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Top 30 Best Ice Type Pokemon [2024]

Top 30 Best Ice Type Pokemon [2024]

A lot of people tend to gravitate towards Ice Type Pokemon as their favorite, whether it be because they think that their attacks are the strongest, especially against Grass and Ground types, or even because, let’s be honest- their designs are as cool as, well, ice!

But, Ice Types are pretty rare, so it may be difficult to know which ones are the best out there when you finally get your hands on one, which is exactly why today we’ll be talking about the 30 Best ice Type Pokemon, and taking a look at their base stats, special attacks, and even trivia about the Pokemon!

Best Ice Pokemon

30. Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix

A lot of us think of Volpix being a Fire Type, but it’s hard to forget how elegant this Pokemon looks when they’re an Ice Type! Arguably, the ice version is much better than the fire by default, simply because of the fact that when it evolves, they’re not just ice anymore, but they grow up into an Ice-Fairy Type!

29. Sandslash


This guy gets a place on our list because he’s not just exclusively an Ice Type, but he can be found in the game as a Ground Type as well, and we love a Pokemon who comes with a bit of variation!

Being an evolution from the Sandshrew makes this Pokemon one that’s easily recognizable, even by those who aren’t really players of the game. However, as iconic as Sandslash maybe for being an evolved Pokemon, he doesn’t always pack the punch that we hope for.

28. Jynx


Jynx had to make itself way somewhere on to this list, and this seems like a pretty good spot to talk about how unique this Pokemon is. And it’s pretty clear how- there aren’t any other Pokemon that look as human-like as Jynx, making this Ice-Psychic type one that’s truly unforgettable, not to mention this Pokemon can only be found as a female.

In terms of stats for Jynx, though, they might make players rethink letting her stick around on the team. As cool as she may look, her attacks, even the special ones, fall short in comparison to a lot of other Ice Types, and her HP isn’t all that great either. But you gotta catch em all, right?

27. Dewgong


Everyone who’s played Pokemon has probably fantasized about how awesome it would be to have a Pokemon as a pet. Personally, Dewgong is exactly what I think of when I think “pet material”- come on, look at that sweet little face!

We don’t usually expect great things from a team member who carries the responsibility of being the cute one, but especially for someone who doesn’t have that many options to choose from, Dewgong isn’t half bad! Perhaps a little average, but hey, he’s trying his best.

26. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime

Another Ice Type that looks almost human, we have Mr. Mime. Galarian Form allows this guy to evolve up into Mr. Rime, and even though he looks more like an egg with blue clown hair than someone that’s supposed to resemble a human, we’ll let it slide.

This Pokemon is a little bit tricky. When they use their hidden special ability, technician, they’re sure to blow the minds of anyone that gets the chance to watch as weaker moves suddenly become much more effective. However, Mr. Mime’s HP isn’t something to get excited about, so make sure you take that into account when you’re choosing who’s going into battle.

25. Castform


Castform is about as average as a Pokemon can get in terms of it’s HP and the attacks that it can deliver. Not to mention, this Pokemon doesn’t evolve, which may make it seem like it’s nothing to get too excited about. However, there’s a special quality about the character’s design that makes them stand out from the rest.

Castform comes in an Ice form because this Pokemon can change all depending on the weather! This may seem like a pretty big exception to make in terms of categorizing it with the rest, but being able to change form in battle is something that deserves a little bit of the spotlight.

24. Cloyster


A Pokemon with a clever play on words for a name, Cloyster’s main attraction is his shell. He’s the result of a Shellder that’s been evolved and can be a great addition to anyone’s team solely for the fact that this guy’s defense is pretty wild.

Cloyster not only features a shell that’s great for protection but has additional spikes on its shell that can be used to stab anyone attacking, which is saying something considering that a bomb can’t even break the shell. If you run into a Shellder, remember all of the possibilities that little guy has!

23. Articuno


Articuno is the type of character that comes to mind when I think about a phoenix made of ice. Well, technically, in mythology, they can be, but we’re not here to discuss that right now. Instead, we’re here to talk about the things that make this Pokemon stand out, like how they’re the only ones who feature Snow Cloak as their hidden ability, which is particularly useful when in a hail storm.

The most significant thing that Articuno is known for in the game would have to be its ability to create blizzards, besides carrying around the legend that it appears to people who are doomed to become lost in the mountains.

22. Rotom

Frost Rotom

I think one of the best parts about this Pokemon is how much it changes. Similar to Castform, you can expect to see Rotom change up its look from time to time, but instead of being a result of the weather, there’s a specific catalog you can obtain to manipulate the expression of this Pokemon!

Rotom is another example of a Pokemon that might not prove to be the toughest of the bunch but makes up for it in character design. From ovens to washing machines, it’s element can be switched up depending on whatever household appliance is being used- and of course, using the refrigerator, it can switch things up by becoming Frost Rotom.

21. Glaceon


It’s an amazing feeling when you finally stumble upon a Pokemon that’s not only adorable by nature but can hold it’s weight up against the opposition. Glaceon is a great example of exactly that, being one of the many evolutions from Eevee, which already has a tendency to make itself a personal favorite for a lot of fans.

Glaceon steps up to the plate by using Frost Breath and Avalanche and can be particularly effective against Pokemon types like Grass and Ground, similar to most other Ice Types. Fun fact about this Pokemon: it’s been said that they’re particularly welcomed at ski resorts because of the type of snow it produces!

20. Froslass


One of two evolution options for Snorunt, we have Froslass. This Pokemon is another on the list that is only available as a female, which may explain the name a little bit. Unlike the other evolution option, Froslass is also not only Ice Type, but ghost as well, so there’s even more opportunity in terms of what she can bring to the table. However, unlike a lot of other Ghost Types that are out there, one of this Pokemon’s weaknesses is other Ghost Types.

Now that we’ve gotten a weakness out of the way, what are some of Froslass’s strengths? For starters, this Pokemon is pretty quick on their feet, seeing as though their speed is much higher than a lot of their other stats. In addition to that, her special ability is Cursed Body, which can disable a move made on the Pokemon. It’s also been known that, in case you were wondering, the Froslass’s favorite food is frozen souls!

19. Glalie


Glalie is the other option for what Snorunt can evolve into and matches up with its fellow sibling. As mentioned before, this one’s only an Ice Type, but that certainly doesn’t make it any less special. One of this Pokemon’s defining features is that its body won’t melt even against fire- but that certainly doesn’t mean that element isn’t a weakness to Glalie, either.

We’d like to treat the evolutions as equals, but there’s something about Glalie that sets them aside from Froslass- Mega Glaile. This Mega Evolution is a complete game-changer. Everything from its stats to the abilities it can use makes it a lot more powerful than what you would be able to find in other Pokemon, with highlights being for regular attacks and special attacks.

18. Vanilluxe


This Snowstorm Pokemon almost looks like an ice cream cone- and we’re here for it. Shallow judgments on appearance aside, this Vanilluxe certainly doesn’t disappoint. Special attacks seem to be what they’re good at, and second best would have to be their special defense and regular attacks, making this a pretty well rounded Pokemon.

Even though you can catch Vanilluxe smiling most of the time, you may be surprised to know that triggers their blizzards is their anger. Just like when most people go into a blind rage, this guy unleashes his snow and will probably end up freezing everyone around them in the process- whether they like them or not.

17. Beartic


It seems pretty fitting to have an Ice Type Pokemon be resemblant to a polar bear. After all, who would be a better freezing fighter than an animal from the arctic that we all know and love? After spending most of its life as a cuddly Cubchoo, Beartic is ready to fight, and that’s pretty apparent through its attack stats being the highest out of when they start out with.

While being a good fighter is definitely something you want to look out for, they’re not perfect like most Pokemon. Even though they’re pretty good at normal attacks, these Pokemon tend to be pretty slow movers.

16. Eiscue (Ice Face)

Eiscue (ice Face)

This little guy is great where it counts. He’s got some good defense stats, both for normal and special, and its signature ability is in the name- Ice Face! This ability is unique to the Eiscue, this allows them to be attacked without taking any damage, which can prove to be incredibly useful. Attacks may not be their specialty, but since their ice is sure to come back once they get a little bit of hail- it seems like a fair exchange.

Also, this guy gets bonus points for being a penguin, no questions asked.

15. Eiscue (Noice Face)

Eiscue (noice Face)

It might be hard to tell the difference between these two, at first, they both look like a penguin with ice as a head that can use Ice Face. And the Eiscue doesn’t have any evolutions, so what could possibly make one stand out from the other? The answer is all in the stats.

Whereas Ice Face comes with some standard-looking stats for just about everything other than defense, Noice Face stands out by being incredibly fast. Of course, this comes with the sacrifice of all that lovely defense we were raving about before. When you see what this bird is made of, it’s worth it!

Again, this guy also gets bonus points for being a penguin, no questions asked.

14. Frosmoth


Frosmoth, like many other Pokemon, has a big personality and things that set them off when they’re in the wild. In fact, they’re most recognized for being very protective of fields and mountains and have been known to create a blizzard to drive away anyone who dares to disrespect these areas.

In terms of how helpful the Frosmoth may be to you after recruitment, this Ice-Bug has a special ability called Ice Scales, which can reduce the damage that would have been inflicted on them from other Pokemon’s special moves. This ability is unique to both the Snom and Frosmoth, making it truly one of a kind!

13. Crabominable


This wooly crab Pokemon has a past with anger issues and uses that to its advantage. They’ve been known to have great attack stats, and most of that can be attributed to the fact that they use their punches to fight their way to the top. Not to mention, Crabominable’s special attack is called Anger Point, which seems to be rather fitting for this character.

12. Walrein


Walrein is another one of the tusked-Pokemon that we’ve encountered in this group of Ice Types, which is a defining feature for this character. As with many of the other Pokemon with tusks, they’re oftentimes used in battle because they allow Walrein to break through other ice types.

However, unlike many other Pokemon that have been discussed so far, Walrein’s best stat turns out to be, in fact, their HP. Similarly, there are a lot of other stats. This Pokemon possesses that prove to make it pretty impressive, like special attack and special defense. Who knew a walrus could be such a great contender?

11. Arctovish


The Arctovish is an interesting Pokemon for a number of reasons. First, a lot of its base stats are equal to each other- HP, attack, defense, and special attack are all pretty high up there, so it makes for a reliable Pokemon to have by your side. Second, it’s one out of 4 Pokemon that have the hidden ability of Slush Rush, making it especially effective while experiencing hail.

And third, the Arctovish, like many other Pokemon in the wild, enjoy reaping the benefits of catching prey but rarely get to do so because having their mouth on their head, makes eating difficult!

10. Arctozolt


Arctozolt and Arctovish, I like to think of as being cousins. They’re both fossil Pokemon, they both don’t have any evolutions, and this Pokemon is one of the other out of 4 that have Slush Rush as their special ability.

But these guys are more like cousins, not twins, so they’re not completely identical! The first difference between the two is that Arctozolt is an Electric-Ice type, versus being Ice-Water, so you can expect to see a lot of variation in terms of their abilities in battle. Additionally, their speed stats are a bit more impressive compared to Arctovish.

9. Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales

We started off this list with Alolan Volpix, and it seems fitting to check on how well age treats these Pokemon as they evolve. One of the biggest advantages they have in comparison to many Ice-Types is that their speed is a lot higher than others, especially since a common theme amongst Ice Pokemon, generally speaking, is that they tend to be rather slow.

While this is a great quality to have, it’s not all that different from when they were still a Volpix. The only way in which this changes at all is that over time, the amount of power behind their stats increases, as is usually expected.

But, as Ninetails comes to be, they develop a story behind themselves, specifically about their tails. A story unfolds about possessing supernatural powers through their tails, and humans are warned that grabbing one of them may cause a 1,000-year curse!

8. Mamoswine


When you first come across something like a Swinub, it might be hard to see any potential in this small, brown blob of fur. Thankfully, he grows up to be a great, mammoth-like creature complete with ice tusks that grow as the weather gets colder.

Mamoswines have taken their time to grow up to their full potential, but it’s worth the wait. With moves like Powder Snow that can be used alongside Avalance for an attack, they seem to be equipped with everything someone could want in terms of being able to effectively eliminate the enemy.

7. Glastrier


Glastrier is a mythical, wild horse Pokemon that combines both the power of ice and the general nature of being a horse while it’s in action. It’s best base stat is its normal attacks, some of the most effective being Avalanche and High Horsepower.

What sets this Pokemon apart from the rest is that it’s the only one that has Chilling Neigh. This ability allows the Pokemon to boost their attacks after knocking out another Pokemon.

6. Darmanitan- Galarian Standard Mode

Darmanitan Galarian Standard Mode

In their Galarian Standard Mode form, Darmanitan is another Pokemon that brings high attack base stats to the table. Some of the best moves that they can use are both Avalanche and Ice Fang, which are sure to aid the rest of the team.

However, this Pokemon’s biggest weakness is that he’s not all that tough, and one hit can be detrimental. Whether you’re up against this Pokemon or using them by your side, remember to keep that in mind!

5. Darmanitan- Galarian Zen Mode

Darmanitan Galarian Zen Mode

Similar to Galarian Standard Mode, this form of Darmanitan isn’t made to be the one taking the punches when they’re in a fight. But, this guy’s different because his attacks and speed are much more impressive than what we had seen before.

This form comes with both the powers of ice and fire. In fact, whenever they get mad, they seem to be like a volcano- spitting out fire left and right. And, just like other variations of Daramanitan, they have a special ability of Zen Mode, which is what allows these Pokemon to jump around from different types in the first place, making it a very handy tool to have.

4. Mega Abomasnow

Mega Abomasnow

Both forms of Abomasnow happen to be Ice-Types, but Mega gets its own spotlight for a couple of reasons. While they may share similar abilities such as Snow Warning, Mega Abomasnow has much better stats, especially attack and special attack, deserving a little extra praise.

3. Avalugg


Avalugg deserves a spot on the list solely because his base defense stats are ridiculously high. It makes a lot of people wonder if he truly could survive anything, and being an iceberg Pokemon, maybe he would have survived the Titanic, too!

2. Calyrex- Ice Rider

Calyrex Ice Rider

Calryex in their Ice Rider form is another Pokemon that’s pretty impressive because of their stats. But, instead of having one thing that they’re really good at and specializing in that, both their attack and defense are ridiculously high. Power does have a price, though, and in this case, their speed suffers.

1. White/Black Kyurem

White Black Kyurem

Both of these types of Kyurem are fantastic Pokemon to come across. Their HP is great, they specialize in either regular attack or special attack, and there really isn’t anything that they majorly lack in when it comes to stats.

The difference between the two? Both of them can go up against certain Pokemon and absorb their power, electricity, and fire, respectively.