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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Short Hair CC [2023]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Short Hair CC [2023]

Having a classic short hairstyle that could be a go-to for any Sim is a must-have, and there are so many talented CC creators that provide new short hairstyles.

Best Sims 4 Short Hair CC

10. Silver Hair

Silver Hair

A classic bob is always a good short hairstyle to have at the ready for any Sim.

The Silver Hair CC is an adorable short hairstyle option that provides framing, cute bangs, and a side-swept portion so that your Sim looks good from every angle!

The Silver Hair CC is a straight bob with sections of hair framing the front of the face. The bangs cover most of the Sim’s forehead and are swept a bit to the side.

This hair CC comes in the standard 18 base game colors, but the creator provided the hair in 40 additional colors, too!

The additional colors include peach, bold turquoise, multiple shades of green, browns, and reds, plus more!

9. Female Hair G64

Female Hair G64

This short hairstyle is a combination of short hair in the front and longer hair that reaches the back of the neck.

The Female Hair G64 is a bob haircut that is longer in the back, similar to a mullet hairstyle, with bangs that cover the forehead.

The strands of hair toward the back also flare out slightly, creating a depth of volume.

The Female Hair G64 comes in 21 colors and is also hat compatible. Female Sims, from Teen to Elder can use this hairstyle, too.

8. Eric N22

Eric N22

The Eric N22 is a short hair CC that is stunning for both male and female Sims. The Eric N22 features an undercut, with a voluminous section of short hair sitting on top of the Sim’s head.

The undercut wraps around the lower half, including visible sideburns and a fresh, buzzed look.

The upper half of this hairstyle features the hair styled to the side, with a few strands wisping across the top of your Sim’s forehead.

There are a total of 18 color swatches for this hair CC, including shades of blonde, brown, and black. You can also select this hair in purple, pastel pink or blue, and a dark blue!

7. Newsea Battler

Newsea Battler

For an edgier hairstyle, the Newsea Battler short hair CC features a hairstyle that is slightly longer in the back, shorter in the front, with most of the hair on top pushed to one side.

The texture of this hairstyle is stunning, as the flares of hair stand out, adding volume and depth with the whisps that can be easily seen.

The ears are exposed with this hair CC, so your Sim can easily show off earrings!

The promo photo showcases the Newsea Battler hair CC in a platinum blonde shade and is designed for female Sims to use.

6. Yamy Short Curl

Yamy Short Curl

This short hairstyle is quite a cute one among the rest on this list! The Yamy Short Curl hair CC is a short hairstyle that reaches the jawline in length and is stunningly detailed.

The Yamy Short Curl hair CC comes in 30 beautiful colors, including multiple shades of blonde, multiple dark shades ranging from grey to black, and pastel shades as well.

The curls in this hair CC are slightly messy, creating some nice volume at the bottom. There are some stray baby hairs that help to frame around the forehead, as well.

5. Wings OE0818

Wings Oe0818

The WINGS OE0818 is a stunning short hair that fits the image of a leisurely academic or laid-back individual.

This male hair CC comes in 20 colors, including the cool tone blond-grey and platinum blonde featured in the promo photos. This hairstyle is parted closer to the right side, with a slight curve in the part.

The strands frame the face with large, gentle curls, with the rest of the hair tucked behind the ears, leaving room to show up a pair of earrings or an eye-catching single stud.

The WINGS OE0818 is also hat compatible.

4. Aveira Footprint Retextured

Aveira Footprint Retextured

The Aveira Footprint Retextured hair CC is a stunning and edgy short hairstyle.

The Aveira Footprint hair CC is a short hairstyle that falls just above your Sim’s jawline and shortens toward the back of their head.

This asymmetric haircut is subtly flared out, adding some lovely volume and dimension to the hairstyle.

A large strand of hair can be seen wisping in front of your Sim’s face, adding unconventional framing.

The part is a bit curved and messy, too, which helps to balance the entire style. The Aveira Footprint hair CC comes in 70 colors, including both natural and bold/bright colors.

3. Vivian Len

Vivian Len

Now, this short-hair CC is not only offering some edge but also offers a bit more length in the form of a short ponytail in the back.

The Vivian Len hair CC features full bangs covering the forehead, with layering, and the back features a section of short hair pulled into a small ponytail.

The promo photos showcase the hair in a cool blond-grey color and a warm yellow-blond shade.

The Vivian Len hair CC is the perfect option for male Sims who you want to go into the music industry!

2. Sebastian Hairstyle

Sebastian Hairstyle

This is another great hairstyle for your male Sims, who you want to have a more alternative look to them.

The Sebastian Hairstyle is a mostly short hair CC that also features a longer section in front of the face.

This heavily layered hairstyle comes in 46 colors, including the stunning dark blue featured in the promo photo.

The semi-long bangs create a mysterious and alluring appearance for your Sim, as they frame the face yet mostly cover it.

There are two versions of this hair CC, and both of them are hat compatible as well.

1. Carmina Hair

Carmina Hair

Short hair is definitely not always straight. The Carmina Hair CC adds more bounce and fun to your Sim’s hair options.

The Carmina Hair is a short and curly hair CC option that is usable for both male and female Sims.

You can choose from the 24 available color swatches and decide whether you or not you want your Sim to wear a hat with this hair CC.

Sims from the ages of Teen to Elder can have this hairstyle equipped, adding curls of hair sweeping across the forehead and down to the neck throughout most of their in-game lives!

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