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The Top 10 Sisterly Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

The Top 10 Sisterly Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

While Normal villagers are undeniably sweet and Snooty villagers can be nice in their haughty way, Sisterly villagers will give you the tough, big sister love you need.

In this listicle, we determined the best Sisterly villagers you can invite to your island. After all, we do need a big sister to look out for us.

Here are the Sisterly villagers in Animal Crossing, with their catchphrases and personal quotes included. Let’s not keep our big sisters waiting!

10. Pashmina

Animal Crossing Pashmina

Catchphrase: Kidders

Favorite Saying: “Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their hooves.”

Pashmina has the intense big sister stare down. She might look intimidating at first, but like all Sisterly villagers in the game, she is willing to give you big sister advice whenever you need it.

Don’t be afraid to approach her! She would appreciate you checking on her every now and then. And I’m sure she appreciates getting the 10th spot in our list!

9. Ursala

Animal Crossing Ursala

Catchphrase: Grooomph

Favorite Saying: “Surround yourself with things you love.”

Ursula’s default facial expression makes it seem like she’s always concerned for you.

With her gentle worried face, she warmed our hearts and wormed her way to the 9th spot on our list. Don’t worry, we’ll be careful, Ursala!

8. Agnes

Animal Crossing Agnes

Catchphrase: Snuffle

Favorite Saying: “You reap what you sow.”

She might look a bit distraught, but Agnes just seems like the kind of Sisterly who is careful and cautious.

From her favorite saying, she does teach you about the consequences of one’s actions, so it’s best we heed her sisterly advice.

7. Renee

Animal Crossing Renee

Catchphrase: Yo yo yo

Favorite Saying: “Reckless youth makes rueful age.”

With her piercing gaze, enormous frame, and overall tough aura, I won’t be surprised that a lot of players skip Renee when considering recruiting a Sisterly villager.

Let me consider you otherwise with this: She is cool!

Her purple color, Sailor’s Tee, and tendency to be careful, based on her quote, makes her a totally rad Sisterly villager.

6. Frita

Animal Crossing Frita

Catchphrase: Oh, ewe

Favorite Saying: “Don’t sweat the small potatoes.”

From her big smile, winking photo, and Hot Dog Costume, Frita seems like the kind of big sister who would offer you food all the time.

She’ll make sure you’re fed and happy because that’s what proper big sisters do. As thanks, we’re serving you the 6th spot, Frita!

5. Mira

Animal Crossing Mira

Catchphrase: Cottontail

Favorite Saying: “Always help a friend in need.”

If you want a superhero bunny to be your big sister in Animal Crossing, Mira is the Sisterly villager for you.

Like a superhero, she will be there for anyone who needs help, as mentioned in her favorite saying.

If you’re in trouble, she’ll be there in a flash, and that’s why we surrender the 5th spot to her!

4. Muffy

Animal Crossing Muffy

Catchphrase: Nightshade

Favorite Saying: “There’s a black sheep in every family.”

As a Sisterly villager, Muffy is a different kind of intimidating. With her goth-style character design, not a lot of players will warm up to her immediately, but she is nice and pretty unique in her own right.

From her favorite saying, which you can find at the back of her framed photo, I like to think Muffy is quite understanding and gives fluffy hugs.

Here’s the 4th spot for you, Muffy!

3. Faith

Animal Crossing Faith

Catchphrase: Aloha

Favorite Saying: “Never let your mind be what holds you back.”

Faith is probably the sweetest Sisterly villager in the game, judging from her personal quote and her transition from being a Normal villager to a Sisterly in New Horizons.

She also exudes a tropical and summer-y vibe with her “aloha” catchphrase and red Hula Top.

Enjoy the sun, sea, and the 3rd spot, Faith!

2. Katt

Animal Crossing Katt

Catchphrase: Purrty

Favorite Saying: “MeowMEOWmeow!”

Katt is one cool cat, and you bet she’s a cool Sisterly villager to have too.

She has a curious way with words, based on her catchphrase and favorite saying.

With her Old School Jacket and fangy grin, she’d be the type of big sister who would ruffle your hair and call you squirt, but that’s just how she would show her affection to you.

1. Cherry

Animal Crossing Cherry

Catchphrase: What what

Favorite Saying: “One dog barks at something, the rest bark at him.”

And for the best Sisterly in the game ever, let’s cheer for Cherry!

She looks like a tough cookie with her Spider Web Tee and overall black theme, but like all Sisterly villagers, she is kind and accommodating to the player.

What makes Cherry stand out from other Sisterlies is her character design.

She is a dog villager and the only Sisterly dog villager on the roster, with red fur, black ears, black paws, and a black spot on her left eye. Her red fur matches her Cherry name!

Her house is as cool as her and has a grown-up vibe to match her Sisterly personality.

Hang out with this sister to see a cityscape view, get comfy in a fancy flower bed and cushions, and enjoy a soothing soak in her Whirlpool Bath.

After considering her character design, house, and popularity, we award her the top one spot in our list. Congratulations, Cherry!

 Top 10 Sisterly Villagers

Those are our choices for wonderful Sisterly villagers in the game.

Do you have a favorite big sister in the game? We’d love to know your favorites, so drop us a comment or two below.

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