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Top 52 Best Fallout 4 Mods [2024]

Top 52 Best Fallout 4 Mods [2024]

Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, which was initially launched in 2015.

The game starts in an open-world post-apocalyptic environment. It is an extension of Fallout 3 and the fourth edition of the Fallout series.

The game starts in the year 2287, which is 10 years after the events of Fallout 3 and 210 years after “The Great War,” which caused catastrophic effects on the United States after the devastating nuclear explosion. The player assumes the role of the main character known as “Sole Survivor.”

Fallout 4 is a very popular and critically acclaimed game and won many awards in the year of its release.

Moreover, the game has also proven itself a great commercial and business success by generating more than 750 million USD.

Garnering a huge fan base, it was inevitable that the gaming community started creating mods for this masterpiece, and here is our list of the top 50 best fallout 4 mods.

Best Fallout 4 Mods

52. Enhanced Blood Textures

In a game full of detailed weaponry and creatures, having equally as detailed blood seems like a no-brainer. While a niche mod, the Enhanced Blood Textures mod is one for players who enjoy the realism.

This mod does just as it says and improves the appearance of blood in Fallout 4.Blood will appear slick and conform to the textures it lands on, just like real-life blood.

The in-game blood will also appear truer to real-life color, which is darker than the traditional video game bright red.

So, for players who want more realistic gore, then this is the mod for you!

51. Commonwealth Cuts

Commonwealth Cuts

After you’ve designed your character in the beginning and have been unfrozen after 200 years, your characters’ hairstyle would definitely need a change.

The Commonwealth Cuts mod helps with that by providing many new hairstyles to choose from!

Although the creator does mention that the hair will clip through some clothing and armor, that doesn’t take away from the range of hairstyles fit for a post-apocalyptic wasteland as a Lone Wanderer.

And if you prefer to play Fallout 4 on console rather than PC, you’re in luck because the creator also posted this mod to the Bethesda mod page for console download!

50. Scrap Everything

Scrap Everything

This mod is very much self-explanatory. It allows the users to get rid of all the things, including his/her settlements that have been made prior to the use of this mod. It can also help you to transform all of your settlements into barren lands.

However, Scrap Everything is used to get rid of all the annoying stuff that you don’t like in the game, which cannot be scrapped while in the vanilla game.

Using this mod, you can scrap different stuff, which includes trees, cars, buildings, machines, weapons, and even humans and animals.

This is a perfect mod for those looking to have a clear landscape where they can start from scratch.

49. Create a Settlement Anywhere

Create A Settlement Anywhere

This is another mod of Fallout 4 related to the settlements and explains a lot about its functionality. As you know, in the 4th edition of the Fallout series, there is an added feature that allows you to make settlements.

However, this feature has a shortcoming: you are only allowed to make settlements in areas dictated by the game.

Create a Settlement Anywhere allows you to make, scrap and destroy the settlements anywhere you like around the map. This feature has totally transformed the game, making it a truly one-of-a-kind open-world experience.

You can place your workshop anywhere and start tinkering away with your tools to create the settlements of your dreams.

48. Armorsmith Extended

Armorsmith Extended

Don’t like the current armor system in the game? Want to make massive changes in the armor system of fallout? Here is the perfect mod for you.

Armorsmith Extended allows gamers to wear different types of equipment of different armors at the same time. It means you will be able to wear a hat and gas mask at the same time.

Moreover, it has a collection of 16 different mods related to clothing and armor. Many new items such as gloves, helmets with hairs, invisible thermal optics are added to this mod.

In addition to that, it allows you to independently apply for friend, foe corpse recognition mods.

47. True Storms

True Storms

With every next edition in the Fallout series, the graphics and visuals have been drastically improved. The first major transformational step was taken in Fallout 3 by the addition of 3-D graphics.

These visuals effects are even better in Fallout 4. However, if you still are not satisfied and want even more improvements, then this mod is for you.

True Storms adds several types of new weather along with visual effects and different textures for different types of weather.  Moreover, it allows you to control the weather of your game screen anytime during the game.

Initially made for Skyrim, this mod shook the gaming community, and it had to make its way to Fallout 4. It’s perfect!

46. Realistic Conversations Fallout 4

Realistic Conversations Fallout 4

The Fallout series is known for its realism and character development. However, in Fallout 4, when you reach Diamond city, you will notice that everyone behaves the same.

Many people in the city will greet you after every 2 seconds, which makes it quite robotic and removes the realistic feel from the game. Realistic Conversations Fallout 4 allows gamers to enhance the human realism in the game.

The NPC will stop taking pauses after every sentence, and the conversation they make with you and each other will seem more logical.

NPCs are more intelligent and know when to stop talking and who to start interacting with. If you thought AI was going to take over the world, well, it seems like it already has control over the gaming world. It is weirdly real. Yikes!

45. See Through Scope

See Through Scope

Fallout 4 is a very competitive game, and in combats, it sometimes becomes quite difficult to knock out all of your enemies.

The difficulty is coupled with all the darkness around the scope in the vanilla mod. But you don’t need to worry about it as we’ve got the mod for you.

See Through Scope allows you to have a much better view while aiming from the scope. It comes with many added features such as hold-breath customizable reticles and many more.

The best thing about this mod is that the scope can be added to any weapon you like giving you more flexibility when it comes to aiming. Great for those that are very competitive.

44. Fallout 4 Season Project

Let’s be honest, although the game is fantastic, the wasteland can get deeply depressing. It is due to the fact that it portrays a post-apocalyptic scenario, and the authors of the game intended to portray a realistic environment.

But if you are fed up with this environment and want to bring a different season, then this mod is for you.

Fallout 4 Season Project allows you to add winter, spring, summer, and fall to the environment of the Commonwealth, each with its own weather patterns and environmental effect.

As the weather transition from one to the other, you will get a more immersive gaming experience which is always a great thing in our books!

43. Place Anywhere/Everywhere

Place Anywhere Everywhere

Most of us play games to get our inner interior designers out. Remember Sims? Well, now it’s been brought to the Fall Out series.

Though Fallout 4 is an amazing game, we all agree that in the vanilla game, every item that the gamer has, such as a table or chair, does not always fit within room spaces. This forces players to leave unsightly gaps in your decorative structure.

Now you can say goodbye to irregular placements with Place Anywhere/Everywhere. The mod allows you to place and fit everything neatly without leaving any unwanted space.

Moreover, you can also move the objects that are unmovable in the vanilla mod and place them wherever you desire. You can even place an object and then move it according to your will. This gives more creative control to gamers than ever before in the Fallout series.

42. Improved Map With Visible Roads

Improved Map With Visible Roads

As we all know, the map is of primary importance when it comes to role-playing games, and Fallout 4 is no exception.

Though the map of Fallout 4 is satisfactory, it can be a little difficult for amateurs to follow, leading to frustration for new gamers.

There is no need for these amateurs to get frustrated. Improved Map with Visible Roads makes the map even more visible by adding brightness levels, grid lines, and water lines.

Moreover, it makes the roads on the map more visible by adding green lines to them. This map is a great guide for those that have difficulty in reading maps and finding their way in open-world games.

41. More Where That Came From

More Where That Came From

If you compare the series Fallout with the GTA series, the latter one has the upper hand when it comes to radio stations in terms of scope.

We all loved the over-the-top adverts, stellar music, and even hysterical shows. The radio and the music albums are very limited in Fallout 4. However, you can resolve this issue by using this mod.

Though you cannot add any music or radio station you want to it, More Where That Came From allows you to add a bundle of 74 new music tracks to the game.

So you can get rid of the boring atom bomb baby by enabling this mod. It’s not exactly what you get in GTA, but it’s much better than the vanilla game’s offering.

40. Immersive Windows

Immersive Windows

Do you feel lonely while walking around the Commonwealth buildings at night? If so, then install this mod and enjoy.

Immersive Windows mod makes the windows of the wasteland shine through them in the night.

Not only that, but it also makes the wasteland which has always been portrayed as a dark environment to look alive. It also makes an impact on the weather conditions of the game.

Immersive windows are great for those looking for a more immersive feel in Fallout 4 and are a must for everyone.

39. More Armor Slots

More Armor Slots

Those who have some familiarity with the game must know that Fallout 4 has certain limitations and armor slots are one of them. You can carry a limited amount of weapons with you at the moment.

Moreover, you can’t carry a certain combination of armor at the same time. For example, many clothing options do not allow you to carry limb armor with you.

More Armor Slots increases the number of options for armor carrying for you. It also allows you to carry any combination of weapons with you.

No more do you have to be weighed down by bulky armor, install this mod and make life much easier.

38. Homemaker Expanded Settlements

Homemaker Expanded Settlements

Among all the settlement and workshop-related mods, it is one of the most favorites. Homemaker Expanded Settlements helps you to expand the crafting system of settlements that comes with the vanilla game.

By enabling this mod, you can have a new bundle of build sets, building units, new decorative, and many more things.

It can completely transform your buildings and their interior from a post-apocalyptic arena to a beautiful Sims-like kingdom.

So, what are you waiting for?

37. Legendary Modifications

Legendary Modifications

The primary reason for the popularity of Fallout 4 is the explorations that come with the game.

The weapon and the armor system are unique in the game. However, if you want to make your belongings even more unique, then this mod is for you.

Legendary Modifications mod helps you to add new modifications to your weapons and armor crafting options. It allows you to add a legendary armor or weapon option to the list of your items in exchange for some material.

Walk mighty and proud in the wastelands as you pulverize your enemies in your legendary gear.

36. Remove Power Armor Drain

Remove Power Armor Drain

Fallout 4 depicts a scenario of the future where technology is dominating the world by providing advanced items in every sphere.

One example of such an item is the flying armor drain which allows you to fly anywhere you want at any time. However, this flying armor needs regular fuel refilling, which is quite impossible for you.

Not anymore, as Remove Power Armor Drain allows you to stop your armor drain from draining batteries. It means you can use this armor without worrying about the fuel required to engine it.

Fly and whizz around the map without ever running out of fuel.

35. Radiant Birds

Radiant Birds

Birds in the wasteland of Fallout 4? Are you surprised by it? Yes, it is true that thereexist birds in the Commonwealth, and you do listen to their sounds in the background music.

However, that music is almost inaudible that no one pays attention to.

Radiant Birds mods allow gamers to add points of immersion by making the sounds of birds more audible.

In addition to that, it also makes you feel that the birds are moving around in your near surroundings.

34. Realistic Gun Sounds & Bullet Cracks

Realistic Gun Sounds & Bullet Cracks

Fallout series in general, and Fallout 4 is famous for providing realism in the game, whether in the form of role-playing or weaponry.

However, many pro players may not be fully satisfied with the sounds and cracks of the weapons in the game.

Realistic Gun Sounds & Bullet Cracks allow you to add more realistic sounds to the weapons, especially when the bullet of the enemy passes close to you.This creates an immersive experience that modern-day gamers are thirsty for.

33. Infinite Ammo for Your Companion

Infinite Ammo For Your Companion

The role of the companion in Fallout 4 is undeniably very important for players. The companions not only guide you in your journey but also protects you in combat with other factions.

To increase the capabilities of your squad, you can assign your companions weapons. However, your companions don’t have any sense of its usage and love to waste ammo which can be costly for you.

But don’t worry about this. Infinite Ammo for your Companion allows your companions to have an unlimited supply of ammo for their weapons. It means they will never run short of ammo in the game.

No matter how much they love to put their finger on the trigger, the guns will never get exhausted!

32. Extended Weapon Mods

Extended Weapon Mods

Weapon constitutes prime importance for your survival in the Commonwealth. And if you are a weapon lover and enthusiastic about making custom changes to your weapons, then this mod is perfect for you.

Extended Weapon Mods helps gamers to make custom changes to the collection of their weapons with endless possibilities.

You can add spiked knuckles to your short gun and make an axe with your baseball bat. It is one of the most popular weapon mods available for you, and it should be on your mod list for this game.

31. Craftable Ammo

Craftable Ammo

Craftable Ammo allows players to craft their ammo yourself. It basically creates a new crafting table which is known as Reloading Workbench.

You take your material to the reloading workbench and make your own ammo with your own recipe.

Normally it requires acid, steel, copper, lead, and cloth to craft new ammo, but you can try it with your own recipe by changing the quantities of materials or by adding new materials.

This makes it much easier to craft ammunition with limited resources ensuring that you’re always ready for a full-blown war.

30. Infinite Settlers

Infinite Settlers

There are many mods of Fallout 4 that allow you to build as many buildings and make as many settlements as you want. But it is quite pointless to keep on making settlements without having any population in it.

Infinite Settlers brings as many settlers in your settlements as you want.

If you want to expand your post-apocalyptic kingdom, just keep on making the settlements and fill it with settlers simultaneously.

Combine this mod with the conversations one, and you’ll never tire from this game again!

29. Clean Settlement Greenhouse

Clean Settlement Greenhouse

If you are a gaming nerd and a climate activist, or a lover of nature, then this mod is definitely for you. 

Clean Settlement Greenhouse is a great mod for gamers to plant as many trees, nurseries, flower garden hoses around your settlements as you want.

It refreshes your environment and provides you with crops and other such things that are needed to feed the NPCs.

28. Everyone’s Best Friend

Everyone’s Best Friend

As discussed earlier, companions are very important for you during your journey. One such companion can be a dog for you whose name is Dogmeat.

Dogmeat is just as helpful- in some cases even more- as any other companion. But the problem here is that you can have one companion with you in the vanilla game at a time.

Not anymore, introducing Everyone’s Best Friend, a mod that allows players to have an additional companion if you carry dogmeat along yourself.

This gives you an additional advantage along with more protection.

27. Better Generators

Better Generators

One thing the players love about Fallout 4 is the option of making settlements that were not present in the previous editions of the Fallout series.

However, making settlements is not an easy task because, along with many other things, you are required to have a power supply to light up the settlements

Better Generators make the power-making capacity of generators more efficient which also results in the reduction of engines required to do that.

It makes the generators efficient and at the same time clear up some space for you.

26. Weaponsmith Extended

Weaponsmith Extended

This mod does the same function for the weaponry of the game as the armorsmith extended mod does for the armor. I

t means that it increases the options for you to carry different combinations of weapons.

By using the Weaponsmith Extended mod, you can add a huge collection of new weapons to your list. Moreover, it also allows using different weapons that can’t be used in the vanilla game.

25. Mod Configuration

Mod Configuration

To make customized changes and to enhance the gameplay of the game, players opt for many mods. Managing all those mods can get difficult and is time taking.

You can clear up all this mess by adding Mod Configuration, a mod that provides you with a mods setting control page. This allows to manage all their mods.

You don’t have to alternate between the game and windows trying to activate and deactivate mods.

24. Fallout 4 Script Extender

Fallout 4 Script Extender

The vanilla version of the Fallout 4 has many limitations. It requires you to install many mods to your base version to change the gameplay and make the game run without any lag.

However, all these mods also do have limitations, and you can’t make custom changes up to a certain limit.

Fallout 4 Script Extender allows you to expand the scripting capabilities of your game.

This mod makes it easy for gamers to write new combinations of scripted code and ultimately expand the scope of the game to their own limits.

23. Higher Settlement Budget

Higher Settlement Budget

Yes, guessed it rightly, this mod of Fallout 4 is self-explanatory.

Higher Settlement Budget allows you to build as many settlements around the Commonwealth as you want without worrying about your budget limitations.

It provides you with extra money for making buildings and settlements.

Enable this mod, and you will be able to build your expanded empire in the game with settlers settled in it without the worry of running low on financial resources.

22. Start Me Up

Start Me Up

While Fallout 4 is an addictive game, we must admit that going through the introduction over and over again in repeated playthroughs can make you feel old and boring.

If you don’t want to get bore out of this game, then add Start Me Up, a mod that allows you to make many background changes to your game. It provides you with many quick start, alternate start, and normal start options.

Moreover, you can also add many background themes instead of the emotional being a father of Shaun’s background.

It also affects the dialogues in the introduction of the game, bringing something new and fresh to keep you entertained.

21. Vivid Fallout

Vivid Fallout

While the Fallout series is always praised for producing exciting and competitive role-playing games, visuals that include texture were not solved before the third edition of it.

These visuals were further enhanced in the fourth edition of the series.

If you are not still satisfied and want more clarity with the texture, then try this mod. Vivid Fallout allows making changes in the background and the landscapes so that they could be more detailed.

It substantially enhances the landscape textures and allows you to enjoy the game with more advanced visual effects.

20. Full Dialogue Interface

Full Dialogue Interface

There is no doubt about the fact that Fallout 4 is one of the best role-playing action games we ever had. However, everyone is on the same page when it comes to seeing conversation options on the screen. It’s just not there.

Clicking on a single option can end up conveying a totally different message which will create confusion and difficulties for you.

But like many other problems of the game, a mod is here to help you out. Install fallout dialogue interface, and you will be able to clearly see the conversation options on the screen, which ultimately affects your journey in the game.

Instead of conveying your instructions in phrases, it allows you to communicate in full sentences, making it easy for you to take options.

19. Lowered Weapons

Lowered Weapons

Moving around the wasteland is fun and full of adventure. In some emergency cases or during quests, you have to walk while carrying the weapon in your hand so that the time to take out the weapon can be saved.

But sometimes, it affects you negatively as the weapon carried in your hands occupies a big portion of your vision. Many players have complained to the developers and asked to lower the weapon so that they can have a clear vision of what’s ahead while carrying the weapon.

The modding community has listened. Lowered Weapons keep your weapon in a lower position and allows you to have a full vision on your screen.

Most importantly though your weapon is kept in a lower position in this mod, it is always ready to act quickly, just like in the vanilla game.

18. Settlement Supplies Expanded

Settlement Supplies Expanded

If you want to increase the list of your items to put in your settlements, then you must try this mod.

Settlement Supplies Expanded gives you a bundle of 400 new items to add to your settlements stocks, including tables, chairs, bed, lamps, tanks and other vehicles, surgery kits, trees, and many more things.

So, install this mod right now and give yourself new options to add to your settlements.

17. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

This mod is one of the most popular and most used ones among all the others.

The reason behind its popularity is not that it adds new modifications or custom designs to your game, but Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch helps gamers solve the existing problems of the vanilla game. It makes the game completely bug and error-free.

Try this mod and experience the fun and intensity of the game without any bugs ensuring smooth gameplay.

16. Ocdecorator – Static Loot

Ocdecorator – Static Loot

While Fallout 4 is an exciting and adventurous game that allows you to make many loots during your journey in the game.

However, the loot you commit has certain limitations, such as you cannot make everything you looted a decoration piece.

OCDecorator- Static Loot allows you to make any static object looted by you a decoration piece. You can use them anywhere as a decoration in your settlements.

This adds character to your settlements, giving it a much-needed personality in this post-apocalyptic mess. Marie Kondo won’t be happy with this, though.

15. Water Enhancement Textures

Water Enhancement Textures

You would’ve guessed that it is related to the texture of the water in the game from the name.

If you have played the game before, you must be familiar that you pass by Charles river quite often during your travels in the Commonwealth.

If you feel the water quality and display are not up to the mark, then try this mod. 

Water Enhancement Textures mod enhances the texture of all the water in the game by adding 3-D simulation to the flow and motion of water.

14. Sim Settlements Mod Collection

Sim Settlements Mod Collection

Sims and Fallout series are direct competitors as both the companies are operating the same genre of games.

Where Fallout 4 is famous for its action role-play, the Sims, on the other hand, is praised for its graphics and gameplay.

By enabling Sims Settlements Mod Collection, you will be able to build hundreds of buildings in your settlements in the same design and patterns used in The Sims.

It will give you a unique outlook on your buildings along with the unique experience of enjoying a hybrid game.

13. Better Settlers

Better Settlers

After building the settlements in the game, you need some settlers to fill it up with.

However, when you move around the settlements, you will get bored of encountering the same faces again and again. You can solve this issue by using this mod.

Better Settlers allows you to add more than 200 faces and characters to your settlements while simultaneously improving the AI and making them less braindead. This just ups the entertainment provided by NPCs.

12. Fallout 4 Wheel Menu

Fallout 4 Wheel Menu

Many players have complained about the menu option of Fallout 4, which is lengthy and time taking to use. You can have a better menu option by enabling this mod to your game.

Fallout 4 Wheel Menu allows you to get rid of the conventional menu with a better wheel-shaped menu, making it easy for you to equip different items and use different consumables.

It’s just like those inventory menus offered in modern action games for quick equips.

11. Robot Home Defence

Robot Home Defence

If you have tried this game, you must have been fascinated with the robotic system of the game. If you want to make robot slaves and put them on your defense, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

Robot Home Defence allows players to use automation to put up the defenses around their settlements.

You can add your own AI slave and protect your buildings from the raiders, letting them know who runs this town.

10. Texture Optimization Project

Texture Optimization Project

This is one of the best mods available for enhancing the quality of texture in the display of the game.

Though the game is very exciting and popular, many gamers, especially the ones who play on consoles, have complained that the texture quality is not up to the standards

Texture Optimization Project enhances the texture quality by adding more sharpness and making the sights look more beautiful.

So, if you are not satisfied with the vanilla game’s display quality, try this one right now.

9. We Are Minutemen

We Are Minutemen

Minutemen are one of the best options to help rebuild the Commonwealth. However, in the game, their existence is not even felt

We are Minutemen makes the Minutemen in the Commonwealth unique and makes their presence felt to you. It also adds many new items such as outfits for the minutemen so that they all can look unique.

8. Functional Weapon Racks

Functional Weapon Racks

Sometimes it’s just good to have things on display so that when you look at them, you understand how far you have come.

With this mod, you can create racks to put your weapons in them. Functional Weapon Racks allows you to have a separate room in the game to put your collection of weapons on display.

This will also arrange your collection of weapons in a systematic order so that they look good on display.

7. Satellite World Map

Satellite World Map

Yes, you have guessed it right; this mod is related to the mapping system of the game. But you don’t need to be confused with the word ‘world.’ 

Satellite World Map allows you to have a map with an Ariel view of the whole Commonwealth, which is different from the map offered in the basic game.

It’s perfect for exploration and seeing your kingdom from above.

6. Crafting Workbenches

Crafting Workbenches

Crafting is one of the major parts you play in the game. Although you don’t craft weapons and clothes from the scrap, you do assemble them.

This mod looks to change all that. Crafting Workbenches create a new crafting tool for you that helps you to craft new ammunition, clothes, and armor according to your own choice.

Wear clothes that match your personality and rock-heavy steel armor to send a message to your enemies and have them quaking in their shoes.

5. Cartographers Map Markers

Cartographers Map Markers

If you are thinking of marking certain locations and building in the game, then this mod is definitely for you.

Cartographers Map Markers allows adding more than 400 new markers so that you can remember the locations and their addresses that you wish to visit again.

It removes the single marker that would be a pain to work with if you had more things to mark with multiple markers.

4. Turret Control Panel

Turret Control Panel

Using turrets shouldn’t be difficult, and we’ve got just the thing for that. 

Turret Control Panel makes the use of turrets more friendly and upgradeable. It also helps you to distinguish different turrets once your settlements expand and become confusing.

Moreover, it allows you to upgrade or downgrade any specific machinegun turret anytime. A perfect control panel to control your basic security!

3. Beast Master

Beast Master

The Beast Master allows you to control different wild creatures in the game. It also helps you to make the recruitments of these wild creatures as your companions.

Moreover, you can also rename your pets by enabling this mod to your game. If you had grown tired of Dogmeat, which we all are ashamed to admit, this is a perfect addition to the game.

2. Grab and Eat All-in-One

Grab And Eat All In One

One major problem in the game is that it does not allow players to eat things or read papers directly after picking them.

If you’re looking for more realism and an immersive experience, these small things can throw you off.

Grab and Eat All-in-One allows you to directly eat items and read papers on the spot without searching them in inventory. We love it when mods work on these fine details.

1. Wasteland Camping

Wasteland Camping

Boston is a big place in Commonwealth and gives you many experiences. This mod adds one more experience for you to enjoy. 

Wasteland Camping gives you the ability to set a camp on the roadside, light a fire, and cook your meal in it.

The mod brings the wonderful experience of camping in the game with fire cracklings, an environment soundtrack, and a peaceful landscape to enjoy in the wilderness of the night.

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