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MHW Gathering Sets – Best Monster Hunter Sets for Gathering

MHW Gathering Sets – Best Monster Hunter Sets for Gathering

One of the biggest appeals that the Monster Hunter series has had over the years is the ability to craft your own armor sets.

It’s a system that plenty of games have tried to replicate, but few have ever pulled off quite as well.

There’s something about killing a giant lizard and using its skin to adorn yourself that fulfills our most primal and visceral urges.

Combine this with the fact that Monster Hunter World has brought a massive influx of new players to the scene, and it’s understandable that people are going to want to optimize their gear making processes, and that starts with material gathering.

Early Game Set

I’m going to divide the sets into three tiers, one for the early game, one for mid-game, and one for the end game.

Also, bear in mind that these sets are going to be mixing and matching various pieces, so there might be a bit of legwork involved in getting yourself up and running.

For your first farming set, you’re going to need:

  • King Beetle Cura
  • King Beetle Elytra
  • Kulu Vambraces
  • Rathian Mail A
  • Chainmail Headgear B

This gear doesn’t require much to put together and gives you some phenomenal benefits for farming materials early on in your playthrough.

You have the option of only making a handful of adjustments with this set for a mid-game setup, so crafting this armor is going to be the majority of the hard work if you don’t want to grind again.

I’m going to be putting together a mid-game set using the beta variants of some of these pieces, but you can compromise if you need to.

Mid Game Set

For your mid-game set, you’re going to want to craft:

  • King Beetle Cura B
  • Hunter’s Coil B
  • King Beetle Brachia B
  • Rathian Mail A
  • Shamos Goggles A

There isn’t much of a difference in difficulty between this set and the last, so you can even go straight for a mid-game build and skip the entry set altogether.

I wouldn’t advise that, though. As you make your way through the game, you’re going to be gathering here and there absentmindedly.

Logically, the sooner you have a set of armor optimized for that, the quicker you begin to build up a cache of goodies.

End Game Set

Last but not least, we have the penultimate resource gathering Monster Hunter World set.

There are a few differing opinions on what the best of the best is, but the differences are miniscule.

For my money, the best set overall in MHW is:

  • Empress Greaves B
  • Guildwork Body B
  • Empress Vambraces B
  • Guildwork Waist B
  • Safi’s Aquahorn

If you’ve played Monster Hunter, then you know this armor collection is a major step up from the other two.

It requires you to have Iceborne, which is typically geared towards endgame players.

It’s far better than your early and mid-game options, but it also requires a lot more skill, effort, and time to fully craft, so leave this set alone until you’re able for it.

One More Thing

I’ve one more thing to add on the topic of gathering armor.

Monster Hunter has a massive amount of customizability for your armor. There are gems and skills and all sorts of extras you can add on to maximize your gathering.

I’ve only gone over armor, but the rabbit hole goes much deeper than that.

You have the ability to create a set that suits you individually.

Everyone has different needs and plays the game in their own way, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your armor setups.

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