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Top 10 Best Pokémon Tins [2024]

Top 10 Best Pokémon Tins [2024]

The Pokémon collectible card game is a global sensation that spawned shows, movies, and tons of merch. At the heart, though, it was always about the game.

The collectible tins bridge the gap between the game and collectible merchandise. Each feature booster packs from the associated sets and a code for online play.

Best Pokémon Tins

Pokémon Tcg: Evolution Celebration Tin – Leafeon Gx

The Leafeon GX tin provides exactly what you want when picking out a tin. It comes with a foil Leafeon GX card guaranteed along with the tin collector’s tin that features the character front and center.

It also includes 4 booster packs that can be used to enhance your existing decks. The purchase of this tin also provides an access code to unlock a playable deck in online play.

The Evolution Celebration offers 3 different options available with tins Leafeon-GX, Glaceon-GX, or Sylveon-GX.

Pokémon Legends of Hoenn Groudon-ex Collector Tin

Add the ground type Groudon to your arsenal with this collector tin. It features a Groudon EX card along with four Pokémon booster packs. The collector tin features Groudon front and center.

Also included in the tin is the online access code card to that unlocks a playable deck online.

Legends of Hoenn offers two different tins to choose from, Groudon-EX or Kyogre-EX. Each of the collector tins has a display window on the lid for you to show off your favorite.

Pokémon Tcg: Collectors Chest Tin, Spring 2020

While the two previous items were tins that focused on one specific Pokémon, this collector’s chest tin delivers 3 foil promo cards of Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble.

It also delivers 5 booster packs to bolster the ranks of your deck, along with some other interesting bonuses. A collectible Pokémon coin featuring Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble and some sticker sheets.

It also includes a mini portfolio to store cards and a notepad featuring Zacian and Zamazenta. As is common with other tins, it also features a code card to unlock a deck for online play.

Pokémon Tcg Legends of Alola Tin Card Game, Solgaleo Gx or Lunala Gx

The Legends of Alola Tincollectible tins feature an option of Solegaleo or Lunala. The tin that you receive (at random) will have either one of the creatures’ foil cards that correspond to the tin and the creature in bold art.

As is common, the tin also includes four booster packs and a scannable code to unlock a playable deck in an online format.

Pokémon Tcg: Legends of Galar Summer Tin Featuring Zamazenta

The Legends of Galar Summer Tin features Zamazenta as the guaranteed foil card. It also comes with five booster packs of assorted Pokémon trading cards for use with your deck.

This tin provides an extra booster pack, as the Legends of Galar specifically break the norms. Also included is the code for unlocking the online playable deck.

Pokémon TCG Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Collector’s Tin Featuring Tapu Bulu-GX

The Sun and Moon collector’s tin is one way to show off your Pokémon allegiance with its vibrant design.

The tin features a Tapu Bulu foil card along with 4 additional booster packs to strengthen your decks. It also includes the code for unlocking an online playable deck.

The Sun and Moon Guardians rising set introduced 140 new cards to the Pokémon arena.

In addition to the guaranteed Tapu Bulu foil, perhaps you will find some of the other amazing creatures and trainers in the assorted booster packs.

PokémonFall 2018 Collector’s Chest Tin Featuring Pikachu & Eevee

The second collector chest tin on the list is the Fall 2018 Chest Tin featuring Pikachu and Eevee on the front. It comes with three foil cards, Articuno, Zippos, and Molders.

It also includes 5 booster packs and the digital unlocks for Pokémon online.

There are a host of other goodies in this large tin as well. It features a notepad, a collectible coin, and several sheets of stickers. These large tins would make a great lunch box for any Pokémon enthusiast.

Pokémon Tcg: Galar Partner Tin – Rillaboom V

The Galar Partner tin features a Rillaboom V foil card. As in typical Galar addition tins, it features 5 booster packs compared to the typical 4.

The collectible tin features bright, vibrant art and the digital code for unlocking a deck for Pokémon online.

The PokémonSword and Shield set added 200 new cards to the universe. Cards to potentially find include Stonjourner VMAX, Snorlax VMAX, and Lapras VMAX.

Pokémon Tcg: 2018 Spring Dawn Wings Necrozma Purple Tin- Dawn Wings

The tin features a foil Dawn Wings Necrozma foil card along with the standard four booster packs.It also includes the digital code for unlocking a deck for online play. Set in the Alola region, the Sun and Moon set introduces 140 new cards along with 40 new Pokémon.

Pokémon Tcg: Galar Partner Tin – Cinderace V

The third Galar series tin on the list follows the other Galar sets pattern and features five booster packs instead of the normal 4. It features the Cinderace V foild card. Also included is the standard code for unlocking a deck for online play.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to increase the strength of a deck in any collectible card game. Few offer any guaranteed card selection, let alone ones that offer a gorgeous tin that functions as a collector piece and a way to store or display your cards.

These Pokémon collector tins are great merger of both. They provide a guaranteed card, a great way to get something specific you want, and booster packs packaged in a great-looking package.