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How To Get Coconut in Animal Crossing

How To Get Coconut in Animal Crossing

An island paradise isn’t complete without coconuts! In Animal Crossing, you can definitely eat this fruit, craft with it, and even plant it for Coconut Trees.

If you’re new to the game and haven’t seen any coconuts on your island, don’t fret.

Coconuts are not immediately available to any player islands, and you actually have to travel somewhere to get them.

Set aside your coconut panic and read on to know how to get coconut in Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing Coconut Fruit

3 Steps To Get Coconut in Animal Crossing

Step 1: Wait for Your Airport To Open

Coconuts are not native to your island, or any player island for that matter.

You still need to use your airport and fly to an island to get it since coconuts can be found in uninhabited islands called Mystery Islands.

Animal Crossing Orville At Dal

Unfortunately, if you’re a new player, your airport won’t be open immediately.

You have to wait until your second day in the game for your airport, named Dodo Airlines or DAL, to be functional.

Don’t worry, Tom Nook will talk about it during his morning announcement, so you definitely won’t miss its opening.

But once it’s open, don’t rush to your airport yet!

Step 2: Redeem a Nook Miles Ticket

To get to a Mystery Island, you need a Nook Miles Ticket. These tickets, NMTs for short, are used to travel to randomized uninhabited islands in the game.

And you bet there are Coconuts in these so-called mysterious islands!

Animal Crossing Miles Plus Tasks

To get a Nook Miles Ticket, go to your Nook Stop machine found inside your Resident Services. Each ticket needs 2,000 Miles.

If that sounds a lot and you don’t have the Miles for it yet, you might need to do more Miles tasks or Miles achievements.

Animal Crossing Miles Plus Tasks

TIP: Once you unlock Miles+ tasks, do the ones with big multipliers to earn more Miles.

These tasks range from watering your flowers, talking to villagers, and selling items to catching specific fish.

You can also refer to our How To Use Nook Miles Ticket guide.

Step 3: Fly to a Mystery Island

Got your NMT? Great! Mystery Island, here we go!

Animal Crossing Use Your Nmt

Head into your airport and talk to the dodo inside named Orville. Tell him that you ‘wanna fly’ somewhere.

If you have an NMT in your pocket, Orville will comment on that and will remind you that you can use it to go to a Mystery Island.

Animal Crossing Mystery Island Touchdown

In these islands, you can get more materials from rocks and trees, fish seasonal sharks, meet recruitable villagers for your empty lot, and, yes, get Coconuts.

A lot of things are randomized in these mysterious islands, but one thing stays the same: there are Coconut Trees near the shore.

Once you see these trees, simply go in front of it and press ‘a’ to shake. Coconuts should drop from the tree!

Animal Crossing Shaking Coconut Tree

Bring home as many coconuts as you can. You can plant these on your beach or anywhere with sand.

That way, you don’t have to keep going to Mystery Islands to get more coconuts.

Bonus: Bring the Whole Tree

Can’t wait for the fruit to grow into a full tree? Why bring the entire tree home with you!

Before leaving for your trip, make sure you have a shovel or two with you.

This could be a Flimsy Shovel, especially if you’re a newbie, a proper Shovel, or any of the shovels with designs from your Nook’s Cranny.

Animal Crossing Eat 1 Fruit

You can also bring fruits with you. You need to eat fruits, or any kind of food in the game, to shovel trees.

For beginners, your native fruits should be okay. You can also eat the fruits or Bamboo Shoots from Mystery Islands.

Animal Crossing Counter For Eating

Once you’ve eaten something, there is a counter on the top left of the screen that will show you how much “strength” you currently have.

The maximum number is 10, and that means you can shovel 10 trees or destroy 10 rocks.

Animal Crossing Sitting On Toilet

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can get rid of this “strength” or the food you’ve eaten by sitting on a toilet!

To eat, open your pocket with ‘x’ and press ‘a’ on the fruit or food you want to eat.

There should be an option to eat or eat 1. Start the munching by pressing ‘a’ on that option.

Animal Crossing Eating Fruit

Now that you have the strength to dig out a tree, get your shovel.

Take it out by pressing ‘x’ to open your pocket again and pressing ‘a’ on your tool to ‘hold’ it.

With your shovel ready and your food eaten, face a Coconut Tree and press ‘a’ to dig it out.

Animal Crossing Digging Out Coconut Tree

Tada! Now you can bring home trees back to your island.

To plant a tree, dig a hole with your shovel, open your inventory, and press ‘a’ on the tree to pick ‘plant.’ You can do the same thing for coconuts if you want to plant more.

Refer to our How to Plant Fruit Trees in Animal Crossing guide.

Animal Crossing Sitting Near A Coconut Tree

While coconuts are not readily available on anyone’s island, it’s not so hard to obtain them.

Following this guide and flying to any Mystery Island will help you get coconut fruits with no problem.

Line your shores with Coconut Trees and turn your island into the ultimate tropical paradise!