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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Goggles CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Goggles CC [2024]

Goggles made amazing accessories for costumes but can also elevate the uniqueness of any outfit in the Sims 4!

Whether it’s close to Halloween or you need a trusty pair of goggles for your steampunk Sim, this CC list has got your back.

In this list, we’ve compiled the top goggles CC for the Sims 4. You can easily make your Sim look like the industrial builder type or like a steampunk engineer with these goggles.

Best Sims 4 Goggles CC

10. Goggles by Ssts

Goggles By Ssts

The first pair of steampunk-style goggles on this list are the Goggles by SSTS. These steampunk goggles are a great option for Sims, who wear hats, as the goggles will sit over the brim of hats.

Goggles by SSTS comes in 64 colorways, including the base colors of brown, black, and grey. Complimentary colors include red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and more.

The goggles feature metal detailing that makes this pair truly eye-catching.

You can also choose to include a metal ring in one of the eyes of the goggles for an extra pop of detailing or choose to leave it blank.

9. Steampunked Goggles Ii

Steampunked Goggles Ii

This simple pair of steampunk-style goggles was created by Sims 4 CC creator, Suzue. This pair of goggles does go over the eyes of Sims.

The Steampunked Goggles II CC features two simple round lenses that are connected by a simple black band. Sims of all genders, and ages, from Teens to elders, can wear these goggles.

There are also 14 colors you can choose from, and you can decide to wear them with the same color lenses or style them with duo-colored lenses.

This is a great pair of goggles that are fitting for more casual steampunk or industrial styles while still maintaining the look that your Sim just finished working on their latest invention!

8. Studio K Steampunk Goggles

Studio K Steampunk Goggles

Looking for a more aviator style of goggles? Creator Studio K has got you covered! With these goggles, your Sim will look like they’re ready to take flight at any time.

The Studio K Steampunk Goggles feature larger lenses that look similar to an old-fashioned pilots’ goggles. This pair of goggles comes in 16 colors, including an array of muted metallic colors.

There are also five pastel colors, including pastel green, blue, purple, and pink, to choose from.

This pair of goggles also sits on top of your Sims head, showcasing a wide leather strap around the back of their head.

7. Steampunked Industrial Goggles

Steampunked Industrial Goggles

Next up, another pair of steampunk-style goggles by Suzue! This pair of goggles are even more simplistic, featuring sleek metal lenses with a simple black band.

The Steampunked Industrial Goggles sit on the top of your Sims head and come in eight colors. The promo photos show the goggles in brass and gold colors.

Because of the simplistic style of these goggles, you can easily incorporate them into modern casual outfits to add a bit of interesting flair.

But they are also great to use in a more fantasy setting for that one Sim that is the towns blacksmith or local inventor! 

6. Cyber Goggles by Srslysims

Cyber Goggles By Srslysims

For a more cyberpunk or cybergoth look, you can download these simple Cyber Goggles by SrslySims!

This pair of cyber goggles rests on the Sims forehead and features a base color of black lens frames and headband.

The lenses of these goggles come in 30 different colors, including a range of blues, green, pinks, and neutrals. Sims from the ages of Child to Elder, of all genders can wear these goggles as well!

So, before hitting the nearest nightclub or underground house party, get your Sim ready by downloading this goggle CC.

5. Studio K Steampunk Goggles 2

Another great goggle CC from Studio K is this second pair of aviator-style steampunk goggles!

The Studio K Steampunk Goggles 2 rests on your Sims forehead and features round lenses.

The round lenses also have leather ear flaps attached to them and come in five colors to pick from.

The promo photos showcase these amazing goggles in a traditional reddish-brown leather.

This goggle CC also has great dimension, offering true depth to any outfit you pair with them.

These Studio K goggles are more industrial but maintain the silhouette that your Sim just landed their old-fashioned airplane and is ready to do some exploring!

4. Ectoplasmic Specs by Shandir

Ectoplasmic Specs By Shandir

Ready for some goggles that aren’t exactly steampunk but definitely more fantasy inspired?

These Ectoplasmic Specs, made by Tumblr creator, Shandir, are a must for fantasy Sim players!

The Ectoplasmic Specs feature not two but three lenses (Sims with three eyes inclusive!) that are protected by a stunning metal framework.

The photo showcases these goggles in three colors, including green, blue, and orange, each with a different color of metal, including black, brass, and gold.

These goggles would also work well in a sci-fi setting, so your Sim can look cool in any atmosphere.

3. Wicks GogglesWicks Goggles

Another great pair of aviator goggles come from Tumblr creator gogglesimmer!

The Wicks Goggles CC features a pair of aviator goggles that are pulled from the Star Wars DLC.

These goggles were made base game compatible for easy accessibility and come in three swatches. Promo photos showcase these goggles in a silver-grey color with tinted lenses.

These goggles also sit on top of the Sims head, making for a great accessory.

The creator does mention that the goggles won’t look entirely correct with all hairstyles but that the goggles do look good with most hair!

2. Dansimsfantasy Operam Goggles

Dansimsfantasy Operam Goggles

Instead of a simple pair of goggles, what about a pair of goggles with extra detailing?

The Operam Goggles by Dansimsfantasy are a pair of steampunk style goggles with extensive details!

The Operam Goggles features a pair of googles that do go over your Sims face and metal framework.

However, what makes these goggles especially eye-catching are the magnifying glasses attached to one side!

These goggles are for Sims of all genders and are available in 15 colors, including gold, brass, brown, green, blue, and more.

The leather strap of these goggles wraps around the Sims head, secured by a metal buckle.

1. Dansimsfantasy Explorer Glasses

Dansimsfantasy Explorer Glasses

The final pair of goggles are also created by Dansimsfantasy.

The Explorer Glasses are goggles that are strapped to your Sims head with a wide leather back that fits snuggly with the help of buckles on both sides.

The goggles feature two round lenses that have a dark tinted lenses placed in a metal framework.

The Explorer Glasses are available for Sims of all genders and come in 20 colors, including brown, gold, orange, green, purple, and many more.

These goggles are located in the hat section of character creation, so they should work well with most hairstyles.

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