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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Stockings CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Stockings CC [2024]

Want to get a little more fashionable and cool-looking? Wearing the same clothing over and over again can make your lifestyle a little boring. In case your Sim lifestyle is going down the hill, we have some epic stocking options for you that can help you level up your fashion game.

Here we will look at the ten best Sims 4 stockings CC which you can download right away. Don’t forget to support the creators so they can keep pumping out great things for us!

Best Sims 4 Stockings CC

10. Animal Stockings

Animal Stockings

Let’s start our list with something that is aimed at the children. Your in-game little kids also deserve to look fashionable, and the Animal Stockings is the perfect CC.

Here we have a cute little stocking with eight swatches. The great thing about these stockings is that each of them features a different animal. Now your kids can wear the toddler’s stockings with their favorite animal on them.

The CC comes with 8 different varieties of toddler stockings that your kids would want to flaunt in front of the other children.

9. Lace Stockings

Lace Stockings

Want to look cute and petite on your perfect little date? The Lace Stockings is perfect for out-and-about female sims who aren’t shy to flaunt their cutesy personalities.

These half-transparent socks with lace ruffles look like something out of a Japanese Highschool. With 6 different options to choose from, female sims can select various colors and transparency to suit their fashion needs.

A great pick if your Sim is about to attend a late-night party!

8. Striped Stockings

Striped Stockings

This winter, the stripes are back in action, and your sims shouldn’t feel left out. The Striped Stockings include a variety of different striped stockings aimed at all genders and ages. From single-colored stripes to multicolored stripes, you can pick the one that suits your sims best.

Want in on a little secret? Pair the striped stockings with your sims undergarments for a completely unique look.

7. Lace-topped Stockings

Lace Topped Stockings

If you are looking for something kinky and appropriate for adult parties or night-overs, these Lace-Topped Stockings are great for your female sims. Here you get a highly realistic stocking netting design made by FifthAce2007.

The CC has various intricate designs in the collection. A thin strip buckles the stockings up to your character’s waist. It’s so popular that the CC has more than 23,000 downloads. It’s a good collection for those who are living their little fantasy in the Sims.

6. Athletic Striped Stocking Set

Athletic Striped Stocking Set

We’ve explored some great stockings that are perfect for college or adult parties, we even looked at stockings that are made for kids. But what about sports events?

The Athletic Striped Stocking Set is aimed at outdoorsy sims or outdoor events. The CC includes high stockings branded with iconic brands like Adidas and Nike symbols. With 30 versions to choose from, you can bet this is worth trying.

Now you can look attractive and fashionable at your college football game!

5. Norwegian Stockings

Norwegian Stockings

The winter is coming, and you want to look adorable? No worries, we even have a stocking that can make you feel comfy in the coldest of weather!

With Norwegian Stockings, you can get stockings made out of wool that goes up to the medium thigh. These stockings are meant to be used in the winter season.

You can get these stockings in three different colors; black, white, and beige.

A good set to use in winter to look cozy and comfortable.

4. Wedding Roses Stockings

Wedding Roses Stockings

If you are planning to have a wedding party or going to attend your friend’s, try these Wedding Roses Stockings to look like a runway model.

These stockings come in 2 basic typical colors; white and black. With laces at the top of the stocking, the clothing accessory has roses engraved in the laces to give a unique feel. These textures are quite high, so you’re definitely getting good quality stuff.

3. Stockings Dot

Stockings Dot

If you want something casual that can be worn at home, this stocking is great. The Stockings Dot is made by Birba32, with six different versions, which change the transparency of the stockings. The net stockings come with small dots all over the design, and the CC has already been downloaded 70,000 times, suggesting its popularity among fans.

The stockings dot is a great clothing accessory to try for female sims or even a great gift for your sim girlfriend or wife. They are simple yet look quite bold.

Looking to exude confidence? These are good to wear at the office or job to look confident and smart.

2. Stockings Garden

Stockings Garden

Again we have a CC that Birba32 creates, and the Stockings Garden is amazingly designed with a natural feel. The stockings have netting with a beautiful garden/nature design running all over the legs.

The design includes leaves, flowers, and butterflies with some branches. You get six versions with these stockings that vary in transparency. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more revealing or slightly more modest, the stockings garden has got you covered.

This is great if you like something that looks delightful while being a little gorgeous!

1. Bottom Three Striped

Bottom Three Striped

The Bottom Three Striped is very cute and has simple stockings. The stockings have three black stripes on the thighs with different types of colors. Great to use at home, or you can just wear them in your day-to-day life.

The creator Kalewa-a has managed to gather more than 56 thousand downloads. You can get these stockings in 17 different variations, which is really great! Pick any outfit, and these stockings will go well with whatever you wear.

A good set for teenage girls with a variety of colors. They look decent and casual while retaining a fashion sense with the three stripes.

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