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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Dragon CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Dragon CC [2024]

Dragons have always been a source of wonder and astonishment in the fantasy genre.

Well, The Sims 4 is meant to be a game where anything in life is possible, so why not add some CC to make dragons possible?

Or, at the very least, transform your dog or your Sims into dragon-like creatures!

We’ve compiled the best dragon CC available for The Sims 4 so that you can achieve greater fantasy heights.

Best Sims 4 Dragon CC

10. Dracarys Earrings

Dracarys Earrings

For a subtle touch of dragon to any outfit, these Dracarys Earrings are a great option! The Darcarys Earrings are inspired by Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen, and her fiery personality.

These earrings feature two dragons, one for each ear, that appear to be made from wood.

The earrings look to be held in place by a wooden stick that slides through the ear and into slots to keep the earring in place.

They are base game compatible and come in 14 colors. Most of the colors feature browns and reds, but there are also grey, black, white, green, and yellow options as well.

9. Dragon Eyes

Dragon Eyes

Creating a dragon Sim can’t be fully complete without eyes to match! These Dragon Eyes are the perfect CC addition to a Sim who is half human and half dragon.

These eyes are available in four colors, red, blue, green, and yellow. They are incredibly detailed, as you can look into them and notice the flecks of color and dimension similar to real eyes.

The red eyes also have a separate option to include red surrounding the colored part for a truly angered dragon appearance.

Sims of all genders and ages can use these eyes as well, and they are found in the face paint category!

8. Tattoo Back 01

Tattoo Back 01

Want a pair of dragon wings that aren’t as obtrusive as real wings? This Tattoo Back 01 CC is perfect for you!

The Tattoo Back 01 CC includes three tattoo designs, including a set of dragon wings with a spinal cord down the middle.

The other designs featured in this CC pack include an Oni face with a snake and a skull surrounded by roses.

All the tattoo designs are in a signature grayscale color scheme. These tattoos can be used for both male and female Sims and can be found under the tattoo category in character customization.

7. Horns Pack Vol. 2

Horns Pack Vol. 2

A dragon isn’t fully a dragon without an impressive set of horns! This set of horns includes several pairs of horns but doesn’t limit you to a two-horn-only policy.

With the Horns Pack Vol. 2 set, you can have up to eight horns at a time! You can place horns on your Sims forehead, on the back of their head, and on the side of their head.

All horns come in black or white, with some options for a more ombre color appearance.

This is a great CC set to have not only for creating dragon Sims but also for creating Sims of demonic lineage!

6. Horns Pack Vol. 4

Horns Pack Vol. 4

If the last set of horns wasn’t exactly your style or fit the kind of dragon Sim you want to create, then this next pack should do the trick.

The Horn Pack Vol. 4 is made by the same creator as the last pack and is base game compatible with over 42 options!

Both male and female Sims can wear these horns and choose from an ashy gray ombre color or a natural skin tone color.

With this set, you can have upward of six horns, too! Many of these horns frame the Sims face very well and can sit on top of their head or more to the side.

5. Yakuza Tattoo

Yakuza Tattoo

Another great dragon tattoo CC you can download is this stunning Yakuza Tattoo! This tattoo CC covers all of the torso of your Sim.

In this tattoo, the back, arms, and chest are all covered by intricate grey-scale tattoos from Japanese mythology, including a dog, demons, and a signature dragon on the chest.

Nothing can make your Sim look tougher than being covered in tattoos full of powerful creatures.

For a digital tattoo also, the detailing is immaculate, as you can clearly see the dragon’s scales and the background foliage.

4. Spine Tail

Spine Tail

Aside from scary eyes and gigantic wings, what else does a Dragon Sim need to fully feel like a dragon? A spiney tail!

This Spine Tail CC is the perfect addition to any Sim you want to look like a dragon hybrid, on the daily or as a costume.

The Spine Tail comes in three versions. Both the first and second versions include spikes, while the third option does not have the spikes.

Each version comes in 8 colors, including grey, red, blue, black, brown, and more.

This CC is base game compatible but is only fitted for male Sims only and for sims of Teen to Elder ages.

3. Dark Celestial Wings

Dark Celestial Wings

Every dragon is known for their incredibly powerful wings that span several yards. The Dark Celestial Wings feature a set of wings that feature space-themed wings with bone framing.

These wings are available in ten colors. Each option is also a duo color choice. The promo photo showcases these beautiful wings in a blue and purple ombre color with white bones.

The Dark Celestial Wings also work for both male and female Sims, for Teens to Elders. The wings are also base game compatible, and you can find them in the Rings category under the accessories section.

2. Cosmic Wings

Cosmic Wings

No one said that dragon wings had to be boring and standard fantasy colors. Instead, you can make your dragon Sim look like it just flew in from an entirely different planet among the stars!

These Cosmic Wings CC look like they were made from the stars, with their own galaxy in the details.

These wings are available in ten colors as well, including shades of blue, pink, purple, and black. These wings also emit a glowing feature!

Sims of all gender, from Teen to Elder, can wear these wings. You will need to have the Get Together expansion pack for this CC to work fully, though.

1. Dragon Package

Dragon Package

The next best thing to becoming a dragon is having a pet dragon! Or at least, making your Sims dog look like a dragon.

The Dragon Package is a set of CC that works for large dogs only but includes two tails, three heads, a set of wings, and claws!

With this CC pack, you can make your large Sims dog look like a dragon and choose which color it will look like, including blue, white, red, and dark.

This way, you can have a pet dragon without the fear of your house burning down when your Sim leaves for work!

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