Minecraft Grindstone Recipe: How to Make a Grindstone in Minecraft

Minecraft Grindstone Recipe

The Grindstone is an invaluable block in Minecraft. Most obviously, it can be used to turn Villagers into Weaponsmiths, who, when sufficiently levelled, can provide you with some seriously powerful weapons in exchange for emeralds. Besides this, though, it’s also great for increasing the durability of your tools and weapons.

How to Use a Grindstone

The player need simply place two items of the same kind into the grindstone. This fuses them into a single item of the same kind, with a durability of both the items combined, plus 5% of the item’s maximum durability.

In short, with a Grindstone, you can equip yourself with a whole host of far stronger tools and weapons. This greatly decreases both the danger and the inconvenience of your last pickaxe breaking when you’re several miles below the surface, or finding yourself without a weapon while battling a horde of zombies.

As a nifty bonus, the Grindstone will also remove an item’s non-curse enchantments. This makes it the superior choice to an anvil if you’ve found a superior enchantment to the one your item currently has and want to swap it out.

But how do you make the Grindstone? Some do spawn naturally in villages, but chances are you might want a couple extras for all your bases and buildings.

Minecraft Grindstone Recipe

It’s a fairly simple recipe calling for ingredients that are easy to find. All you’ll need is two sticks, a stone slab, and two wooden planks (wood of any kind will do, and they don’t have to match). Place the stone slab in the middle of the top row, and place the sticks on either side of it. Then place a wooden plank below each stick.

That’s all there is to it. From there, you need simply place your grindstone wherever you feel you’re most likely to need to create more durable tools.

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