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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Bakery CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Bakery CC [2024]

Nothing is as heartwarming and uplifting as walking into a bakery. The scent of fresh baked goods can make almost any day even the slightest bit better!

But running a bakery isn’t a job in the vanilla Sims 4, so its up to the players to make this possible. That’s where custom content comes in!

With bakery CC, you can get your Sims bakery up and running in no time. Or, you can renovate their kitchen to accommodate a bakers start-up journey.

We’ve compiled a list of the best bakery CC to make the setup process as quick as possible, with some fun themes to pick from!

Best Sims 4 Bakery CC

10. Formal Tea Set

Formal Tea Set

Bakeries can be just as fancy as tea houses, and no tea is complete without cakes and cookies and a beautiful tea set.

The Formal Tea Set comes in 12 swatches, including various patterns in white, blue, yellow, pink, and black colors.

Most of the cutlery is gold, but some swatches use silver cutlery. In total, there are 19 décor items.

Of course, there are also teacups, creamer cups, and many plates and a tier set full of delicious-looking sandwiches, cakes, and cookies.

Having these items set up on tables in the bakery makes it a perfect place to plan Sunday tea for all Sims!

9. Scandifever Cake

Scandifever Cake

You can’t have a bakery without wonderful-looking cakes displayed in the counters and windows.

The ScandiFever Cake is a piece of décor CC, but it is useful in creating a realistic bakery setting.

This CC item is part of a larger set, but the ScandiFever Cake is a cake stand that comes in six colors: black, white, pink, mint, blue, and yellow.

With the cake stand, there are also three cakes to choose from to display.

You can choose to display a white and strawberry cake, a milk chocolate cake, and a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

8. Edible Pastries

Edible Pastries

Décor may help to make your bakery look legit and realistic, but what’s the fun if Sims can’t enjoy the pastries?

These Edible Pastries CC only need the downloadable cardboard tray CC for you to start handing out the delicious baked goods!

With the cardboard tray, you can choose to download any of the French and American pastries available.

Some of these treats include eclairs, donuts, flan, pies, and even a club sandwich.

You can pick and choose to decide what kind of bakery it is that you want your Sim to run.

7. Oni Bakery Contents

Oni Bakery Contents

One of the best parts of running a business, in this case, a bakery, is the chance to decorate the brick-and-mortar shop.

These ONI Bakery Contents include 12 items for you to use in setting up your Sims bake shop.

This content CC set includes shelving, displays, a menu, a sign, paper bags, a tray, and more.

The shelving and display cabinets are simple in design and come in six colors.

Along with the baked goods you’ll display, you can also pair the treats up with the jam jars in this set!

6. Christmas Sweet Bakery

Christmas Sweet Bakery

Ever wanted to create a Christmas wonderland for your Sims to enjoy year-round? Well, you can start with this cheerful bakery!

The Christmas Sweet Bakery CC offers a beautiful and twinkly bakery for the most wonderful time of the year.

Every inch of this bakery is decorated in Christmas goodness, which is perfect for baking the perfect sugar cookies!

There are many Christmas trees, garlands, bells, and plenty of red and green to go around in this building CC.

It also doubles as a living space for your Sim to enjoy the ease of having work right downstairs.

5. Fairview Bakery & Bookstore

Fairview Bakery & Bookstore

What’s better than a bakery? A bakery where you can buy books at! Every bookworm Sim with a sweet tooth will love the Fairview Bakery & Bookstore building CC.

The building is set up as a beautiful colonial-style home in a light pastel purple with yellow accents.

Outside, there is seating for both bookstore and bakery patrons to sit, eat and read.

There are display cabinets already inside the building, ready for you to prepare food and pastries.

The bookstore is also already prepared with books lining the shelves and fairy lights on the walls for a whimsical atmosphere.

4. Macaron Bakery

Macaron Bakery

Bakeries can specialize in one type of cuisine or baked good, including donuts, pies, cakes, and the French cookie, the macaron!

The Macaron Bakery CC set is mostly base game compatible, but some items do require the Get to Work expansion pack to work, such as the cash register and coffee grinder.

In total, there are 23 items included in this CC set, including display cases, shelving, counters, and macaron packaging, including paper bags, boxes, and more.

The promo photos also showcase most items in either light blue or mint green.

3. Boulangerie French Bakery Build Lot

Boulangerie French Bakery Build Lot

Continuing the French bakery setting, this CC build lot is the perfect option for players who want to a piece of French cuisine to their Sims neighborhood.

This beautiful and rustic two-story building is built from stonework and Tudor-style woodwork on the second floor, with shudder windows.

You can download some features of this build separately too!

The inside of the Boulangerie French Bakery Build Lot also features wonderful stone walls and light brown woodwork for the flooring and the counters and display cases.

On the second floor is a lounge area for patrons to sit and enjoy their food in peace.

2. Boulangerie French Bakery Part 2

Boulangerie French Bakery Part 2

A second part of the French Bakery CC build is the interior décor pieces that are essential to any bakery.

The Boulangerie French Bakery Part 2 CC set includes 54 items, including multiple counters and display cabinets.

There are also baskets and display racks to be set onto the counters, which are perfect for the cookies that also come with this CC set.

This is another great clutter content set to download for any bakery, even if it isn’t focused on a French aesthetic.

For this set, you will also need to have the Get to Work expansion pack downloaded.

1. Bakery Career

Bakery Career

The best way to start a bakery business in The Sims 4 is to have a career dedicated to it!

The Bakery Career, designed by Neia’s Careers, offers two paths of the bakery profession, including Baker and Pastry Chef.

You will need to have the Get to Work expansion pack in order for this mod career to work.

Starting from the bottom, your Sim starts as a Trainee, earning 20 Simoleons per hour.

Working their way up through the ranks, eventually, your Sim will earn the title of Famous Pastry Chef and be earning 420 Simoleons per hour.

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