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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Swimsuit CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Swimsuit CC [2024]

Every summer season in the Sims 4 requires a bathing suit for your Sim to enjoy their pool in. Get your Sim ready to attend pool parties with our list of swimsuit CC!

10. Odd Sense Swimsuit

Odd Sense Swimsuit

This one-piece swimsuit is one for retro-style lovers! The Odd Sense Swimsuit is a one-piece that is quite modest and features a 1950s silhouette.

The bottom half of this swimsuit covers up to the lower half of the back, then flows into the top half.

The top half frames the sides of the body but leaves a section in front open, showing a portion of the stomach. The top is also tied in the front, around the chest.

The Odd Sense Swimsuit comes in 16 patterned options and 8 solid colorways. Some patterns include stripes, floral, tropical, and an ice cream print!

9. Multiway Swimsuit

Odd Sense Swimsuit

The Multiway Swimsuit is a perfect combination of sultry and functional, featuring a simple solid, color one-piece that includes thin straps framing the torso and legs.

The Multiway Swimsuit comes in ten colors, including black, white, red, green, pink, and more.

This swimsuit truly shines in the way it frames the hips and chest, with straps crossing over the chest as well.

This swimsuit CC is designed for female Sims and is usable for ages Teen to Elder. This swimsuit can be found under Swimwear but also under Sleepwear, making this a versatile CC item to download.

8. Magic Shop Swimsuit

Magic Shop Swimsuit

Another great retro-style swimsuit is the Magic Shop Swimsuit, made by Trillyke!

The Magic Shop Swimsuit is another 1950s-style silhouette that frames the figure well, but this one covers more of the back, leaving less skin exposed.

The top half of this swimsuit features a cute scalloped edge, creating a seashell shape.

Two straps can be seen wrapped around your Sim’s neck, tied in the back, and one clipped on their back.

This swimsuit comes in ten solid colors, including yellow, blue, green, red, and more. It is also base-game compatible.

7. Escape Swimsuit

Escape Swimsuit

Looking for a simpler yet modern swimsuit to put your Sim in? The Escape Swimsuit is a simple solid, color one-piece swimsuit that fully covers the front.

The small details featured on this swimsuit CC include two simple straps crisscrossing across the chest.

Up close, you can see the stitching details, which makes the piece look a bit more realistic, too.

The Escape Swimsuit comes in 12 solid colors plus an additional four ombre shades. This swimsuit includes every staple color in the rainbow, making it easy to find one that’s perfect for your Sims.

6. Two-piece Mesh Bikini

Two Piece Mesh Bikini

The Two-Piece Mesh Bikini provides the fun and sultry design of the Multiway Swimsuit, just minus the straps!

This swimsuit CC features a strapless top and high-rise bottom set with mesh panels stitched into them.

The mesh panels provide a bit more skin exposure, while the solid pieces offer coverage in the right places.

This swimsuit CC is designed for female Sims between the ages of Teen to Elder.

The Two-Piece Mesh Bikini comes in ten total colors, including black, white, red, pastel shades, and more. You can also select this swimsuit in the Sleepwear section!

5. Lazyeyelids Swimsuit CC Set

Lazyeyelids Swimsuit Cc Set

Ready to take a never-ending vacation with this swimsuit CC set? The Swimsuit CC Set made by LazyEyelids includes loungewear and swimwear for male and female Sims.

For the guys, a pair of swim trunks, a polo shirt, and pair of pants are included. The swim trunks come in 20 colorways, including ten pattern options.

For the ladies, a comfy and casual knitwear suit is included, along with a one-piece swimsuit and swimsuit cover shawl that wraps around her hips.

The swimsuit also comes in 20 colorways, while the shawl comes in 24 colorways.

4. Fruit Swimsuits

Fruit Swimsuits

Get ready to wow the crowds at the pool with these Fruit Swimsuits! Adult swimsuits can still be fun, and these fruity options are the perfect way for your Sim to express their fun side.

These swimsuits include both strapped and strapless tops, as well as mid-rise and high-rise swim bottoms.

Most of the swimsuits have differing shapes, each framing the body differently.

The included fruit patterns in this CC pack are lemon, coconut, pink lemon, pineapple, watermelon, banana, and mango.

Paired with some easily bold sandals and accessories, your Sim will look fun and fashionable by the poolside.

3. Hailee Swimsuit

Hailee Swimsuit

The Hailee Swimsuit is an adorable one-piece swimsuit that is strapless, has a sweetheart neckline, and has ruffles lining the top.

The Hailee Swimsuit comes in 30 color options, including solid textured options and patterned options.

Some solid colors include black, white, yellow, orange, red, and pink. There are multiple polka-dot patterns, as well as plaid, stripes, floral, and other pattern options.

In total, there are 20 patterns and 10 solid options.

This swimsuit CC is base game compatible, so you can enjoy it without any need for expansion packs.

2. Buckled Belts Metallic Swimsuit

Buckled Belts Metallic Swimsuit

One of the flashiest swimsuits on this list is the Buckled Belts Metallic Swimsuit.

This swimsuit CC was made by Harmonia, featuring one swimsuit, which is a one-piece with straps that frame the Sim’s body.

The front of the swimsuit is the center focus, with two large belt buckles in place to hold the swimsuit on the body.

The belt buckles are also encrusted with rhinestones for that extra pop of shine!

The bottom frames the sides well, as it reaches high over the top of the hips. This swimsuit comes in nine metallic colors, including silver, copper, black, pink, blue, purple, and more.

1. Safari Swimsuit The Sims Resource – Safari swimsuit

Safari Swimsuit The Sims Resource Safari Swimsuit

The Safari Swimsuit has a bit of everything, from an interesting design to color and pattern options.

The Safari Swimsuit is a two-piece swimsuit featuring a top with thick straps on the shoulders and crossing the chest.

The bottom of this bikini also has straps that are horizontal, stretching around the right hip. There are a total of ten colorways, including both plain solid colors and patterns.

The promo photos showcase solid green, solid green, and leopard print options.

The metal details on the bottom of this swimsuit set are another detail that makes it eye catching, as well!

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