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How Old Is Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

How Old Is Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Thor, God of Thunder, is one of the fan favorites from Avengers Endgame and the Marvel cinematic universe as a whole.

Played by Chris Hemsworth, this Norse god from Marvel comics has had three solo films so far, in addition to prominently featuring in the Avengers movies. The only MCU character with more exposure is Iron Man, who’s dead now.

Thor (and Loki) being non-humans from Asgard makes discussing the ages of these characters a much more complicated task than figuring out what DC comics are trying to do with their movies.

If you’re interested in Loki, you can check his article after you finish his brother’s.

Thor’s Age and Birthday

Avengers Infinity War brought us bearded Thor. Avengers Endgame brought us couch potato, Thor. If you throw in classic Thor from Ragnarok, this character has real versatility, even eclipsing Doctor Strange, who can access infinite worlds.

The Thor-starring Marvel movies include Thor, Ragnarok, the forthcoming Love and Thunder, and the other one. (Dark World.)

How Old Is Thor in His First Movie?

The first Thor movie, Thor, was released and set in 2011. This gives us a starting point in time to follow his age, however insignificant in Asgardian time. (If we believe the questionable birth age, that is.)

Thor was born between the years 964 and 965 A.D. If these years were accurate, Thor would be 1,054, but the man himself gives a contradicting age in Avengers: Infinity War.

Thor is 1,500 years old, as he says to Rocket Raccoon in Infinity War; Since we don’t have his birth year, we only know that Thor’s age is about 1,500.

In Infinity War, Thor was 1,500 or so. He was this age in Endgame, Age of Ultron, and The Avengers. Unfortunately, the answer to this type of question will always be 1,500 when talking about Thor, Son of Odin. If he ever releases his autobiography, we will update this article.

How Old Is Thor in Human Years?

Asgardians live much longer than humans, which means they visually age much slower.

Since they physically age like humans, we can compare the two average lifespans to find an age for Thor in Human Years; we’ll assume that humans live to 72.

Asgardians live for 5,000 or more years. Thor is 22-25 years old in human years if we approximate god years in relation to how long humans live.

25 is only a few years younger than Chris Hemsworth was in real life while filming the first Thor movie; the only difference is that Thor will stay 25 for the next 60 years.