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Top 12 Best Sims 4 Magic CC [2024]

Top 12 Best Sims 4 Magic CC [2024]

Sims 4 has started a new way of introducing occult life states by using separate games and expansion packs instead of putting them all together.

There used to be Sims: Makin’ Magic, one of our favorite add-ons to the original sims. After yearning for years for magic CC, the gaming gods have finally listened, and now we have a whole lot of magic CC for the Sims 4.

With better graphics, improved mechanics, and a whole lot of fun, here are the top 10 Sims 4 Magic CC that you can download and have a blast!

Best Sims 4 Magic CC

12. Modular Portal

Modular Portal

The Modular Portal is a great addition for any magic-loving Sims 4 players out there!

Not only is it beyond helpful and faster to have access to a Realm of Magic portal anywhere, but you can place this portal CC inside other archways.

This CC offers three pairs of portals, each with an entrance and an exit side. By using build cheats, you can place these portals into archways of your choice, making for a more customizable experience!

These portals can also link together, so you can create a magical fast travel system within your Sims 4 game.

11. Sims Medieval Set

Sims Medieval Set

Looking to create a witchy aesthetic that is a bit older and antique? Well, the Sims Medieval Set is the right choice for you, then!

The Sims Medieval Set is a small CC collection that includes items such as two wall décor items, a scale for herbs, a cauldron, and items for a wizard’s lab.

The sculpture wizard lab item features plates, glass bottles, and a stand that are a quick setup for any alchemist or witch alike.

Some of the items also come in different poly counts for different players who have high resolution or need to play with low resolution.

10. Realm of Magic Matching CabinetsRealm Of Magic Matching Cabinets

If you ever tried to build the house while using Realm of the Magic furniture, you must have noticed that the kitchen has no wall cabinets.

It becomes really annoying that you have an excellent-looking stove and a beautiful fridge, but you cannot match all these so that it looks classy.

If you really want to match your kitchen cabinets with the fridge and other items related to furniture, then you should download Realm Of Magic Matching Cabinets right now.

The CC introduces heavy furniture in bold colors and designs, perfect to match the aesthetics of the entire Realm of Magic house.

9. Witchcraft Career

Witchcraft Career

Many types of CC available add magic to the game. Many players also use the magic in the game to cheat the game and progress. However, this magic differs from all the others in the game due to its nature.

While other mods allow you to add magic to the game, Witchcraft Career lets gamers pursue a career as a witch in this game.

Of course, you’re going to be making money, but it’s not the money that one should crave in this career path. Learning new magic and using it on your foes to have a bit of fun is what this CC is all about.

So if in real life you ever wished to become a magician or a witch, you can fulfill your ambitions of owning Salem’s lot through this CC in the game.

8. Free Spellcaster Perks

Free Spellcaster Perks

By watching the words perks, you must have thought that the CC is related to some sort of advantages you can enjoy in the game being a spell caster.

Well, you have guessed it almost right, as this CC does just that.

By using Free Spellcaster Perks, you will be able to manually upgrade your ranks as a spell caster in a blink of an eye.

With more than 14 different and exciting spells to purchase for free, the CC allows an exciting and magical experience playing Sims 4.

So if you have started your career as a professional spell caster or witch and want to excel in it quickly, then you must give this CC a try.

7. Potions Business

Potions Business

It is yet another CC related to magic in Sims 4 but differs from all the other CCs on this list related to magic.

If you have ever tried some magic stuff in the game before, then you must be familiar with the potions.

These are the readymade raw material that is used for making different sorts of spells. There might come a time where you are stocked up on potions to the brim. Ever thought of selling it? If yes, then this CC is for you.

Potions Business lets you sell potions you have to make huge profits. Become the muggle that you have always dreamed about!

6. Practical Magic

Practical Magic

You might have been confused after hearing this phrase. It is because magic is always something that is not considered practical.

However, this CC is named as such because of the methods and ways that are used.

Practical Magic lets gamers do magic stuff using conventional items used in magic, including test tubes, spell books, and other things.

If you’re weirded out by the thought of magic and believe in science, then this is for you.

5. The Mortician Career

The Mortician Career

This CC is quite similar to the one that we have mentioned earlier on this list.

The Mortician Career in the Sims 4 allows you to start a career as a mortician, which is great fun.

However, this could be dangerous because the phenomenon of death is also involved in this CC.

If the idea of death and darkness appeases your inner demons, this is definitely a CC you should explore.

4. Apothecary Cabinet

Apothecary Cabinet

If you have ever watched any medieval movie in which a magician has been shown, you must have witnessed a unique cabinet in which he keeps all his stuff used for dark magic.

Apothecary Cabinet adds an apothecary cabinet with a lot of weird stuff for magic in your magic laboratory. It will make you feel like a real magician.

Besides the weird magical items that go in the cabinet, the cabinet also works well with different interior designs that add to your home’s overall aesthetics.

3. Familiar Interactions

Familiar Interactions

Making similar interactions is one of the fundamental parts of the magic realm. Familiar Interactions allows you to have familiar with the many different precious creatures in the game.

It is worth trying this one out because it is one of the most popular CC available for the game. Just try it, and you will definitely love it.

2. Apothecary Clutter

Apothecary Clutter

Decorating everything in Sims 4 is always an art we all deeply enjoy. The female players especially love it because naturally, girls tend to be more organized as compared to boys.

However, even boys can try it out. Apothecary Clutter allows for more neat décor and arranges your spells in the game. It will make all the magic stuff look cool.

Go and download this cc right now and enjoy!

1. Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Many people in this world love being a tarot but can’t become so because of the difficulty. However, you can fulfill your wish through this game while using this CC. 

Tarot Reading allows you to turn your Sims world into a Tarot one. You will be able to see your past, present, and future by using this CC.

You need to check this one out to understand what the CC offers.

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