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Top 40 Best Sims 4 Short Hair CC [2024]

Top 40 Best Sims 4 Short Hair CC [2024]

Having a classic short hairstyle that could be a go-to for any Sim is a must-have, and there are so many talented CC creators that provide new short hairstyles.

Best Sims 4 Short Hair CC

40. June Hair

June Hair

There is just something great about a classic bob that hovers just above the shoulders. The June Hair by Arethabee is a shoulder-length hairstyle that is parted straight in the middle. It comes in the 24 ea colors and is hat as well as base game compatible.

Sometimes simple and easy is the way to go.

39. Soary Hair

Soary Hairstyle

Bangs aren’t for everyone. But luckily, you won’t have to worry about whether bangs will look good or not. The Soary Hairstyle is an almost chin-length hairstyle complete with bangs. It is a feminine hairstyle that comes with 55 swatches. This CC is also a hat, base game, and HQ compatible.

38. Rena Hair

Reina Hair

Ever wanted your sims to look like a Korean pop star? Well, you can do just that with Rena’s hair.  The Rena Hair is a set that will help your sim make their inner idol shine. There are several different swatches, and it’s HQ compatible, so you don’t have to worry about that. While your sims might not be able to sing, they can look the part of an idol!

37. Lydia Hair

Lydia Hair

This curly bomb, complete with bangs and two mini ponytails, is a great addition to short hair CC from Ezrelea. Named the Lydia Hair, this base game-compatible hair reflects a previous short hair CC. Curls aren’t just for long hair. With this hair style, you can have some great curls in a short hairstyle.

36. Willow Hairs

Willow Hairs

Wavy hair is a hair type in between straight and curly. The Willow Hairs by Dogsil is a hair custom content that presents a wavy chin-length bob with a straight part. As with most pieces of custom content, it is base game compatible and has 24 swatches. It also has a second version that is tucked behind the ears.

35. Miriam Hairstyle

Miriam Hairstyle

The Miriam Hairstyle is a chin-length hairstyle with some parts of the hair tied back in a ponytail. It has a mostly straight part with two whispy strands of hair hanging in front of the face. This feminine hairstyle has 55 swatches, and is hat compatible, base game-compatible, as well as HQ compatible.

34. Viper Hair

Viper Hair By Heartspice

Rather than a middle part, this CC uses a right-side part to help the sims look their best. The Viper Hair by Heartspice has 18 swatches from EA, as well as 28 historian, swatches from a previous palette. It is compatiable with hat’s and the base game so there won’t be any issues in regards to this.

33. Dua Hair

Dua Hair

A straight-cut bob never grows out of style. It’s classic and easy to style. The Dua Hair by green llamas is a feminine hairstyle that has 18 swatches and is hat-compatible. Besides the hair, it also comes with two hair clips as an accessory. Sometimes, you want a little something to spice up your look.

32. Klarisse Hairstyle

Klarisse Hairstyle

The Klarisse hairstyle is a whispy style type of haircut that comes with bangs and ends a few inches below the shoulders. This feminine-focused hairstyle has 45 swatches in total and is compatible with hats. You always want hairstyles that are compatible with hats. Who doesn’t love hats?

31. Hilary Hairstyle

Hilary Hairstyle

The Hilary Hairstyle by simstrouble is a fun, curly take on the bob style. Best part? This hairstyle is based on Hilary Banks from the popular 90s show Fresh Prince of Belair.  It comes with 24 swatches and even has an accessory headband should you decide you want to add something else to this fun hairstyle.

30. Sallie Hairstyle

Sallie Hairstyle

One does not have to be named Sallie to enjoy a hairstyle that is a fun bob with bangs and a headband. The Sallie Hairstyle is a CC that is for teens through elder sims. It comes with 24 swatches for the hairstyle itself and the headbands themself have 17 swatches.

29. Deimos Hairstyle

Deimos Hairstyle

The curiously named Deimos Hairstyle is a wavy, shoulder length hairstyle that comes with a middle part and an ombre style hair color. There are 24 swatches in total, with the ombre accessory that comes here is found in the face paint and color wheel enabled.

28. Aura Hair

Aura Hair

The Hair by Ridgeport is a shoulder-straight shoulder length hairstyle with the ends curled upwards, giving a very 50s look. This hat is compatible with CC, is for a feminine frame, and is for sims aged teen to elder. It’s very much a step back into the past.

27. Rougarou Set

Set N3

In the Rougarou Set by Simstrouble you get several different items which include a short hair style. This is called the Labi hairstyle. It’s a chin-length hairstyle with some of the hair pulled back into a very high ponytail. The hairstyle comes with 24 swatches and is hat-compatible.

26. Timeless Collection

Rusty X Sentate The Timeless CollectionHere is a set featuring hairstyles, accessories, and outfits that are all set to a vintage theme. The Rusy x Sentate – The TImeless Collection takes us back in time and allows your sim to dress exactly like they did back then. Our main focus is the hair but it still comes with plenty of other goodies inside!

25. Curly Chop

Curly Chop

The Curly Chop is a short pixy curled hair style that has 4 swatches and is base game compatiable. Not everyone can pull off a short hairstyle, but thankfully you don’t have to worry about taking a chance with your own hair! Your sim can sport the curly chop instead.

24. Roxy Hair

Roxy Hair

On the surface, the roxy hair looks a little crazy, but it’s super fun. The Roxy’s hair is a short pixie style that is very messy. But, it is perfect for sims that want to push the envelope. It comes with 60 swatches for the base hair as well as 48 swatches for the strand overlay.

23. Echo Hair

Echo Hair

The Echo hair is an ombre hairstyle that comes with a side shave undercut. You’ll find that this set has two versions. One is a fresh buzz cut and the other is one that has already grown a bit. There are 20 colors in all as well as 40 puppy crow colors.

22. In Bloom Collection

In Bloom Collection

The In Bloom collection comes with a lot of items but the highlight are the Zoey and Nadine hairstyles. With Zoey hair, you get a curly, chin-length bob, and Nadine’s hair is shoulder length, coming in two different styles. The hairstyles themselves come in 35 total colors each.

21. Kachiko Hair

Kachiko Hair

The Kachiko hair is a floofy chin-length hairstyle that will make your sim feel like they have stepped out of an anime. This CC is for teen to elder sims. It comes with 24 swatches and even comes with 12 extra. Best part? It’s for males and females!

20. Rebecca Hair

Rebecca Hair

The Rebecca’s hairstyle is cute not just in name but also in looks. It’s a chin length cut that has two mini pig tails on either side of the sims head. Very cute and comfortable. This comes with 24 colors, is hat compatible, as well as base game compatible.

19.  Yujin Hair

Yujin Hair

The Yujin hair is a short, wavy, anime-style cut has bangs and almost resembles a mullet. It is for teen to elder sims, is base game compatible for feminine sims, and has 30 swatches in total. If your sim wants to make a statement then this hairstyle will definitely do it.

17. Stefania Hair

Stefania Hair

Stefania’s hair is a wavy bob with a straight part that ends at the Sims chin. It has 24 swatches in total, is base game compatible, and also hat compatiable. It’s a type of hairstyle that has a lot of body to it, so expect that when your sim takes a step, it will have a bit of a bounce.

16. Riva Hairstyle

Riva Hairstyle

The interestingly named Riva Hairstyle comes with a blown-back look and ends at about the shoulders. It comes with 60 swatches and is for feminine presenting sims. One of the best thing about this is that it works with hats, so you won’t have to worry about it clipping or anything.

15. Angelina Hair

Angelina Hair

Looking for a hairstyle that will make you feel like you’ve stepped right out of old Hollywood? Well, the Angelina hairstyle is just for you. It is a side-parted pixie cut with most of the hair swept on one particular side. There is also an elegant wave to it, making for a classic look. In total it has 20 base colors.

14. Keyshia Curly Short Cut

Keyshia Cut

The Keyshia Curly Short Cut is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a short, curly pixie with an intricate curl in the middle of the forehead. There are 11 swatches in total, but it is not that compatible. This CC, in particular, is for the teen to elder sims.

13. 90s Collab Set

90s Set

If you are a fan of 90s hairstyles, then you’ll love this set that is a crossover from Brandysims and Kiegross. It comes with three styles that will make you feel like you are back in the 90s. There are 13 swatches in total and it is not compatible with hats.

12. Belinda Hair

Belinda Hair

The Belinda hair is a curly updo with the curls pilled high up on the head. There is one curl hanging down, making for a very intricate look. It comes with 24 swatches and is base game compatible. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with houses.

11. Nora Hair

Nora Hair

A simple, straight-parted bob never gets old, no matter how many styles you see. The Nora hairstyle by Oakiyo has 18 swatches and is base game compatible. It also is hat compatiable so if your sim wants to wear a hat there won’t be any issues with that.

10. Silver Hair

Silver Hair

A classic bob is always a good short hairstyle to have at the ready for any Sim.

The Silver Hair CC is an adorable short hairstyle option that provides framing, cute bangs, and a side-swept portion so that your Sim looks good from every angle!

The Silver Hair CC is a straight bob with sections of hair framing the front of the face. The bangs cover most of the Sim’s forehead and are swept a bit to the side.

This hair CC comes in the standard 18 base game colors, but the creator provided the hair in 40 additional colors, too!

The additional colors include peach, bold turquoise, multiple shades of green, browns, and reds, plus more!


9. Female Hair G64

Female Hair G64

This short hairstyle is a combination of short hair in the front and longer hair that reaches the back of the neck.

The Female Hair G64 is a bob haircut that is longer in the back, similar to a mullet hairstyle, with bangs that cover the forehead.

The strands of hair toward the back also flare out slightly, creating a depth of volume.

The Female Hair G64 comes in 21 colors and is also hat compatible. Female Sims, from Teen to Elder can use this hairstyle, too.

8. Eric N22

Eric N22

The Eric N22 is a short hair CC that is stunning for both male and female Sims. The Eric N22 features an undercut, with a voluminous section of short hair sitting on top of the Sim’s head.

The undercut wraps around the lower half, including visible sideburns and a fresh, buzzed look.

The upper half of this hairstyle features the hair styled to the side, with a few strands wisping across the top of your Sim’s forehead.

There are a total of 18 color swatches for this hair CC, including shades of blonde, brown, and black. You can also select this hair in purple, pastel pink or blue, and a dark blue!


7. Newsea Battler

Newsea Battler

For an edgier hairstyle, the Newsea Battler short hair CC features a hairstyle that is slightly longer in the back, shorter in the front, with most of the hair on top pushed to one side.

The texture of this hairstyle is stunning, as the flares of hair stand out, adding volume and depth with the whisps that can be easily seen.

The ears are exposed with this hair CC, so your Sim can easily show off earrings!

The promo photo showcases the Newsea Battler hair CC in a platinum blonde shade and is designed for female Sims to use.

6. Yamy Short Curl

Yamy Short Curl

This short hairstyle is quite a cute one among the rest on this list! The Yamy Short Curl hair CC is a short hairstyle that reaches the jawline in length and is stunningly detailed.

The Yamy Short Curl hair CC comes in 30 beautiful colors, including multiple shades of blonde, multiple dark shades ranging from grey to black, and pastel shades as well.

The curls in this hair CC are slightly messy, creating some nice volume at the bottom. There are some stray baby hairs that help to frame around the forehead, as well.

5. Wings OE0818

Wings Oe0818

The WINGS OE0818 is a stunning short hair that fits the image of a leisurely academic or laid-back individual.

This male hair CC comes in 20 colors, including the cool tone blond-grey and platinum blonde featured in the promo photos. This hairstyle is parted closer to the right side, with a slight curve in the part.

The strands frame the face with large, gentle curls, with the rest of the hair tucked behind the ears, leaving room to show up a pair of earrings or an eye-catching single stud.

The WINGS OE0818 is also hat compatible.

4. Aveira Footprint Retextured

Aveira Footprint Retextured

The Aveira Footprint Retextured hair CC is a stunning and edgy short hairstyle.

The Aveira Footprint hair CC is a short hairstyle that falls just above your Sim’s jawline and shortens toward the back of their head.

This asymmetric haircut is subtly flared out, adding some lovely volume and dimension to the hairstyle.

A large strand of hair can be seen wisping in front of your Sim’s face, adding unconventional framing.

The part is a bit curved and messy, too, which helps to balance the entire style. The Aveira Footprint hair CC comes in 70 colors, including both natural and bold/bright colors.

3. Vivian Len

Vivian Len

Now, this short-hair CC is not only offering some edge but also offers a bit more length in the form of a short ponytail in the back.

The Vivian Len hair CC features full bangs covering the forehead, with layering, and the back features a section of short hair pulled into a small ponytail.

The promo photos showcase the hair in a cool blond-grey color and a warm yellow-blond shade.

The Vivian Len hair CC is the perfect option for male Sims who you want to go into the music industry!

2. Sebastian Hairstyle

Sebastian Hairstyle

This is another great hairstyle for your male Sims, who you want to have a more alternative look to them.

The Sebastian Hairstyle is a mostly short hair CC that also features a longer section in front of the face.

This heavily layered hairstyle comes in 46 colors, including the stunning dark blue featured in the promo photo.

The semi-long bangs create a mysterious and alluring appearance for your Sim, as they frame the face yet mostly cover it.

There are two versions of this hair CC, and both of them are hat compatible as well.

1. Carmina Hair

Carmina Hair

Short hair is definitely not always straight. The Carmina Hair CC adds more bounce and fun to your Sim’s hair options.

The Carmina Hair is a short and curly hair CC option that is usable for both male and female Sims.

You can choose from the 24 available color swatches and decide whether you or not you want your Sim to wear a hat with this hair CC.

Sims from the ages of Teen to Elder can have this hairstyle equipped, adding curls of hair sweeping across the forehead and down to the neck throughout most of their in-game lives!

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