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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Castle CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Castle CC [2024]

Is there more magical than a castle? So what else do you want when you are already living in a castle? Well, the chances of that happening, in reality, are quite low, so all you can do is build your own cool-looking castle in Sims 4.

Here we will see the 10 best castle CC out there for Sims 4.

Best Sims 4 Castle CC

10. Mode Set of Castle Build

Mode Set Of Castle Build

Here we get a CC created by FelixAndre. The Mode Set of Castle Build is an incredible castle inspired by a real castle located in Germany. You get huge two stories tall glass windows with amazing views. You get a castle that is featured with a gothic-style pinnacle, windows, buttress, vaults, and gable.

We highly recommend using this set if you’re embarking on your very own journey to create a castle in Sims 4.

9. Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle

The Legend of Zelda fans will go crazy after this castle set. The Hyrule Castle set is mainly inspired by Breath of the Wild from LOZ.

Created by SatiSim, who has done a great job even in the interior of the castle, one look at the set, and you will realize how much time and effort went through by the creators to build this massive fantasy set.

Remember that you will need to have the same resource packs to get the proper results. You can even watch how SatiSim made this piece of art on their website. Support the creators to encourage them into making more amazing sets like this!

8. Palace Dining Set

Palace Dining Set

You need to have a royal and delightful feel in your castle. And having a Place Dining Set with luxury furniture and interior design is a must while building your empire. The castle dining CC comes with eight furniture items with beautifully done intricate designs.

You even get an option for large and small sizes. Features like a wine table, dining chairs, fireplace, and more are all available.

There are a variety of swatches that you can try but if you want to go with classic royal colors, then go with the blue and gold color scheme.

7. Sectional Library

Sectional Library

Have you seen a castle without a Sectional Library? No, you need to have a special place for a library if you are building a castle. A castle represents royalty and discipline, which can be easily attained with the help of the library.

You get a whole room filled with bookshelves making it a whole library. What blows our mind is that it features 68 items like a giant desk and library steps. If this didn’t blow your mind, then hear this, you only need a base game without any extension packs to have this set. How cool is that?!

6. 10 Famous Bust Sculptures

10 Famous Bust Sculptures

In case you don’t want a huge castle and just want to give your modern home a castle feel, here is the 10 Famous Bust Sculptures CC. What is the best thing you can add to your furniture to make your house look more disciplined and classy? All you need is some famous bust statues.

Here we get 10 of the most famous bust statues around the globe made by Tom Flynn, Scan the World, and Museo Nazionale. The set includes statues of Hercules, Adonis, and Charles Dickens.

You get three swatches of dark, golden, and gray for each statue. The Statue of King Louis XIV is one of our favorites, perfect for the backyard.

5. Castle Dress

Castle Dress

After having castle and castle-compatible furniture, you need to have a castle-worthy lifestyle. So let us talk about fashion for a while, particularly the Castle Dress.

The CC is a beautiful dress that will go perfectly with your castle-themed home.  It has a V-neck design with a trailing hemline. The dress does justice to any female sim because of the bell-shaped skirt and nipped waist.

Do you have a ball to attend? Or a royal wedding? No worries, you have seven colors to choose from with amazing designs. These are elegant and ooze royalty!

4. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty And The Beast

Sims now have an epic place directly inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. This lot of 64×64 was created by MychQQQ. You get a well-furnished place with similar or as it is interior seen in Beauty and the Beast.

With around three bedrooms, four bedrooms, a famous kitchen, and two living rooms, you’re never going to run out of space. But before you want to live a luxurious life here, make sure you have a good amount of fortune saved because the lot costs 630,000 simoleons.

Try to go over the creator’s note and the requirements before downloading the CC.

3. Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella's Castle

Every kid at some point wanted to have a castle that is seen in the Cinderella movie. Now your dream of owning a Cinderella’s Castle is about to come true. Now the sims can move in with their loved ones in the castle for just a few hundred grand.

The Cinderella Castle is massive with amazing design work. The home features 5 large bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, breakfast and dining area, and many other rooms. There is even a well-manicured lawn for you to enjoy your afternoon tea in it if that’s your thing.

2. Modern Castle Dollhouse

Modern Castle Dollhouse

Wanna have a small Modern Castle Dollhouse, so your kids can play with it? The CC introduces a dollhouse castle in your children’s room to light up the place. No matter what your kids love, princesses or knights, the castle dollhouse will fit perfectly with both. Many Sims are using this set now. It’s time for you to give it a try.

The dollhouse castle is well designed with toys inside catering to all your sim children’s needs.

1. Nystontaighaer Castle

Nystontaighaer Castle

Enough with the fairy tale castles that are pleasing and rich, now it is time for a dark and terrifying castle that is perfect for Halloween, the Nystontaighaer Castle.

If you live your Vampyr lifestyle in the Sims, this castle will work great with your theme.

You get a huge castle with a spiky design, dark themes, spider webs, and creepy furniture. An amazing piece to add to your Sim world, it looks really dope!

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