucky new buyer will be chosen randomly from those interested. Why wasn’t this their first idea?

Enjoying Your New House in Ffxiv (Live It Up!)

Whoa, congrats. You either braved the hellscape of pre-6.1 or won the drawing—either way, good for you.

You can now build a house for the corresponding price from your plot. I know, I know, the house isn’t included with the land. SUPER weird. The prices of the increasing sizes of homes are 450,000 gil, 1,000,000 gil, and 3,000,000 gil.