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Top 15 Best My Time at Portia Mods [2024]

Top 15 Best My Time at Portia Mods [2024]

My Time at Portia has a more dynamic and unique socializing system with the characters and even allows gamers to raise an entire family with kids if they ever wanted. It’s the perfect slice of life game you want to indulge yourself in.

But before that, here are some great mods that you can explore and have a lot of wholesome fun with.

Best My Time at Portia Mods

15. Justsomecheatmods


Looking to make things easy? JustSomeCheatMods does defeat the point of a life sim game, but it adds a whole lot of fun.

The mod is a collection of basic cheats like maxing out levels, instant full stacks of items, unlocking skills, faster production, automated processes, and much more.

No more do you need to wait for productions or unlocking skills. Simply tap, and you’re done with JustSomeCheatMods.

14. Longer Days

Longer Days

From the header of this one, you’d easily get what the mod is capable of. Longer Days simply doubles the day’s length in the game, allowing gamers to synch their real lives with the game.

An hour in the game means an hour in real life now. Also, the mod ensures that you don’t miss out on events as the day allows you to get a lot of things done in one day.

13. Removes Stack Limit

Removes Stack Limit

If bringing things around in multiple runs or having to clear ridiculous amounts of storage space is bothering you, then Removes Stack Limit addresses that.

Removing the stack limit on all stackable items makes playing the game much more convenient, especially if more tedious and repetitive gameplay isn’t your thing.

There is also an optional setting to make non-stackable items stackable.

Save yourself the time and energy sifting through your inventory, looking to make some space for new items by stacking items on top of each other with this bad boy mod.

12. More Skill Points

More Skill Points

More Skill Points give you the option to choose the level of progression you get at every level with skill points.

The mod allows gamers to customize the number of points they get per level, ensuring the in-game player can reach that next goal just a little bit faster.

If you’re extra lazy, the mod also allows you to straight up just give yourself some extra skill points to use right there and then.

Consider it as a quick cheat code and see yourself rise through the ranks.

11. Infinite Levels

Infinite Levels

Remember Thanos and the infinity stones that pushed his powers beyond comprehension? Well, Infinite Levels is somewhat the same thing.

The mod simply removes any caps on skills allowing gamers to get as powerful as they would like.

This does make gameplay infinitely expanding, which is great but becoming endlessly overpowered might become boring for some gamers.

But hey, at least you can feel the time you’ve put into the game!

10. Swim


The game does have weird interactions as gamers simply get teleported back on land when visiting the waters. With Swim, you can now get your feet wet.

Gamers can enter and exit into the waters at will without ever getting transported back onto land. However, it’s not that pretty.

Yep, the missing animations are replaced with a flying jetpack which, let’s be honest, doesn’t look the best.

But hey, at least you’re swimming now!

9. Shipping Bin

Shipping Bin

Shipping Bin takes something from the Stardew Valley by adding a little spot in front of your house where you can ship and sell items.

The items you choose to sell are still affected by the current day’s market bonus. There is also an option to remove the fluctuation of the market.

Keep in mind that doing it this way will ensure that you receive your gols a day after.

We recommend letting your inner merchant handle such matters by giving this a try!

8. Your Game Your Settings

Your Game Your Settings

Your Game Your Settings is sort of like a cheat mod light, as it doesn’t explicitly let you suddenly get everything or anything like that.

Rather, it lets you tailor the progression speeds to your liking, and with this kind of life-sim game, we can definitely see the value in that.

If you’ve played this or any game like it, you know how time-consuming it can be.

Although that’s also part of the appeal, some people might just not have that time yet still want to experience the whole game. With this mod, they sure can.

Whatever you want, this mod makes the game more you!

7. Faster Crafting

Faster Crafting

Falling in the same boundaries as Your Game Your Settings mod, Faster Crafting gives you a slider letting you adjust the speed on the in-game crafting.

The mod allows gamers to either slow down or increase the speed of crafting according to their liking. We were quick to smash that fast crafting button to get things rolling.

6. Multiple Romances

Multiple Romances

If ever you wanted to do some sort of harem playthrough in My Time in Portia, then Multiple Romances makes it possible.

With this mod, gamers can have multiple spouses at once by removing the jealousy component when having romantic relations with another character.

It even allows you to have relationships with characters locked out of this mechanic.

However, the mod is still a bit buggy, and you might want to keep updating it to avoid any crashes. But it’s definitely worth it!

5. More Resource Deliveries

More Resource Deliveries

Having to go out to get materials takes time, and when you have extra gols lying around, you feel as if you could just buy them if they were available.

More Resource Deliveries allows you to do just that by increasing the number of items available at the Tree Farm Delivery and Mine Delivery.

It does try to balance this as certain items are only available at certain levels, so you still have to work for those items, but it is a great mod to have.

4. More Commerce Orders

More Commerce Orders

More Commerce Orders allow you to take on as many orders as you want at once. It includes a slider to increase the number of big commerce orders and special commerce orders per day.

The mod also comes with a few “unbalanced” options if you wish to choose those.

You can convert low-level orders to appear as big commerce orders and also take on random orders that come without any challenges allowing gamers to complete them instantly.

The second option is clearly sort of a joke or challenge option, so it’s not really recommended in any serious playthrough, but it’s a whole lot of fun for a while.

3. Invasions


To add a bit more spice to the game, Invasions allow boss enemies to attack the town.

Keeping you on your toes in a relaxed game is a nice way to add a bit more to the regular gameplay loop.

Every day there is a chance one of the game’s bosses will spawn, naturally scaling to your level.

They can appear at different parts of the map, so you’ll have to go out of your way to get the reward for beating it.

This mod not only entitles gamers to what the monsters typically drop but a boost in relationship with the people in the given area that they spawn into.

You can also manually adjust the chances of what is spawning where, so set it to your liking.

2. Weapon Mod

Weapon Mod

Despite its boring name, Weapon Mod does quite a lot by adding more variety in the weapons in the game.

The first thing it does is add 5 new weapons to the game, these include the water sword, purple haze, inflatable hammer, dev’s dagger, and a secret one.

The chance of each weapon spawning is 50%, with the secret one having a probability of 10%, you can edit the chances in the mod menu if you want.

These weapons are also quite powerful to the point of breaking the game, so each of them cost 1 million gols. Gamers also get to try their luck with the new weapon crafting system.

1. Socialize


Becoming friends with the NPCs of games like this is a main staple of the genre, and that also goes for My Time at Portia. Socialize makes this easier by enhancing UI elements to let you know more information about your relationships.

Updating statuses, favorite gifts, and allowing you to sort gifts based on this knowledge. It makes it a bit easier to keep being friendly without having to scribble down notes in real life.

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