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How To Hide UI in Ffxiv

How To Hide UI in Ffxiv

Final Fantasy XIV is a visually stunning game. (When there aren’t hordes of players in absolutely nuts glamours running around your FC house.) There are whole communities around in-game photography in FFXIV. It’s pretty wild.

One of the not-so-secrets to a beautiful screenshot is the absence of the hideous UI. It’s not exactly rocket science to look at the keybinds, but the game never explicitly tells you how to hide your UI in FFXIV to take screenshots.

In this short article, I’ll spell out how to hide the UI in FFXIV on different platforms.

Hiding Your UI

Disable Your UI on PC

By default, Scroll Lock will hide your UI; If you have a laptop without a Scroll Lock key, it’s easy to re-bind.

Hit ESC and open the keybind menu. From there, you can pick whatever key you want. I use Shift + ].

Turn Off UI on PS4

It’s easier to hide your UI in FFXIV on PS4. Consoles are simpler overall.

Press L1 and the touchpad. Simple.

Making the UI Invisible on Xbox One

Oh. FFXIV is not available on the Xbox One. If you’re using an Xbox controller to play FFXIV, you’ll have to rebind it to your favorite combination of buttons.

Figuring out how to hide your UI in FFXIV is quick, and you’ll only do it once. We hope this little guide made it even quicker.

Now that you can hide your UI to up your screenshot game, consider our mount guide to finding some picture-worthy rides.