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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Wizard CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Wizard CC [2024]

The Sims world is packed full of mystery and magic, especially with the Realm of Magic game pack for Sims 4.

But even with vampires, werewolves, aliens, and everything paranormal, there’s still more room for additions.

What about a bit more stuff for the witches and wizards? That’s where custom content comes in!

Whether you need that special outfit or their wizard lair is in need of redecorating, there is CC for all your wizardry wants and needs. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best wizard CC out there!

Best Sims 4 Wizard CC

10. Sabrina Shelving and Decor

Sabrina Shelving And Decor

All witches and wizards need shelf space for their numerous potion bottles, spell books, and ingredients. But normal non-magical folk shelves are boring!

So, the Sabrina Shelving and Décor CC set is here to offer a spruced-up version of shelving that is fit for all magical folk, especially wizards!

This CC set comes with 12 items, including six different types of shelves in four colors.

There are two standard bookshelves, one table shelf, two wall shelves, and a fun display shelf with circular platforms.

There are also three pieces of wall décor, including hanging herbs and broomsticks. Don’t forget the candles for ambient lighting!

9. Realm of Magic Flooring Recolor

Realm Of Magic Flooring Recolor

The Realm of Magic is a great DLC pack, but there are some limitations with it that players cannot simply deny! This mod recolors the Bewitching Wood flooring.

To create the perfect wizards lair, you need the most appropriate décor, but you also need wallpaper and flooring. That’s where the Realm of Magic Flooring Recolor CC comes in to help!

With this content mod, the Realm of Magic flooring now comes in 18 swatches.

The original texture and colors are still available, but this mod offers new textures and colors in both a plain version and a patterned version.

8. Hex Dress

Hex Dress

Looking for the perfect dress for your young wizard or a potential witchy uniform for magical students? The Hex Dress is the perfect fit!

The Hex Dress, created by Lay-Zee-Ne-Ef on Tumblr, is a simple long-sleeve dress that is also off-the-shoulder.

The dress is knee length and is available in 20 colors, including multiple neutrals and bolder colors such as bright yellow, red, purple, and blue.

The dress is layered as well and is accentuated with a pentagram belt around the waist. The creator also includes note paper that is customizable.

This is the perfect combination for any student studying sorcery and spell casting!

7. Medusa Dress

Medusa Dress

One benefit to being a wizard (aside from the cool powers!) is the chance to wear the most elaborate and magical outfits in the Sims universe.

This Medusa Dress is the perfect option for any female Sim who wants to dress the part and look like the witch living in a haunted castle!

This gorgeous floor-length dress is slightly off-the-shoulder and features long sleeves.

The dress has a bit of a tattered appearance while also looking elegant with its lace detailing and corset waist.

It also comes in 18 stunning colors, of which three rich jewel tones (emerald, amethyst, and ruby) are showcased in the promo photo.

6. Cowberry Hat

Cowberry Hat

Being a wizard isn’t limited to adults and elders, so of course, the younger wizards need the right clothing to show off that they are magical!

The Cowberry Hat is the perfect addition to your child Sims wardrobe to show off their wizard lineage. Both Toddler and Child Sims can wear this adorable witchy hat.

The Cowberry Hat comes in 30 colors, including pink, navy blue, pale yellow, purple, and many patterns as well!

There is also an adult version of this hat, available in the same color swatches, so your adult Sims can match their young wizards!

5. Apothecary Cabinet

Apothecary Cabinet

Another storage solution for wizards, if you’re more interested in clean-cut storage, is this incredible Apothecary Cabinet!

This cabinet CC has a few slots that you can use to add your own choice of décor (such as the clutter featured next!). This cabinet is also quite large in size, making it easily one of the more focal points in the room.

This cabinet can fit in almost any room, too, especially a study, library, living room, or even the kitchen!

It is a beautiful dark brown color with plenty of clutter already placed on the shelves, including books, candles, busts, and bottles.

4. Spellbound and Apothecary Clutter

Pellbound And Apothecary Clutter

Almost all magical Sims have an abundance of enchanted clutter around the home.

You can almost always find herbs, bottles of strange substances, books, and candles found in a wizard’s home.

So, why not make your Sims home the same way with these two clutter CC sets?

The Spellbound Clutter set includes many stacks of books that can be set on shelves, along with multiple clusters of unlabeled potion bottles.

The Apothecary Clutter set includes even more bottles (but with labels this time!) and boxes full of small vials. There is also a mortar and pestle included in this clutter set.

3. Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Want more than just decorative tarot cards? Want to create a wizard Sim that is also a clairvoyant? The Tarot Reading CC is perfect for you!

The Tarot Reading CC provides a tarot card set that you can actually use. Give Sims in your neighborhood a spooky time with how accurate your readings can be!

This CC set also comes with a tarot card reading table and five card décor items. There are nine swatches in the tarot deck set as well.

The décor items feature the cards in a spread, in a face up or face down piles, and in a spread out pile.

2. Drifter’s Wonders Décor Set

Drifter’s Wonders Décor Set

Aside from places to store your Sims magical ingredients and tools, what about the rest of their home?

If your wizard Sim is in need of a serious home renovation to showcase its magical abilities, no worries!

The Drifters Wonders Décor Set is a CC set that is packed full of interesting décor and furniture for every wizard’s home.

This set includes artwork, cabinetry, plants, tables, chairs, scrolls and tarot cards, and much more!

Among the specimen jars, voodoo dolls, and throw rugs, almost every piece of fabric features incredible patterns. Most objects have at least three or more color swatches too.

1. Become a Sorcerer Mod

Become A Sorcerer Mod

Even with the Realm of Magic expansion pack, there is still more room to become closer to what a wizard is.

The Become a Sorcerer mod makes it possible for you to be a Spellcaster and a Sorcerer at the same time!

With this mod, there are specializations you can choose for your Sim to have, including Domination, Destruction, Greed, Empowerment, Deification, and Creation.

These specializations are split into Dark and Light categories.

This mod is heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, even including alignment influences!

You don’t need the Realm of Magic expansion pack for this mod to work, however. This works with Plant sims and Vampires, too!

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