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Top 28 Best Anime Princesses [2024]

Top 28 Best Anime Princesses [2024]

There are usually two main classifications when it comes to girls in anime: those who can bring men to their knees with their wits, skills, and fighting prowess, and those who can make men drop like flies because of their drop-dead gorgeousness.

Now, what makes princesses special is that they’re the best of both worlds.

Here are the best princesses in anime, who are every bit as gorgeous as they are fierce and are considered irreplaceable gems in the kingdom they belong in (or run away from).

Best Anime Princesses

28. Melty Q Melromarc, the Rising of the Shield Hero

Melty Q Melromarc, The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Melty is the Crown Princess of Melromarc (later the Queen after her mother passes) who is seen as mature, polite, and morally sound.

She is quite kind to others and isn’t known to use her noble status for ill will. However, she is only 10 in the anime, so she is still quite young with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders.

Melty is a beloved character because of her personality, especially since she is so different from her older sister, Malty.

27. Sonia Nevermind, Danganronpa 3

Sonia Nevermind, Danganronpa 3

As the princess of Novoselic, Sonia Nevermind was granted the status of Ultimate Princess in Hope’s Peak Academy’s 77th class.

She is known to be quite cheerful and polite, even outgoing and passionate at times of great interest. However, she tends to throw her classmates off due to her interest in serial killers and the occult.

Sonia is known to have “princess-like” mannerisms but is protective and kind toward her friends and can be assertive at times.

Some characters even say that her presence is so demanding at times that they feel the need to bow and kneel at the sight of Sonia.

26. Anthyhimemiya, Revolutionary Girl Utena

Anthyhimemiya, Revolutionary Girl Utena

Anthy is a princess, referred to as a Rose Bride, in this classic 90s anime that shattered gender roles at the time.

In the beginning, Anthy isn’t any more than a ghost, really, because of how docile and expressionless she is.

As the series continues, we see Anthy slowly unveil her dark inner thoughts as a result of the abuse she’s endured.

However, her true nature opens up when she is playing piano or caring for animals, as she is a loyal and soft-spoken person.

25. Yona, Akatsuki No Yona

Yona, Akatsuki No Yona

At the start, the wide-eyed, red-headed Princess Yona is nothing but your typical rich girl who can’t be bothered to educate herself about the ways of the world.

She’s ignorant about politics and suffering, as the only life she’s ever known in her life of utter comfort and luxury inside the kingdom.

As her luck would have it, though, she was forced to flee her perfect life upon finding that her life was in danger. Her life-changing excursion to the real world was all she needed to gain a fresh perspective on how the other half lives.

24. Euphemia LI Britannia, Code Geass

Euphemia Li Britannia, Code Geass

Euphemia li Britannia is perhaps the best empress that Britannia ever had. Unfortunately, she met her end with her brother Lelouch Lamperouge after she was forced to kill all the Japanese under her care.

Zero used this to incite the Black Rebellion, which ultimately helped the cause but at the expense of this loving princess.

Seriously, he should never be forgiven for what he did to Euphemia.

23. Millhiore Biscotti, Dog Days

Millhiore Biscotti, Dog Days

Out of all the princesses on this list, Millhiore is the one most beloved by her people. Despite the fact that she’s only 13 years old, she’s probably the busiest royalty in all the land.

When she’s not tending to her people, she holds concerts and shows off her skills on-stage skills.

She also likes interacting with her constituents on a deep, personal level, so she always knows what’s up and never misses when her help is needed.

One time, she summoned a human hero to bail her people out of trouble — and let’s just say it was love at first sight for our young heroine.

22. Charles, Fairy Tail

Charles, Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is home to many powerful and awesome characters, and Charles, the Princess of the Exceeds, is definitely part of this list.

Yeah, I know, she’s a winged cat with plenty of attitude, but she’s also powerful in her own right!

After all, she inherited her mother, Queen Shagotte’s power, to see the future, which made her pretty cynical about her relationship with Wendy, one of the Dragon Slayers.

21. Tutu, Princess Tutu

Tutu, Princess Tutu

Be forewarned if you don’t already know — this anime is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Sure, Tutu is an actual princess ballerina, but also, she used to be a duck.

The ghost of a dead writer simply presented her with a pendant that allowed her to have a human form.

As a princess ballerina, she only had one goal in mind: to see her charming prince smile.

Honestly, Princess Tutu is not an anime you’d watch if you’re looking for an amazing and rational storyline, but the princess in the story possesses the magical ability to make you smile and laugh out loud even on a bad day, and for that, it deserves a spot on this list.

20. Latifa Fleuranza, Amagi Brilliant Park

Latifa Fleuranza, Amagi Brilliant Park

Latifa is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful anime characters ever drawn. One look at her, and you’d know she’s a fairy princess.

However, if you actually take the time to watch Amagi Brilliant Park, you will quickly realize that Latifa is more than just a pretty face.

Aside from being the heiress to her kingdom, Latifa is the passionate general manager of her own amusement park.

She’s the business-minded exemplar every girl needs to realize that it’s quite possible to be beautiful and a boss lady at the same time.

19. Pina Co Lada, Gate

Pina Co Lada, Gate

Pina Co Lada (yes, she’s named after a pretty awesome beverage) is a spunky daughter of Emperor Molt Sol Augustus and, well, his concubine named Countess Nell.

This makes her a princess and the existing leader of the Rose Order Knights.

At first, Pina Co Lada can be pretty intimidating with her always serious nature. But after spending some time with Itami and learning all about the crazy world of otaku, she toned down a little bit.

While she can hold herself up during a fight, the best qualities of this red-haired princess are the fact that she can decide when to give up and advocate for peace instead of going headfirst into war.

18. Pacifica, Scrapped Princess

Pacifica, Scrapped Princess

Princess Pacifica Casull looks like just an ordinary princess at first. She’s spoiled, she’s so much like a brat, and intolerable in every way imaginable.

However, this will puzzle you once you learn that she didn’t even grow up in royalty at all, despite being an actual princess.

She’s also not always an airhead. She actually cares a lot about her siblings despite fighting with them all the time and can even opt to stand up for them even if she has zero combat skills to back her up.

17. Lum, Urusei Yatsura

Lum, Urusei Yatsura

This one definitely fits the bill as an oldie but goodie. Lum or Lum Invader is the daughter of the Oni or Devil King that invaded planet earth, hence the name.

She’s quite beautiful and sexy, too. But underestimate her, and your toast!

This monster princess does not really look the part except for her horns and fangs, but she’s quite the fighter! Lum also has special abilities like controlling electricity and being able to fly, so she’s not just a pretty face.

16. Shirahoshi, One Piece

Shirahoshi, One Piece

Known to everyone as the legendary Mermaid Princess, Shirahoshi is irony personified.

She’s a gigantic mermaid who’s about 8 times as big as the average human but is not really someone you’d fear if you ever crossed paths with her.

She’s very fragile and cries a lot, especially when frightened. She was pampered beyond belief by her family, so she is easily startled, such as when Luffy screamed at her — something that has never happened to her before, apparently.

In any case, Shirahoshi proved to be a great ally for the Straw hats, especially after it was revealed that she’s the actual, present-day reincarnation of Poseidon. Trippy, right?

15. Nunnally, Code Geass

Nunnally, Code Geass

Many people make the mistake of thinking the princess Nunnally is weak and dispensable, precisely because she’s blind and confined to a wheelchair.

However, she effectively proved that being kind, patient, and understanding are strengths that must never be downplayed.

Her double handicap never got in the way of her being optimistic and empathetic to everyone around her, especially her troubled brother, Lelouch.

Her character development was superb, too, since it was revealed in the end that she could also make hard decisions that are borderline ruthless.

14. Princess Emeraude, Magic Knight Rayearth

For Princess Emaraude, the struggle is simple but very real.

She’s practically the glue that holds the entire kingdom of Cephiro together, which was unfortunate because her own heart is telling her to skip the royal line of succession to follow her heart — and this boy she really liked.

If you’re up for some traditional royal drama, Emaraude is the princess for ya.

13. Stephanie Dola, No Game No Life

Stephanie “Steph” Dola makes this list for being someone who has pure intentions and wants to make the world, at least her Kingdom Elkia, a better place.

Steph also truly loves her grandfather, the former King, and will do anything to protect his legacy despite her constituents, often calling him a fool.

She’s also very friendly but emotional, which makes her an honest person, who, unfortunately (kidding), had to fall in love with Sora.

12. Asseylum Vers Allusia,

Asseylum Vers Allusia,

Asseylum can be pegged like most of the princesses here who advocate for peace.

However, all her efforts were wasted just because of a failed attack on her life after traveling all the way from the empire on Mars to Earth to hopefully end the growing tensions between the two nations.

Despite that failure, I think the fact that she was willing to risk her life for what she believes in is an admirable trait, which gives her a deserving spot on this list.

11. Liliane, Princess Resurrection

The best thing about Liliane is that she has zero interest in fighting her siblings for the throne, despite her very real claim to be the next queen of monsters. She doesn’t care about titles.

All she wants to do is square off with other monsters while using chainsaws, defibrillators, and other scary paraphernalia.

10. Sakura, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Yes, she looks pretty much like Sakura Kinomoto from the famed Cardcaptor Sakura series and blames that on CLAMP, but they are not the same people.

While this Sakura being a princess looks and sounds like an upgrade from previously being a card captor, it’s far from it.

In fact, Sakura and Syaoran’s story this time around is a tragedy, with Syaoran having to travel miles and miles away just to save his childhood friend from being forgotten.

9. Hakuei Ren, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Hakuei Ren, Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic

Princess Hakuei Ren is the show stealer side character from the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic series. First and foremost, she’s obviously gorgeous.

Plus, she’s a great fighter (although her people are convinced she’s not because of her peaceful nature).

Luckily, our magi princess doesn’t easily get swayed by criticisms because she continues on her path as an army commander of their empire.

Aside from this, she’s also amazing with the needle and thread. Just for the love of God, don’t make her cook!

8. Lucia Nanami, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

As the North Pacific Ocean princess, Lucia is tasked with reuniting the mermaid princesses of the seven seas to protect their home and ancestry.

She has to do all these while seeking the love of her life — a human she saved from drowning all those years ago.

Her determination to be worth her title, along with her impeccable singing chops, will surely make you fall in love.

7. Relena Peacecraft, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Relena Peacecraft, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

This list will definitely not be complete without the addition of the classic princess general, Relena Peacecraft, from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

While she grew up adopted by Earth’s Alliance Minister, it is later revealed that she’s actually the one and only female heir of the Sanc Kingdom.

After learning the truth of her birth, Relena sets out to continue fighting for justice and peace through non-violence.

6. Nausicaa, Kaze No Tani No Nausicaa

Nausicaa, Kaze No Tani No Nausicaa

Suppose you’ve watched this particular Ghibli movie. In that case, you might think that the few hours about Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is not really enough to fully enjoy the amazing character of Nausicaa.

She’s a skilled swordsman. She’s pretty smart. Plus, she’s talented in other areas, too!

As one of Miyazaki’s first films, many believe that Nausicaa set the bar high for other female leads in Ghibli and perhaps in other studios, too!

5. Cornelia LI Britannia, Code Geass

Cornelia Li Britannia, Code Geass

Cornelia is the older sister of Princess Euphemia, who appeared much earlier on this list. Compared to Euphie, Cornelia is much more ruthless as a fighter.

Nevertheless, she’s no doubt the best sibling Euphie could ever ask for. She is known to put herself in danger’s way if it meant protecting her people and Euphemia, most importantly.

4. Mei Chang, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Mei Chang, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This feisty young princess and her loyal panda friend, Xiao-Mei, might just be the most important duo in all of FMA:B.

It’s difficult not to be impressed by the fact that Mei is carrying the entire Chang legacy on her minuscule shoulders.

Her only dream is to find the secret to immortality and give it to her father in order to preserve their bloodline.

You will be in awe at how brave thing a tiny girl is — you’d soon find that she’s one of the most compelling, badass princesses you will ever encounter.

3. Nefertari Vivi, One Piece

Nefertari Vivi, One Piece

Vivi Nefertari is the sole princess to have found her way to join Luffy’s crew. She wants nothing more but to be useful to the Strawhats and the villages they claimed under their protection.

Vivi is impossible to hate even though she’s sometimes too naive for her own good and is quite lacking when it comes to warning people when trouble is afoot.

Nevertheless, Nefertari Vivi is definitely one of the best-written anime characters of all time.

2. Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon, aka Usagi Tsukino, of course cannot be gone from this list because she’s practically in every top anime princesses list ever conceived since the anime started. Why?

Well, Usagi is simply a popular choice thanks to her long blonde hair, cute smile, and oh, did I mention her badass powers as the actual Sailor Moon? Yes, that meant being able to use the powers of the moon to fight evil!

She actually reminds me of another character, and maybe this character was based on her. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. The cry baby and bubbly member of the Power Puff Girls.

1. San, Princess Mononoke

San, Princess Mononoke

The other Ghibli princess is on the top of this list of best anime princesses, and let me tell you why.

San is the undoubted Princess of Nature, at least for the east (the West has Pocahontas, as you all are aware).

Plus, the story itself is pretty amazing and is a classic that every kid and adult should watch at least once in their life, especially now that our world is plagued with unstoppable technological advancements which ultimately makes us forget about caring for our environment.

There you have it — 25 princesses who are worth the curtsy because of how badass they are.

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