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The 10 Most Smug Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

The 10 Most Smug Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

Smug villager-wise, a lot of Animal Crossing players only really know Raymond and Marshal. In this listicle, we’re ready to show you a whole new level of smug.

From the way they look at you to their grins and smirks, these guys know how to get really smug about things.

We’ve gathered the smuggiest of smugs to have smugly walked on the face of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Here is our listicle for the most smug villagers in Animal Crossing!

10. Huck

Animal Crossing Huck

Catchphrase: Hopper

Favorite Saying: “Cold coffee makes for a cold demeanor.”

Let’s start this list strong! Huck gets the 10th spot mainly because of how smug he looks.

He’s got the laidback expression in his eyes and a grin that almost says, “I know more than you.”

9. Rodney

Animal Crossing Rodney

Catchphrase: Le ham

Favorite Saying: “Everything is temporary.”

Not a lot of Animal Crossing players are fond of Rodney due to his overall character design, but he gets included in this list because his face just screams smug!

Some players have reported that his facial expression annoys them, and that alone makes Rodney a winner in the smug game.

Enjoy the 9th rank, and keep on smugging, Rodney!

8. Phil

Animal Crossing Phil

Catchphrase: Hurk

Favorite Saying: “Best not to say too much.”

He’s not just giving you a smug look, Phil looks almost annoyed too.

With that perpetual puffed-up and irritated expression, that’s another level of smugness, and it’s why he gets the 8th spot on our hoity-toity villager list.

Best not to say too much around Phil, indeed.

7. Zell

Animal Crossing Zell

Catchphrase: Pronk

Favorite Saying: “Clothes totally make the mammal.”

Zell’s expression and fashion sense give off the vibe that he’s pretty suave about his smugness, and for that, the 7th spot goes to him.

He also seems to be into fashion due to his black Gilet and Shirt default outfit and his personal quote on the importance of clothes. Stay classy, Zell!

6. Curlos

Animal Crossing Curlos

Catchphrase: Shearly

Favorite Saying: “If you want to know yourself better, ask your neighbors.”

Curlos pulls off his smugness by looking like he’s one step ahead of you with his joke.

This fleecy jokester-looking sheep earns the 6th spot for his fluffy charm and unique self-approving expression.

His name is even a pun! So is his catchphrase, now that I think about it. Joke away, Curlos.

5. Marshal

Animal Crossing Marshal

Catchphrase: Sulky

Favorite Saying: “Seize the day.”

This uber-popular squirrel joins the top 5 due to his popularity and quiet judging face.

Marshal might not seem emotive from the get-go, but his tiny squirrel stature is brimming with smugness! The Smug villager voice suits his cute size as well.

You can definitely seize this 5th spot, Marshal.

4. Colton

Animal Crossing Colton

Catchphrase: Check it

Favorite Saying: “Make hay while the sun shines.”

Colton embodies the typical fairy tale prince charming persona really well.

His character design reflects his princely charm – from his blonde hair, blue eyes, and white fur to his Prince’s Tunic default outfit and dazzling poster photo.

A lot of Smug villagers love to flirt with the ladies on the island, and Colton is no different.

Don’t be surprised when you see him courting one of your Snooty villagers! Spoiler alert: The Snooty will turn him down.

You can’t win everyone with your princely smugness, Colton, but you can win this 4th spot from us.

3. Raymond

Animal Crossing Raymond

Catchphrase: Crisp

Favorite Saying: “Stay on brand!”

And in our top 3, we have the ever-so-popular Raymond! Including him in our list won’t come as a surprise to a lot of Animal Crossing players – or it does if you were hoping to have him at the top.

We put him on number three because of his cool and appropriate business smugness. Raymond’s whole character design revolves around a business cat persona.

He has an office for a house, with an Office Desk right at the center, a Water Cooler for the occasional office chat with himself, and even a Newton’s Cradle.

His outfit reflects this as well. He wears a gray Waistcoat as his default clothing. He also has square glasses and a serious expression that fit his whole business or office worker vibe.

We ranked two other characters higher than him because we feel that other Smug villagers seem more smug.

Still, Raymond is an excellent Smug villager to have, and the 3rd spot is a very good place to be.

2. Julian

Animal Crossing Julian

Catchphrase: Glitter

Favorite Saying: “Never trot when you can prance.”

Being the only unicorn among the whole horse roster, neigh, the entirety of Animal Crossing villagers, is a good enough reason for this sparkly horse to be smug about things.

He’s dazzling, he’s beautiful, and he knows he can work that purple eyeshadow look!

His popularity comes from being the only unicorn in the series, as well as having a very impressive house.

His abode is decked with Celeste DIY furniture, like Starry Garlands on the wall, Crescent Moon Chair, Aries Rocking Chair, and a Starry Sky Wall that twinkles.

He’s magical, and he knows it, and you bet he deserves 2nd place on our list!

1. Eugene

Animal Crossing Eugene

Catchphrase: Yeah, buddy

Favorite Saying: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

One look and you immediately know why we picked Eugene as the winner of our smug contest. This cool koala just oozes charm while still having that smug and puffed-up personality.

Plus, he has sunglasses, people! That’s immediately rad in our books.

His cool smugness earned him the top spot in our smug list. Keep rocking, Eugene!

Animal Crossing The 10 Most Smug Villagers 2

Coming up with this list has us all “smugged out,” but we’re glad we were able to come up with 10 outstandingly well-pleased Smug villagers.

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