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How To Check Ping in Ffxiv

How To Check Ping in Ffxiv

If you see boss mechanics go off instantly, with no time to react, you may be having ping issues. If you’re mashing an ability and it just won’t go off, you may be having ping issues.

Ping is a measurement of the network delay between your computer and the FFXIV server. When things don’t feel right, it helps to be able to check your ping while playing Final Fantasy XIV.

Keep reading to learn how to check the ping in FFXIV (and other games.)

Checking Ping

Frustratingly, FFXIV does not offer an in-game way to check your ping. You can mouse over the network symbol in the top right of the window to see your Sent and Received packets, but that’s not nearly as informative.

How To Check Ping With the Task Manager

When games like FFXIV don’t include an in-game meter, we’ll have to resort to the resource monitor.

Through Ctrl-Alt-Delete or right-clicking the taskbar, open your Task Manager and move over to the Performance tab. You should see “Open Resource Monitor” or something similar; move to the Network section.

Here you’ll be able to see all of the processes on your computer that are utilizing your Network. FFXIV’s process should be easy to identify as its name will contain “FFXIV.” The columns to the right will show send, receive, and total rates.

Ping is like golf; lower numbers are better.