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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Choker CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Choker CC [2024]

Having a good choker necklace makes for an edgy addition to any outfit, and they can be just as classy as any other necklace too!

Whether your Sim is wearing a cute cocktail dress or running errands in a pair of jeans and sneakers, a trusty choker necklace is a must.

Custom content helps to fill in gaps in the Sims 4 accessories menu for when you’ve exhausted every combination already. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top choker CC available!

You’ll find a choker necklace for every occasion in the Sims universe in this list.

Best Sims 4 Choker CC

10. Laurel Leaf Choker

Laurel Leaf Choker

For a classy Greek look, the Laurel Leaf Choker is a stunning choice. The Laurel Leaf Choker is a part of a CC set that includes a matching headpiece and dangle earrings.

The Laurel Leaf Choker is available in 28 colorways, combining three metals with other colors.

This choker CC is available in black metal, brass, and silver, with blue, black, grey, and white jewels.

The choker features one large jewel in the center, surrounded by laurel leaves and smaller gemstones.

The choker is also paired with a corresponding necklace that lays below on your Sims chest.

9. Kira Choker

Kira Choker

Looking for something a bit more edgy and literally sharp? The Kira Choker is an eye-catching collar that features intense spikes!

The Kira Choker is available for Sims of all genders and is available in ten colors.

Colors featured in the promo photos include a silver band with black spikes, a black band with gold or silver spikes, and a white band with rose gold spikes.

Spiked choker necklaces can be accessorized in many alternative fashions, but the gold spiked chokers would make great additions to almost any party outfit for your Sim!

8. Retro Tattoo Choker

Retro Tattoo Choker

Tattoo chokers have made a serious comeback since their original popularity in the 90s! Because of how simple these chokers are, they make for a great accessory with any outfit.

The Retro Tattoo Choker comes in five varieties, and all are available in black and white.

Along with the standard squiggly line tattoo chokers, there is also a heart design, circle design, and a X design.

The white version of these chokers also makes it easier to style with cuter or more feminine outfits! This choker CC is a must for anyone who wants to recreate a modern 90s look.

7. Heart Broken Choker 

Heart Broken Choker

Breakups are hard, but the aesthetic of a broken heart can be cute in the form of jewelry!

The Heart Broken Choker can be style din either a Gothic way or a cute pastel way with this CC.

The choker features a wide leather band that hugs the neck with a large broken heart charm dangling in the center.

Both the heart charm and the choker band can be styled using the 0 color swatches available.

With the large amount of color combinations, you can choose between solid colors or duo colors featuring black, red, white, pink, and light blue.

There are also two metal color choices, including gold and silver.

6. Metal & Suede Choker

Metal & Suede Choker

Wrap chokers are easy to slip on and style in both casual and formal ways.

The Metal & Suede Choker is a fun yet simple necklace to have on hand when your Sim needs to go to the office, but there’s also a party to attend!

The Metal & Suede Choker features a suede cord that wraps multiple times around the Sims neck and drapes down their chest. On the cord are multiple metal beads.

This choker CC comes in three colors, including black, white, and brown. The beads also come in two colors, featuring silver and brass.

5. Cosette Choker

Cosette Choker

A simple edgy choker that can go with any outfit is this choker designed by Pralinesims.

The Cosette Choker is a simple leather band with a metal O-ring in the center. This choker is available in 60 colors, making it one of the easiest chokers to style with any outfit.

The featured colors in the promo photos include tan, brown, black, light blue, pink, and burgundy.

The metal colors also change depending on the color of band you choose, including silver, gold, and black.

The Cosette choker is a must to have for a simple choker with maximum versatility.

4. Sunflower Choker & Necklace

Sunflower Choker & Necklace

For a more whimsical and fun choker, the Sunflower Choker & Necklace set is for you!

This sunflower choker set includes a choker that is made up of sunflower charms, while the necklace features sunflowers on two simple black strands that sit close to the neck.

The choker is available in the one color swatch of yellow sunflowers, but the necklace comes in two colors (black and white).

Both are base game compatible, and Sims of all genders can wear this CC set from the ages of Teen to Elder.

3. Caraphernalia & Disasterology Necklaces

Caraphernalia & Disasterology Necklaces

Chokers are always a welcome addition when layering necklaces. This CC set includes multiple chains that can complement any outfit.

The Caraphrenalia & Disasterology Necklaces both include chokers in their designs, but both also include chains of varying lengths.

The Caraphrenalia necklace comes in 15 colors and is accessible for Sims of all genders, from the ages of Teen to Elder. This necklace features O-rings and smaller chains.

The Disasterology necklace features larger chains in closer lengths.

This necklace is available in five colors and is also useable by Sims of all genders, from the ages of Teen to Elder.

2. Dolly Choker & Earrings Set

Dolly Choker & Earrings Set

For the spooky folks out there, this is a choker and earring CC set for you. The Dolly Choker and Earrings Set, made by bloodmoonCC, is a creepy cute set to have for every spooky season!

The Dolly choker features a simple silk choker with a small bow that sits just above the blank-eyed porcelain doll face charm dangling from the choker.

This choker comes with matching dolly face earrings that also have tiny bows just above the face. The earrings come in 10 color swatches, including black, pink, peach, and red.

The choker comes in 14 color swatches, including black, white, pink, blue, and red. It also comes in trio colorways.

1. Fides Choker Sims 4 Necklace

Fides Choker Sims 4 Necklace

Finally, a choker that truly captures the elegance that chokers can have.

The Fides Choker Sims 4 Necklace is a beautiful bedazzled choker that is available in three colors.

The photo features this choker in stunning gold with grey jewels set in alternating placements.

This choker looks Greek-inspired, similar to the Laurel Leaf choker, but with more geometric style shapes.

This is a must-have necklace for any Sim and any party or special occasion.

If your Sim is a celebrity and in the spotlight constantly, this necklace will truly make them shine like the start they are!

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