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How to Visit Other Worlds in Ffxiv

How to Visit Other Worlds in Ffxiv

Since their inception, one of the MMO’s biggest bummers has been having a friend play on a different server. So you get all excited, log in, character created, only to realize you guys can’t play together. Luckily, that era of MMOs has ended. Mostly. (Some MMOs still do this, and it sucks.)

In FFXIV, you can visit other worlds that are part of your data center. The process is simple and free! Being a visitor from another server only comes with a handful of restrictions that I will lay out here.

Keep reading to find out how to visit other worlds in FFXIV!

How You Can Visit Other Worlds

Major City Aetheryte

Aetheryte Ffxiv

All giant blue crystals are not created equal; Just like in real life…?

To visit other worlds, you’ll need to visit the central Aetheryte of one of the three major cities: Ul’dah, Gridania, or Limsa.

Select the “Visit Another World Server” option to be on your way. Traveling between other worlds is almost always instant, but there can be a queue. If so, be patient. You’ll get there.

You will immediately or eventually appear in the same city, at the same Aetheryte, on the server you are visiting.

Data Center Restrictions

Dc Restrictions Ffxiv

As I mentioned at the top of this page, you’ll only be able to visit worlds in your data center. The name of your data center can be found on the character select screen.

There is no way to play with friends on other data centers. (Yet.) Square Enix has announced plans for a feature that will allow players to travel between data centers—coming soon-ish. It’s hard to predict with the FFXIV dev team sometimes.

If you’re just starting out, make sure any friends you invite to the game create their characters on your data center. Pick the same server while you’re at it, too, if you can. It doesn’t hurt to save yourself the hassle of having to visit other worlds.

For the record, the Primal data center contains the best world servers to visit in FFXIV and the most incredible people in Eorzea. Definitely make your own choice, though. (Go Excalibur, woo!)

What Can’t You Do When You Visit Other Worlds?

Being a foreigner in a land identical to your own is jarring. There are some activities and features you don’t have access to as a wanderer.

Some important things you will not be able to:

  • Buy houses on other servers
  • View your Free Company UI window
  • Receive your Free Company buffs when they refresh or change
  • Chat in your regular Linkshells
  • Gather timed resource nodes
  • Check your mail
  • Delete your character
  • Initiate a world transfer (A permanent one for your character, not a visit.)
  • Join Free Companies or regular Linkshells
  • Summon your retainers (This means no selling on the market or collecting gil/venture rewards.)

Don’t worry; you can still access the market boards. There are good deals to be had checking cross-world prices.

Returning Home

You return to your home world the same way you got to your vacation world.

Get yourself to one of the major city Aetherytes and use the “Visit Another World Server” option to select your return destination.

It’s important to return to your home world to receive your Free Company buffs, check your retainers, and collect your mail. Don’t forget!

I repeatedly forget that I’m visiting the Lamia server for days at a time before I realize I haven’t been home to the Excalibur server that whole time.

Logging Off

You can do it! Assuming you ever go offline, that is. I don’t. Your character will stay on theworld you are visiting. This fact is why it’s so easy to forget you’re visiting another world in FFXIV. You become a digital Eorzean squatter—such a faux pas.

See the Other Worlds of Ffxiv

Ultimately, by learning how to visit other worlds in FFXIV, you open yourself up to several communities of players to befriend, be-enemy, and adventure with. Being able to visit other worlds makes it SO much easier to recruit an entire raid team, too. (Note: The Party Finder is always cross-world; It’s the same feature with a different coat of paint.)