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Top 50 Best Travel Shows to Binge Before Your Next Trip

Top 50 Best Travel Shows to Binge Before Your Next Trip

For anyone with a traveler’s heart, it’s quite painful waiting for your next trip. However far in the future that may be! 

Don’t worry, you can still see the world in the comfort of your own home. Here are the Top 50 Travel Shows to Inspire Wanderlust to keep you going before your next trip.

Top 50 Best Travel Shows

1. Street Food: Asia

Episodes: 9

Locations: Asia

Explore several famous Asian cities like Bangkok, Osaka, Delhi, Yogyakarta, Chiayi, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, and Cebu to experience the wild side of food, the streets.

As already mentioned in the title, Street Food: Asia will allow you to visit Asia’s famous street foods and, hopefully, give you a taste of what it’s like outside of your usual comfort zone. Don’t eat the bat soup.

2. Dark Tourist

Episodes: 8

Locations: East Asia, Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa

Dark Tourist is a show that will help you get arrested quickly if you’re not trying to travel but cross a border illegally.

Follow David’s trip around the world to explore the world’s most “dark” tourist spots, which most people won’t have on their bucket list.

Of course, you wouldn’t get arrested for simply watching him cross the border of Mexico. Follow Dan as he travels across the United States to Mexico to Colombia, the home of Pablo Escobar.

Visit the No Man’s Land (don’t get shot), the radiation-filled areas of Japan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Europe, Cambodia, and Africa. Please don’t try this at home.

3. Restaurants on the Edge

Episodes: 6

Locations: Europe, North America, Central America, East Asia, Caribbean

Travel across the globe in search of the best diners, rich in cultural history.

Restaurants on the Edge is a travel guide for adventurers itching to discover new places to rest and ease the weariness of their travels.

Eat alongside the best diners across Europe and travel from Malta to Austria. Explore the vast seas and beaches in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

Traverse the North American frontier into the beautiful Canadian countryside.

4. Expedition Happiness

Episodes: 1

Locations: North America, Canada, Mexico

Two lovers went on an exciting field trip on their custom-made school bus across North America.

Watch as they travel North America, from the United States’ countryside, Canada’s nature reserves, Alaskan alps, and ultimately, Mexico’s festive towns and culture spots.

This is probably going to be on any couples’ bucket list once they tried settling with their partners for life, but for any singles out still wanting to experience the life of the road, even if you don’t have anyone to travel with yet, this is the perfect vacation planner.

5. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Episodes: 104

Locations: Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Antarctica

Anthony Bourdain is a renowned American chef and travel journalist.

A lot of his expedition doesn’t just show the food in the areas he’s visiting, he’s also showing how people live their lives according to the cultural traditions and history of the places.

Man, Bourdain’s passport must be crazy, considering he’s visited A LOT… I mean, not just a few countries, but like 84 countries. EIGHTY-FOUR countries. That’s a lot.

This is the ultimate travel diary, and probably one of the best shows to get you acquainted with the road less traveled all across the globe.

6. Ugly Delicious

Episodes: 8

Locations: USA, Japan, China, Mexico

Ah, yes. Another food travel diary. Ugly Delicious is another outstanding travel show that will show you how to get in touch with the best food in several parts of the United States, as well as the Far East, like China and Japan. Oh yeah, don’t forget Mexico, too.

Accompany David Chang as he feasts on the food you probably won’t be getting any time soon, but oh well, you still have something in your fridge, then that’s good to go.

7. An Idiot Abroad

Episodes: 20

Locations: Asia, Europe, United States, Australia, East-Central Africa

Ever heard of an idiot abroad? Well, not that there’s always one abroad, but there is certainly one in this British documentary.

An Idiot Abroad is a comedy documentary featuring Karl Pilkington and his travels to visit the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Watch as he takes a trek around China’s Great Wall, India’s historic and most prestigious tomb, Taj Mahal, Brazil’s monumental Christ the Redeemer statue, Japan’s Mt. Fuji, and many more.

It’s literally the travel show meant for people wanting to explore the wonders of the world. But any place is a wonder, so long as you’re traveling.

8. Departures

Episodes: 42

Locations: Asia, Australia, North America, Latin America, Europe, North, and South-Central Africa

Ever wanted to travel with your friends? Then you’re in quite some luck, as you can watch a group of friends travel together with your friends with the comfort of your couch.

The TV series features North America, particularly Canada, Japan, India, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Russia, Vietnam, North Korea, and many other countries around the world.

Departures is a travel documentary that is meant for people who want to enjoy the journey more than their end destinations.

It’s not something melodramatic, but it will surely leave a mark on your mind, soon as you can travel once more.

9. Our Planet

Episodes: 8

Locations: Earth

When you’re done binge-watching multiple travel shows that makes you want to travel more than ever, why don’t we take a step back and watch nature instead?

Nature is a lovely paradise, both to various kinds of flora and fauna. But it’s also home to man, nevertheless.

Our Planet features the beauty of nature, the sprawling savannah, the frozen biosphere, the luscious jungles brimming with life, the coral seas, and the deep blue world, the freshwaters and the rich forests, the untapped and undisturbed elegance of our wonderful world.

Nature has so much to offer that we often overlook, but then again, this documentary will leave you wanting to protect more of our environment.

10. Somebody Feed Phil

Episodes: 6

Locations: Asia, Europe, North America, Central America

Just like Street Food: Asia, Somebody Feed Phil is another cuisine travelogue for the wanderer’s heart, especially the hungry ones. Travel with Phil from Thailand to Israel, from Portugal to Mexico and back to the land of free, United States.

Somebody Feed Phil will feed not only your desires to travel but also your lists of what to eat next on your trip. Good luck with that!

11. Booze Traveler

Episodes: 60

Locations: Asia, Europe, Pacific Islands, Europe, Africa, North, and South America

We’ve got a full plate, especially with all the travel documentaries and shows about food, how about a mug of booze on your TV? Well, Booze Traveler is simply a show worth watching with the boys.

Booze Traveler features a bunch of liquors around the world and where are the best spots for a good time (or a bad time if you don’t drink responsibly).

Have you tried Japanese rice saké, how about the lambanog from the Philippines? An Icelandic’s mead? Welp, it’s up to you to fill your stomac….err desires for travel. But why not both?

12. The Long Way Round

Episodes: 7

Locations: Europe, East Asia, North America

Good day, young Padawan. Are you ready for a pod racing? Well, let’s get going then. Journey across Europe through Mongolia and Russian regions and mountain ranges.

Take the high ground of traveling with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they take it to the extreme, traveling with their trusty bikes across Europe’s treacherous roads to the plains of the United States.

It’s the perfect series of aspiring bikers. Don’t forget your helmet, though.

13. Planet Earth

Episodes: 11

Locations: Earth

Alight, enough about motorcycles and time to appreciate our nature once more with this fantastically-made documentary series about our home planet, Earth.

Planet Earth features nothing but the beauty of Earth. It’s one of the best documentaries to ever exist and one of the reasons why people don’t forget that they’re still earthlings.

14. Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted

Episodes: 13 and ongoing

Locations: Pacific Islands, some parts of Asia, North America, South Africa, Northern Europe

Where’s the lamb sauce? Well, obviously in New Zealand. Follow the world’s renown Hell’s chef himself, Gordon Ramsey, as he travels around the globe, looking for eccentric and unknown delicacies amongst tourists.

This is the perfect side dish after you’re done watching the idiot sandwiches in the main course of Hell’s Kitchen.

Chef Ramsey is yet again, another human longing for the best ingredients to appease the hungry stomach.

15. Tales by Light

Episodes: 6

Locations: North America, East-Central Africa, Oceania, Antarctica, Himalayas

Do you love photography? Do you love nature? Do you love people? Do you love animals?

Well, you’re in luck. Tales by Light is a series of episodes that will let you experience the fascinating parts of the world to satisfy your lust for adventures and hearty travels.

Explore the beauty of the deep sea ocean of Papua New Guinea, the snowy alps of the Himalayas, the cold rivers of Alaska (now with brown bears!), the vast and luxurious forests of Uganda, the march of the empire of Emperor penguins, and many more, all from what lenses of his camera, now coming straight at your TV (or laptop).

16. Long Way Down

Episodes: 6

Locations: Europe, Africa

This is where the fun begins. Long way Down is a sequel to the previous series, starring the same company of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

As exciting as the previous title, this second one is another trail of motorcycle adventure down south.

This time around, they’ll be traveling through the harsh but rich environment of the African frontier—nothing more exciting than riding your bike across countries and exploring.

17. Gordon’s Great Escape

Episodes: 7

Locations: South and Southeast Asia

Another one of Chef Ramsey’s short escape from the Hellish kitchen of raw cooking and crying. Watch as Chef Ramsey’s misadventures outside his turf turn the tide of plates, as he jumps from the Indian Plate into the Eurasian Plate of culinary centers.

Of course, this is another cooking show with a few bits of adventure. It’s all about making you hungry for both delicacies and the trails of footprints.

18. Globe Trekker

Episodes: 200+

Locations: North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Northern and Southern Poles

Globe Trekker is a one helluva adventure spanning over 200+ episodes and over 40 countries across the six continents, including the snowy caps of the Earth.

This show is the better travel guide for almost every kind of city you will want to visit in the future.

It’s rare to see shows that feature several cultural aspects and the livelihood without the pretense of participation, but rather because the crew wanted to be involved with the population as if they’re part of it.

Well, might as well join in and watch, don’t you think?

19. Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

Episodes: 13

Locations: South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Western United States

Take a break from the seriousness of traveling outside your comfort zones and enjoy a summer (well, not exactly) getaway with the hottest traveler in town, in terms of comedy.

Follow the story of Jack Whitehall, a standup comedian who also likes to travel. Follow the story of Jack and his dad as they travel to Southeast Asia, the home of exquisite cuisines and culturally diverse people and Eastern Europe.

You’ll get to see the beauty of Thailand, Burma, Phuket, Cambodia, and many others too many to mention because it’ll ruin the surprise of wonders.

20. National Parks Adventure

Episodes: 1

Locations: USA

You’re lucky if you’re from the USA and still be able to visit one of these amazing wildlife reserves.

National Parks Adventure is, well, the title says it all. Journey across the wildlife sanctuaries across the United States and take off on one of the wildest adventures of your life and see the greatest parks in the land of the free like Glacier National Park, Redwood National Park, Yosemite, Yellowstone National Park, and many others.

21. The Amazing Race

Episodes: 361

Locations: North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania

The rules are simple, get the goal first. Sounds easy, right? You win $1 million if you get to the finish line first, got it?

The Amazing Race is just one of those shows you couldn’t stop but feel sorry for the losers.

It’s a long walk, and run, and various challenges you have to overcome in order to win a million dollars and a chance to travel without even spending a single buck.

With over 91 countries to visit across the 6 continents and still going, The Amazing Race is just so amazing, it managed to keep its toes for 19 years now and is still counting.

22. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Episodes: 4

Locations: North Africa, North America

After the success of appetite that is Ugly Delicious, comes another side dish from David Chang, featuring Seth Rogen and Chrissy Teigen.

Watch how they enjoy food from the delightful places in Vancouver up to the calm deserts of Morocco. It’s not really recommended to watch this piece unless you’re not feeling hungry yourself.

23. The Moaning of Life

Episodes: 11

Locations: USA, Central America, East Asia, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe

After the comedic success of An Idiot Abroad, it’s time to tie loose ends and knot the best sequel to its wondrous journey across the globe…and once again, travel it for the last time as Karl Pilkington immerse himself into the journey of life of adulthood and responsibilities.

It’s not really something you’ll want to have in an adventure getaway, but sometimes it’s a nice touch.

24. Epic Drives

Episodes: 31

Locations: Europe, Asia, USA, Arctic Region, Central America, Africa

What started as a fun experiment and road trip diary turns into a series of showcasing big cars for the big man in you.

Travel across several countries in Europe, East Asia like Japan, Central America, and Africa, from the busiest streets into the quiet high roads of the countryside.

Epic Drives is a sports car owners’ dream, and what’s better than seeing these incredible machines in stunning scenes.

25. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

Episodes: 142

Locations: Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Oceania

Yet another wild adventure with Anthony Bourdain, it’s crazy how many episodes this lifelong journey is, just to experience Earth’s beauty in one go and yet feel unsatisfied at the end of it.

Until you can travel again, why not enjoy an escape across the 6 continents, from the Americas, up to the deepest parts of Oceania?

26. Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmer

Episodes: 147

Locations: East and Southeast Asia, East and South Africa, Central and Latin America, Oceania, West, and North Europe

Food and traveling go hand-in-hand, like spoon and fork or two chopsticks.

Whether you’re a picky eater or a buffet strangler, this show is definitely one for you as Andrew explores Earth’s most bizarre food stalls and delicacies from the coldest places in Alaska up to the warmest parts of Australia. Nothing beats the cold like the taste of well-done steak.

27. Game of Thrones

Episodes: 73

Locations: Europe, North Africa

Believe it or not, Game of Thrones is an adventurer’s pick for a medieval traipsing.

Whether you’re not satisfied with the BS ending or not, Game of Thrones is definitely something you’ll want to watch when you’re sick and tired of the travel shows you’re trying to watch just to enjoy outside, why not inside…your imagination?

Game of Thrones was actually shot across several countries, wanna figure them out? Well, it’s actually just Europe and North Africa.

A lot of shots and scenes were filmed in Croatia, Northern Ireland, and Spain. It’s quite amusing to see how much budget and effort they put into these shots just to make you feel lost at Westeros.

28. Lost

Episodes: 121

Locations: Pacific Islands

Lost is something you’ll want to watch after your trip.

You really don’t want to be stranded on an island for 6 years and have no contact with the outside world, unless you’re trying to be Bear Grylls for the time being. Experience the beauty of the Pacific Islands without getting lost yourself.

Lost is a popular TV series that had a good reputation of giving nightmares to rookie adventurers, but you know, getting lost in an adventure is normal, right?

29. The Kindness Diaries

Episodes: 13

Locations: North and South America

They say kindness is one of our inherent natures, but I don’t know who said that. The Kindness Diaries takes you to places you’ve never been, through the means you never know will work in the long run.

Watch this fun yet emotional series of what it’s like to travel solely relying on the kindness of strangers.

It’ll change your perspective, from the coldest places of Alaska to the warmer sides of Argentina. Just like a change of heart.

30. Rick Steves’ Europe

Episodes: 129

Locations: Europe

One of the best travel shows at the start of the millennium, Rick Steves’ Europe will allow you to explore the entirety of Europe.

If you’re not acquainted with Europe’s finest, this show will take you to the best parts of the continent. From the beautiful and breathtaking Land’s End in Cornwall, up to the highest peaks of Swiss Jungfrau.

He will also teach you several traveling skills you’ll be needing to travel Europe without any trouble. It’s probably one of the best niche travel shows and also comprehensive.

31. Travel Man

Episodes: 43

Locations: Europe, Middle East, North America, East Asia

Travel Man is basically just a guy enjoying the time of his life… in only 48 hours. Kinda short, if you ask me.

But, oh well, who doesn’t want a 2-day staycation in famous cities in the world whilst trying their cuisines, traditions, and cultural diversity.

Travel Man features several places across Europe, including Barcelona, Iceland, Vienna, Paris. Some parts of Asia, including Moscow, Dubai, St. Petersburg, and Hong Kong. It’s basically the transcontinental journey of the Eurasian Plate.

32. Race Across the World

Episodes: 15

Locations: Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America

Basically, just the British counterpart of The Amazing Race, Race Across the World is probably one of the best shows to watch when you want people to suffer the backpacking life and budget meals.

Not to mention that you have to cut off their internet connection, which limits their options to get their destinations.

It’ll be a nightmare for people who rely on GPS too much, but a good traveler has a good sense of direction right?

That’s what you need to get ahead in this race and a whole lot of patience. Oh yeah, the TV show featured several countries in Europe and Asia, like Azerbaijan, China, Greece, Mexico City, and many others.

33. Downton Abbey

Episodes: 6

Locations: Great Britain

Ever wonder what’s it like to live like an aristocrat in the middle of the Spanish flu? Well, Downton Abbey is right up your alley.

Downton Abbey will make you feel like you’re in the upper class as you watch aristocrats act like one.

The show will take you on a trip to England and the cultural differences over time will get you acquainted with the royalty of old. Another bonus is the historical events that took place during the course of the series.

34. Extreme Engagement

Episodes: 8

Locations: East Asia, Southeast Asia, West Africa

Two Australians will travel the world in search of nothing but Engagement to these extreme engagements themselves.

From Indonesia to China, and from Mongolia to Nigeria, It’s a good view of what it’s like to marry in the parts of the world you don’t even hear or know from time to time.

35. The Americas With Simon Reeve

Episodes: 1

Locations: North and South America

Simon Reeve is a fantastic travel journalist and documentarist. With a great eye for detail, most of his travels are all about learning what the most beautiful spots are.

A few of his documentaries before including trips to India, Australia, Ireland, the Caribbean, Greece, Turkey, and many others.

It’s worth the watch, especially if your focus is all about the trips and not the destinations, it’s a plus.

36. Places That Don’t Exist

Episodes: 5

Locations: Northeastern Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia

When you’re done watching Simon Reeve’s documentaries, it’s time to jump back 15 years earlier at the start of his career.

Visit several places on Earth that even I was surprised to exist, even though I’m fairly good with geography.

I guess I wasn’t paying attention, but you’ll pay more attention to these lesser-known countries and states that clearly don’t ring any bell to anyone.

The miniseries features Somaliland, Trans-Dniester, Taiwan, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Nagomo-Karabakh.

Most of these states are categorized as breakaway states or currently not registered on the UN’s official list.

37. Rivers

Episodes: 5

Locations: South America, Asia, Africa

Rivers is a 5-episode mini-series of the documentary series, Holidays in the Danger Zone, which features the world’s dangerous rivers.

Rivers are said to the first bodies of water that helped grow the start of a number of great civilizations.

Will it also be the reason for the end of it? We don’t know for sure, but amongst these small bodies of water lies huge predators that don’t just swim underwater, sometimes, you meet them.

Rivers feature 5 different rivers that are locked between either the underwater predators or political strife, including the Amazon river, Ganges river, Euphrates, Jordan, and Congo.

38. Meet the Stans

Episodes: 4

Locations: Central Asia

“Another one.”, said, DJ Khaled. Meet the Stans is the perfect acquaintance to Kazakhstan’s quadruplets, Kyrgyzstan (not gonna lie, it took me a few tries to spell it right) Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

There isn’t much of an adventure here worth noting aside from the fact that Simon Reeve’s another world tour takes him to a previous weapons and munitions laboratory owned by the former Soviet Union, as well as the Silk Road, the legendary trade route of the ancient times.

39. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Episodes: 4

Locations: Europe, East Asia, Central America, North America

And another food TV show, it just goes so well with travel. I mean, what’s a good trip without good food to enjoy?

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat will bring you the kitchen’s essential while bringing the garage’s dust straight into your bucket list as Chef Samin Nosrat travels from Italy to Japan and Mexico to California in a quest to quell both desire to travel and to eat.

40. Night on Earth

Episodes: 6

Locations: Africa, North America, South America, Oceans

Night on Earth is probably one of those serene shows you’ll watch ‘til you fall asleep yourself in the early hours.

Night on Earth showcases a lot of animals in their most comfortable positions to sleep peacefully, knowing that tomorrow, it’s another fight to survive, featuring rich forestry, glaciers, rivers, and savannahs.

41. Lost Cities With Albert Lin

Episodes: 6

Locations: Central America, Northern Europe, Middle East, South America, Pacific Islands

Lost Cities is all about treasure hunting, but the treasure itself is the ancient ruins of great cities or lost ones, of course, we’re about lost cities here.

Accompany Albert Lin uncovers the mysteries of these lost cities, the history, and the reasons they’re still in their state.

A few examples are the Knights Templar fortresses, Colombia’s well-hidden secrets, and a few other ones that I won’t be mentioning since it’ll spoil you more than the spoils of what you’ll get from this show.

42. Passport to Europe

Episodes: 19

Locations: Europe

Passport to Europe is your passport to your bucket list if you’re planning to travel within Europe. Featuring cities like Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Crete, Dublin, Florence, Lisbon, Milan, Stockholm, Vienna, and many others.

43. Great Weekends

Episodes: 45+

Locations: North America, Europe

Loved the previous list? Well, then. When it comes to traveling, on weekends, we need a break, too, you know?

Well, you’re in the most fortunate luck as Samantha Brown has got you covered again with another set of episodes to ease the weary feet and exhausted body from binge-watching these documentaries in this list.

You’ll start from Texas, and you’ll end up in Massachusetts. Great Weekends is all about resting your minds and enjoying the Sun and everything under it.

And if you think it’s not an around the world trip, you’re quite right since it covers a few spots outside the USA, but it’s akight, it’s not like you need to travel yet, yes?

44. The Layover With Anthony Bourdain

Episodes: 20

Locations: North and South America, Europe, East Asia

Be careful when looking up “The Layover” on Google, I got the search results for the worst travel movie ever.

Anyway, The Layover is a well-kept secret by Anthony Bourdain of how he uses his time to enjoy long trips.

It’s like a deeper look in the formula of travel and enjoyment where you can get the best out of the two. Watch his travels from Singapore, Rome, San Francisco, São Paulo, Taipei, and many more.

45. Conan Without Borders

Episodes: 6

Locations: Central America, East Asia, Middle East, Europe

Conan has always been a fun guy to watch with, but Conan Without Borders explores more of his everyday life away from the camera and the stage lights.

From a different perspective, Conan is just some guy trying to enjoy life without worries, just like everyone else.

It’s pretty evident in one of his previous visits to South Korea, where he’s becoming a Kpop star of some sort. Or when he gets his butt kicked by Gal Gadot herself.

Conan ain’t afraid to be the center of clownery so long as people will enjoy it the same way he does.

46. Expedition Unknown

Episodes: 100

Locations: Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa

Now, this is the kind of traveling you’ll want, especially if you’re up for some bounty hunting.

Expedition Unknown is a long-running series about uncovering the mysterious places on the Earth and unearth the secrets buried within them. It’s a prize full of treasure chests and treasured chests.

From the Temple of Doom in Cambodia to the lost Yamashita treasure. From the real Robin Hood up to the crazy tales of Sir Arthur and his quest for the Holy Grail in England.

47. The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

Episodes: 11

Locations: Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Arctic, East Asia

British stand-up comedian Romesh Ranganathan travels the world in search of the truth between the stereotypes and what it’s really like.

Follow his travels from Haiti up to the Arctic. And from the Arctic into the Sahara. Quite a change in the atmosphere there.

This is one of these shows that you’ll watch non stop just to get the gist of what’s really happening or the context between each scene, just to see a glimpse of a stereotype and what’s not. It’s a great cross of comedy and reality.

48. Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

Episodes: 3

Locations: Europe

Follow Paul Hollywood as he traverses Europe’s busy roads and journey along the transcontinental roads with his slickest ride through Italy up to France.

There’s not much to say about this, but if you can afford a luxury car, it’ll be pretty neat.

49. 72 Dangerous Places To Live

Episodes: 6

Locations: North America, East Asia, Antarctica, Southeast Asia

72 Dangerous Places to Live features all the 72 deadly places to stay in during your vacation.

It will allow you to see what happens when a man goes against nature, and nature retaliates with all her might.

It’s also an eye-opener, especially for people who have phobias and problems with natural calamities. I am still afraid of going to Japan, even though the inviting scenery there is top-notch.

Anyway, the show will feature China and its state of fog, the treacherous mountain ranges of Nepal, the worst river in Indonesia, as well as few fault lines here in both Japan and Ethiopia.

50. Magical Andes

Episodes: 6

Locations: South America

Magical Andes is the showcase of the love for the mountain range that is both fantasy and dangerous, the balance of nature that resides within it.

It’s a bit harder to explain, but Magical Andes is something that easily causes fear and doubt amongst the people who believe in it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading this guide. As a traveler, you know it’s really up to you where you want to go and head.

And as a traveler and explorer, the wind is your compass, and the star is your guide. Travel as you see fit and enjoy as you do so. Safe travels, friend.

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