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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Bob Hair CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Bob Hair CC [2024]

Hair at all lengths can look amazing, but the bob is a seriously underrated length. Most assume it is at the length where you don’t style it, or it can’t look good, but that is wrong!

We’ve compiled a list of the top bob hairstyles that vary slightly from shorter to longer but always look good!

This list includes bobs of every length with unique parts, bangs, and color options so that everyone can find the perfect choice for them.

Best Sims 4 Bob Hair CC

10. Wingssims Wings OE0528

Wingssims Wings Oe0528

Most bob hairstyles have bangs that rest straight across the forehead and are parted in the middle, but not this cute bob!

The Wingssims Wings OE0528 hair CC is a classy bob that has side-swept bangs with its part slightly to the side.

The hair comes in 20 stunning colors, including shades of blonde and some shades of brown.

If you’re looking for more vibrant colors, you can download the creator’s retexture pack that contains bolder fun colors.

Overall, this hairstyle is fitting on all Sims, regardless of their jawline and face shape!

9. Newsea Footprint Retexture

Newsea Footprint Retexture

If you’re looking for a bob that teeters on the edge of a short hairstyle, this is the CC for you.

Aveiras Newsea Footprint Retexture CC features a micro bob that is also layered and asymmetrical from front to back.

The hairstyle offers a few gentle wisps of hair to frame the face in 70 colors!

There are the standard natural hair colors, including blondes, browns, reds, and greys, but the creator makes a point of adding a ton of fun and bright colors as well.

This is a more edgy haircut for your Sims while still maintaining a sophisticated look.

8. Alicia Hair

Alicia Hair

For the Sim that needs a fresh, clean-cut bob, the Alicia Hair is a perfect choice. The Alicia Hair features a slightly off-center part, with one side being tucked behind your Sims ear.

This bob hair comes in 18 colors, including blonde, grey, red, and a rich emerald green, according to the promo photos.

The hair length falls just below the ears and somewhat follows the jawline.

This hair CC is hat compatible, too, so the slightly swopping bangs can pair well with a beret for an effortlessly chic French look.

7. Sul-suls Conjure Hair

Sul Suls Conjure Hair

Angled hairstyles can be edgy, or they can make your Sim appear more youthful and fun!

The Sul-Suls Conjure Hair is a longer bob hairstyle that includes slightly choppy bangs and a steep asymmetrical cut.

This hairstyle is usable by both male and female Sims and comes in 13 colors.

The promo photos showcase this cut in a shade of orange-red, but they’re also more colorful options, such as a pink and purple multi-colored option.

While this hair CC isn’t compatible with hats, the fun cut of this hairstyle is more than enough to show off some personality to other Sims.

6. Kismets Oceans and Clouds

Kismets Oceans And Clouds

Not all bobs have to be short or on the shorter end of the haircut spectrum.

In fact, the Kismets Oceans and Clouds hair CC provides Sim players with a longer hairstyle that is also messily kept.

This is a hairstyle for the surfers, artists, and just overall laid-back Sims in the Sim universe. Oceans and Clouds is a style with thicker sections of hair with the bangs casually swept over to one side.

You can customize this hairstyle by choosing between 18 colors, which include natural tones, blues, purples, greens, and some pinks.

5. Gabbie Hair

Gabbie Hair

When most people think of a bob hairstyle, they think of straight hair. Not in this case, however, with the Gabbie Hair CC!

The Gabbie Hair CC is a beautifully textured bob that shows off some subtle coiled locks.

This is definitely a bob hair CC for you if you want more volume, curls, and, overall, a rich textured hairstyle.

This hair CC reaches to just below the jawline and is tucked behind one ear on the side. You can choose from any of the 18 EA colors the hair comes in, and the highlighting is spot-on in each version!

4. Yukino HairYukino Hair

For Sim players who are in need of strictly a fun, bold-colored hair CC, the Yukino Hair is the CC for you!

The Yukino Hair CC is a cute bob that has a chunky section of bangs in the center of your Sims forehead.

This hairstyle feels a bit more anime-inspired but can look adorable in any casual or party outfit.

This hair CC is base game compatible and comes with a total of 94 color options! So, not only can you choose from the standard 18 EA colors, this CC includes 76 custom colors to choose from.

3. Sehana Hair

Sehana Hair

This is surely what a signature cute bob is! The Sehana Hair is a hair CC that is an absolute essential for Sims 4 players who also love an expansive hair selection to choose from.

The Sehana Hair features bangs that run straight across the forehead, with one side of the hair being tucked behind the ear.

This hairstyle is also wavy and beautifully detailed with effortless lighting.

This hair is available in 24 colors and is base game compatible. You can also pair hats with this hair and easily make your Sim appear fun and youthful!

2. Nahi Hair

Nahi Hair

Another great bob hairstyle from the same creator as the Sehana Hair is the Nahi hair CC.

The Nahi Hair features full bangs that sweep across the forehead, with one side of the hair tucked behind the ear.

This is a straightened bob, too, so it has a chic and serious appearance.

Available in the standard 24 EA color swatches, you can choose between natural and not natural hair colors.

This hair CC is base game compatible and is detailed with a slightly choppy appearance while still appearing put together and sleek.

1. Anto Thorns Hair

Anto Thorns Hair

A bob hairstyle with a middle part that looks effortlessly gorgeous? You can’t ask for more with the Anto Thorns Hair!

The Anto Thorns Hair is a beautiful bob hairstyle that lines the jawline with gently curled ends. The lighting and shading of this hair CC are also quite stunning!

This hair CC is for female Sims and comes in 18 colors, including a deep black-brown, rich burnt orange-red, and a lovely pastel pink featured in the promo photos.

This is surely the bob to choose for those who want something a bit flirtier and more contemporary.

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