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Top 10 Emotes in Animal Crossing [2024]

Top 10 Emotes in Animal Crossing [2024]

Typing out words can take a lot of time in the game, and sometimes you just want to immediately express how eternally grateful you are that someone saved you from a potential huge turnip disaster!

In Animal Crossing, expressing emotions and thoughts can be quickly done with the game’s huge list of Reactions.

From showing gratitude to showering your friend with sparkles, New Horizons has made emote communication extremely fun!

We’ve compiled what we think are the 10 best Reactions in the game. These reactions are iconic, helpful, goofy, or absolutely adorable.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 emotes in Animal Crossing!

10. Hula

Animal Crossing Hula Reaction

Included in the New Reactions Notebook that was released during the 2.0 update, the Hula Reaction lets you do a little hula dance.

This fits very well with the tropical island theme of the game, which is why we’ve included it in our list.

To get the New Reactions Notebook, make sure your game has the 2.0 update first. You can then redeem it from your Nook Stop inside Resident Services.

You will need 3,300 Nook Miles to get it.

09. Sneezing

Animal Crossing Sneezing Reaction

Because of current world issues, you can probably guess why this emote got a bit popular. Just as it says, it’s a Reaction that shows your character sneezing.

There are also face mask items in the game, like the Doctor’s Mask, Privacy Mask, and Pleated Mask, so those can pair well with this Reaction.

The base emotes in the game, like Sneezing, can be obtained from interacting with your villagers. With Sneezing, you get it from Jock villagers.

The more you interact with Jocks, the more Reactions you can get from them.

08. Mischief

Animal Crossing Mischief Reaction

This is another Reaction that you can learn from your villagers. Mischief is a hilarious emote that shows impish playfulness.

Your character slightly chuckles to the side and has a sharp gleam in their eye. You can almost hear a “hehehe” laughter ring out!

You can learn this Reaction from a Peppy villager.

It’s the last Reaction you can learn from them, which means you need to reach the highest level of friendship with them to get this.

Make sure to talk to them and give them wrapped gifts every day to score more friendship points!

07. Take a Picture

Animal Crossing Selfie Reaction

Thanks to the 1.6.0 update released in November 2020, we can now see our character “take a selfie” in the game.

This Reaction has a lot of funny potentials since you can pose beside your friends, favorite villagers, NPCs, or amusing items and do this emote. Strike a pose, Tom Nook!

This Reaction is part of the Hip Reaction Collection, redeemable through your Nook Stop for 2,700 Nook Miles.

TIP: To quickly gather Nook Miles, make sure you do the daily Miles+ taks with multipliers!

06. Ta-da

Animal Crossing Ta Da Reaction

Wanna show something in the most spectacular way? Present it with sparkles! The Ta-da Reaction makes your character do jazz hands with sparkles while gesturing to something.

This is perfect when you’re non-verbally telling someone they can pick the Nook Miles Tickets you dropped on the ground. Ta-da!

This emote is also from the Hip Reaction Collection.

Make sure your game is fully updated, your Resident Services have been upgraded, and your character has learned to do Reactions.

05. Apologetic

Animal Crossing Apologetic Reaction

Mistakes happen, and the quickest way to say sorry in the game is to do this emote.

With a sad face, you bow and offer a silent apology to a villager you accidentally hit with a net. You were only trying to catch their fleas!

The Apologetic Reaction is the first emote that a Big Sister villager will teach you. Thanks, big sis!

04. Joy

Animal Crossing Joy Reaction

The Joy Reaction gets the fourth spot for being one of the first Reactions you learn and one of the most used ones in the game.

Wanna say thanks to another player for letting you sell turnips at their Nook’s Cranny? Joy! Done with touring someone’s island? Joy!

It’s a lot of people’s go-to emote and will probably remain a classic.

03. Delight

Animal Crossing Delight Reaction

Like Joy, another way to express happiness in the game is through clapping with the Delight Reaction.

Done with talking with another player’s Celeste? Clap with Delight! Villagers singing at the plaza? Give them a round of applause!

Along with Greetings, Joy, Surprise, and Scare, you learn Delight from any villagers on your island.

The more you improve your friendship with your villagers, the more emotes they’ll teach you.

02. Confetti

Animal Crossing Confetti Reaction

Being able to throw confetti is a total game changer when it comes to emotes! You can now celebrate big and tiny achievements with the Confetti Reaction.

This emote is included in the Viva Festivale Reaction Set, which can be bought from your Nook’s Cranny for 23,760 Bells during Festivale season.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only get this during the event’s time, which is from 1st of February to Festivale’s date. Don’t miss out!

01. Sit Down

Animal Crossing Sit Down Reaction

During the 1.6.0 update, Animal Crossing released new features in the game.

The update introduced Turkey Day, Toy Day, increased storage capacity, more hairstyle options, and new Nook Shopping seasonal items.

But the thing that people went immediately crazy for was the ability to finally sit on the ground!

The Sit Down Reaction lets you sit on any ground surface, be it on the grass, inside your home, or outside your Resident Services. A lot of players were delighted that they could finally sit with their favorite villagers.

Picture this: It’s a peaceful afternoon on your island, and near a riverbank is a villager sitting and eating a popsicle while another is reading a book.

You join them – just sitting there and basking it all in. True bliss.

Animal Crossing All Reactions

Did your favorite emotes make it to our list of top 10 emotes in Animal Crossing? Let us know which ones you often use!

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