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What to Spend Poetics On in FFXIV

What to Spend Poetics On in FFXIV

There are three types of Allagan Tomestones in use at any given point in time. Two will primarily come from current combat content; These two Tomestones rotate out over the patch cycle. These Tomestones are of Astromancy and Aphorism.

The third type of Tomestone remains consistent throughout the patches, the Allagan Tomestone of Poetics.

This may-expansion-spanning currency comes with an easy-to-hit cap of 2,000 with about that many uses, too. An exhaustive list of places to spend your poetics would be as massive as it is unhelpful.

In this guide, I’ll explain some of my favorite and most popular ways to spend your excess Allagan Tomestones of Poetics! Do not let yourself hit that 2,000 cap. Anything you gain after is just wasted.

If Square Enix ever released a feature that displayed the total number of Poetics I let turn to dust, I’d cry.

Is there a method I didn’t list? Let me know!

Spending Poetics in FFXIV

Heavensward Relic Weapons (Anima Weapons)

Though more fun overall than the Realm Reborn relic weapons, some of the steps of the Anima Weapon questline require veritable skyscrapers worth of Allagan Tomestones of Poetics.

Other ways to spend your poetics may be tempting in the short term, but if you’re still eyeing any Anima weapons, you should focus on your stockpile of these materials.

My favorite is the Astrologian sphere weapon, the silly pink bubble.

Take your Poetics over to Idyllshire and locate Hismena. (Auriana in Mor Dhona will also sell these things, but I prefer using the expansion-relevant NPC.

It’s convenient for all sorts of peripheral reasons if you’re actively doing the questline.)

The Anima Weapon materials are: the four unidentified materials, Umbrite, Crystal Sand, Singing Cluster, Pneumite, Archaic Enchanted Ink, and Aether Oil.

These are needed in quantities varying from 1 to 80. See our Anima Weapons Guide for the specific steps. It’s a long road.

A Realm Reborn Relic Weapons (Zodiac Weapons)


I’ve completed this questline more times than I should have. (Thrice.) It’s long, winding, and will test your tenacity. You will need a different sized skyscraper of Poetics to craft these weapons.

For convenience, the best vendor for players on the Zodiac Weapon questline is Auriana in Mor Dhona.

The Zodiac Weapon materials are Thavnairian Mist, Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil, Superior Enchanted Ink, Mysterious Map, and Sacred Spring Water.

The challenge book phase of the questline will require 900 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. These are purchased from G’jusana, just a few steps from Auriana. You will only be able to buy these if you are on the relevant quest.

Forging a Zodiac Weapon is a long road paved with fine details. Give our Zodiac Weapons Guide a read for a step-by-step.

The Poetics-To-Gil Pipeline


If you’re an adventurer uninterested in old content and have no need for leveling gear, this will be your go-to. This short list of what to spend your poetics on will net you a small but steady stream of gil.

Sell Dirt (Grade 3 Topsoils)

Check the Grade 3 Shroud and Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil prices on your server’s market board to ensure they’re worth selling.

Through the Idyllshire NPC Bertana, you can exchange an Unidentified Ore or Unidentified Shell for one of those two varieties of topsoil.

Unidentified materials were mentioned above in the Anima Weapons section. Talk to Hismena.

Cryptlurker Gear

With the arrival of Endwalker, the Tomestones of Revelation armor in Eulmore is now bought with Poetics.

The high individual costs and simple conversion make this a quick method of spending your excess tomestones.

You have options when it comes to churning Cryptlurker gear. You can desynth it or trade it in for Grand Company seals.

Desynthesis: Turn the gear into crafting materials. This practice has the bonus of leveling up your desynthesis skills. The market board prices for the materials you will end up with will vary week-to-week; some will be worth selling, others vendoring.

Grand Company Seals: Did you know you can trade in most useless gear to your Grand Company for seals? This fact eludes way more players than you’d think.

Company seals can buy so many things; look at the selection for yourself. I like to purchase ventures and cordials. There are other options that can be sold on the market board.

Always do some market research before spending seals or poetics. Conditions change often. Eorzean economics is a subject best-learned firsthand.

50/60/70/80 Leveling Gear

It would help if you geared up your sub-90 jobs to a passable degree for the most optimal leveling experience. Without doing this, FATEs are more brutal than they need to be; some dungeons will be inaccessible to you, even some roulettes.

Leveling gear on the market board can be randomly stupid expensive. It’s not worth the gil unless you have millions to spare. Everyone ends up with Allagan Tomestones of Poetics to spare, though.

Level 50: Ironworks gear from Auriana and Aelina in Mor Dhona

Level 60: Shire gear and weapons from Hismena

Level 70: Scaevan gear from Enna and Eschina in Rhalgr’s Reach

Level 80: Cryptlurker gear from Aymark and Fathard in Eulmore

Hold on just one minute now, please… Is his name really Fathard? Fat Hard? Yeah, it is. Middle school must have been rough.


Many of the vendors above sell fun little doodads and knick-knacks like minions, orchestrion rolls, and furnishings. None sell for any decent price on any server.

Take a look at the selection and buy what seems fun!

Fear the 2,000

I needed to hit this message one final time. It’s too easy to let your Allagan Tomestone of Poetics total sit at the cap, causing all poetics earned to disintegrate; It’s almost as easy to spend them every so often.

The best “what” to spend your Poetics on in FFXIV is the thing you will buy consistently.