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How To Get All the Fruits in Animal Crossing

How To Get All the Fruits in Animal Crossing

Collecting all the fruits in the game is a classic Animal Crossing activity. It is a staple in the series, even way back during the first Animal Crossing game.

You don’t start with all the fruits, so you really want to collect all of them for the achievement.

However, in New Horizons, it’s not that easy to collect all the fruits.

If you’re entirely lost on what to do to complete your fruit collection, check out this sweet guide full of juicy details on how to get all the fruits in Animal Crossing.

General Fruit Info

Before slicing into the different methods to get all the fruits, let’s get the basics of fruits out of the way first.

Animal Crossing Fruits In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How Many Fruits Are There in the Game?

There are six fruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What Are the Fruits in New Horizons?

The fruits in the game are pear, orange, apple, cherry, peach, and coconut.

What Is a Native Fruit?

A native fruit is the fruit that you start with on your island.

If you’ve noticed only one kind of fruit tree on your island at the start of the game, that’s your native fruit. It also shows on your passport.

What Is a Sister Fruit?

A sister fruit is a different kind of fruit from the native fruit that you find on Mystery Islands.

For example, your native fruit is pear, and in one of the Mystery Islands, you see peach trees. That means peaches are your sister fruit.

Your villagers can also gift or mail you this fruit, but this happens very rarely.

Animal Crossing Fruits In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Methods To Get All Fruits in Animal Crossing

Let’s start getting all the fruits, shall we?

Getting Fruits Without Online Trading

For those who can’t go online to interact and trade with other players, I gotchu. This method will go into detail about what fruits you can get without online trading.

Animal Crossing Pear Fruit

Getting Your Native Fruit

You don’t really need to do anything for this. Just start the game, and you’ll be immediately assigned a fruit.

Apparently, there’s a 20% chance for each of the fruits (except coconut) to show up as your native fruit.

Sister Fruit

When you visit Mystery Islands, you can randomly end up on an island with a different fruit from your native fruit. The Animal Crossing community calls this your sister fruit.

When you come across this, shake the trees and bring as many sister fruits as you can to your island to plant and sell.

Animal Crossing Coconuts In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Visiting Mystery Islands for Coconuts

Speaking of Mystery Islands, there is another fruit that you can get from all Mystery Islands.

You don’t need any luck or chance for this. See those trees near the shore? Yep, those are Coconut Trees!

Shake them to get Coconuts. Bring them back with you and plant them on your beach or somewhere with sand.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Coconuts only grow on sand.

Fruit From Mom

In the Animal Crossing series, you have a Mom who will constantly send you letters and gifts.

She will send you gifts to celebrate your birthday, certain special holidays, and even just the change of seasons.

Early in the game, she will send you a totally different fruit from your native and sister fruits. Thanks, Mom!

Animal Crossing Local Play In Animal Crossing

Trading With Local Play

To do this, you need to have other Switches near you. When you go to your airport, pick ‘Via Local Play’ when visiting an island or opening your airport.

You can then meet with your friends in the game and exchange fruits. Without this method and online trading, you can only get four fruits in the game.

Getting Fruits With Online Trading

This method needs a stable internet connection and a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online or NSO. You can also only do this on your second day in the game when your airport is open.

Animal Crossing Type Dodo Code

How to Visit Other Islands

  • Go inside your airport and talk to the Dodo behind the desk named Orville.
  • Choose ‘I wanna fly!’ and ‘I wanna visit someone.
  • Orville will ask you if you want to visit through local or online play. Choose ‘Via online play.
  • Be patient as the game checks your internet connection.
  • You are given two options to visit other people: ‘Search for a friend’ or ‘Search via Dodo Code‘. If the person is already on your Animal Crossing Friends List, pick the first option. If the person opened their airport for people with their Dodo Code only, ask them for the code and pick that option. Orville will ask you to type in the code.
  • Make sure no one on your friend’s island is using their NookPhones, chatting with players or villagers, or having any windows open.
  • If everything goes well, you should be flying in!

How To Open Your Island for Visitors

  • In your airport, talk to Orville the Dodo and pick ‘I want visitors.
  • He will ask if you want to invite people through online or local connections. Choose ‘Via online play.
  • Wait a while for the game to confirm your internet connection.
  • You are then given many options on how to invite people. You can invite the people on your Animal Crossing Friends List, just your Best Friends, or through Dodo Code.
  • If you pick Dodo Code, you can have this code only work for friends or Best Friends. If you want anyone to drop by your island, pick ‘The more, the merrier!
  • Once your island is open, wait for people to fly in! The fly-in sequence can take a while, so patience is the key here.

Animal Crossing Orville Dal

Once you’ve met up with other people in the game, you can trade or give things by dropping the items on the ground.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When trading with strangers, keep safe and mind your manners!

Animal Crossing Shaking Coconut Trees

With online trading, getting all the fruits in Animal Crossing can be easy, but if trading isn’t possible, I’m afraid the process is a little difficult.

Collecting all the fruits is still a goal to aim for since the game even rewards you with a milestone achievement.

Best of luck, and I hope this guide has been a fruitful experience for you!