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Top 38 Best Civilization 6 Mods [2024]

Top 38 Best Civilization 6 Mods [2024]

The turn-based strategy game, Civilization 6 has been a huge improvement over its predecessors.

The extra civilizations in this were welcomed by the game fans, while the unstacking of the cities was a great addition to the many new systems implemented in the game.

Civilization 6 improves the graphics and gameplay and focuses more on strategic thinking than Civilization 5.

The game, however, lacked scenarios that many fans were looking forward to, which left them quite disappointed.

Worry not, as we will introduce you to the top 35 best Civilization 6 mods that will fill all the incomplete gaps and make your gaming experience a perfect one.

Best Civilization 6 Mods

38. Removable Districts

Removable Districts

In Civilization 6, once a District is built, it can’t be demolished in the vanilla version of the game. But that’s where the Removable Districts mod comes into play!

With the Removable Districts mod, as the name implies, you can demolish the district and make room for a new District or to simply regain the tiles you used!

This mod allows you to build, demolish and rebuild districts without issue, increasing the ability to play one game long-term without the worry of having to restart if your initial build isn’t ideal.

This is a prime mod to download for Civilization 6 players because it greatly improves the gameplay life!

37. Detailed Map Tacks

Detailed Map Tacks

For such a plan and strategy game as Civilization 6, the UI is crucial to the overall enjoyment, but not knowing how exactly a District will help you seem a bit lacking.

The Detailed Map Tacks mod helps to improve the UI of the game by providing detailed information about the Districts you intend to build.

These tacks provide a glimpse into how each District will help in the long run.

The tacks work by calculating the yields, buffs, and bonuses before you begin building the District.

This is especially helpful if you don’t have the Removable Districts mod installed.

36. Civilizations Expanded

Civilizations Expanded

What’s better than the vanilla Civilizations 6? A Civilizations 6 mod that expands on the civilizations in the game!

The Civilizations Expanded mod overhauls every civilization in the game, including their buffs and abilities.

Every leader, district, building, and improvement are also expanded and improved to be more engaging!

However, you will need a lot of the Civilizations 6 DLC in order to reap the most benefits from this mod.

This mod is also compatible with most other mods, including Steel and Thunder and Warfare Expanded.

Companion mods are included with this mod, including the Gold Deflation mod and the Extended Eras mod.

35. Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole

How would you feel if you discover a giant blue hole just near the coast of Belize during the game?

Not only that, what would you think of getting +3 Food, +2 production and gold bonus each, and +1 cultural bonus?

Great Blue Hole Mod offers you everything mentioned above. This is one of the wonders included in the game. Although there are a lot of wonders in Civilization 6, the fans would tell you that there is always room for more.

In a nutshell, Great Blue Hole is a giant hole in the ocean that adds both utility and beauty to the game.

34. Vibrant Waters

Vibrant Waters

What would you prefer, a dark spread of color or movies water in water bodies of Civilization 6?

The answer is obvious! In all Civilization games, the water bodies did not look like they had water in them. It was just a dark color spread.

Vibrant Waters Mod has improved the texture of the water in lakes, ponds, and almost all other water bodies present in the game.

This mod adds to the graphics of the game. You will even see the waters reflecting the sunlight, which was never the case before.

33. R.E.D. Modpack

R.E.D Modpack is one of the most awaited mods for Civilization 6. Everyone who does not fancy the disturbing units in the game has used this mod in previous versions of the game.

With this mod installed, the units become a bit smaller but are distinguishable according to their size. The uniqueness of this mod is that it works with a multitude of other unit mods.

So, if you are using other mods for units, you can use this one too. It is a pack of various mods, and one of them can fit your configuration.

32. Quick Start

Whether you are a new player or a fan of Civilization 6, long introductions can be irritating for all of us. Most of us wish to do away with the initial screens and get right into the action.

Quick Start Screen Mod does exactly that for you. It saves you from repeatedly hitting the escape button by skipping the long start-up of the game.

If you are a person of action and want to get to the business right away, this mod is a must-have mod for you.

31. Community Quick User Interface

Community Quick User Interface

Is it difficult for you to find your destination while moving forward in Civilization 6?

Do you wish it would be easier for you to find different options in your interface as your Civilization grows?

Community Quick User Interface Mod is the right choice for you. It will bring countless changes in the User Interface such as:

  • Changes in menu screens
  • Addition of new menus
  • Addition of new lists

Everything in this mod is focused on making it easy for the player to navigate menus and find the options easily.

Of all the User Interface mods out there, this one is by far the best and complete mod in the category.

With that said, if you want only the aspects of this mod and not the entire Interface, keep a keen eye for the other User Interface mods in the list.

30. Tsunami Waves

Tsunami Waves

The modder of Vibrant waters mod did not stop after improving the texture of water bodies.

He went a step further and animated the giant ocean waves. Tsunami Waves mod animates the ocean waves, and you can almost feel their impact when they hit the coastal areas.

It may seem a minor update but combined with the Vibrant Waters Mod, it casts a huge effect on the water graphics of the game.

The amazing thing about this mod is that it seems to work just fine, even with low-resolution PCs.

29. Tactical Camera

Tactical Camera

Whether it is a birds-eye view of your empire or a closer look at the details, both are equally important in building games such as Civilization 6.

Tactical Camera increases both zoom in and zoom out of your in-game camera.

This mod makes it a lot easier for you to observe the details and getting a top view of your Civilization. The most appealing thing about this mod is that it allows you to customize the zoom of the camera.

28. Sukritact’s Simple UI Adjustments

Sukritact’s Simple Ui Adjustments

Sukritact’s Simple UI Adjustments Mod dies exactly what the name says: making simple and effective User Interface adjustments.

This mod is for those who want to improve their UI, but not with an overwhelming CQUI mod.

With this mod, you can:

  • Easily read information such as banners.
  • See the tiles and buildings being built or renovated.
  • Access the Civilopedia menu by the right click on areas of your Civilization.
  • Enjoy some additional features

This mod takes the Interface of the game and makes minor adjustments such that players find it easy to operate in the game.

27. Current Time of Day

Current Time Of Day

Current Time of Day Mod is a fun addition to the game. It synchronizes the time of your PC with that of the game.

It may not help directly during the gameplay, but it adds to the sense of reality in the game.

With this mod, you feel like you belong in the game because the time you see on your screen matches that of the game.

This nod becomes even more fun when you play the game for long hours.

If you are looking beyond the utility mods and want to add a bit of fun to the game, give this mod a try, and you won’t be disappointed at all.

26. Better Civilization Icons

Better Civilization Icons

Civilization 6 fans know the importance of realism in the game.

As the game is based on historical context, having places and icons that match the real ones adds tons of realistic sense in gameplay.

Better Civilization Icons Mod makes some icons and places better by adding variations to them while bringing other icons closer to the ones present in the real world.

If you prefer variation and reality in your gameplay, this mod is for you to keep.

 25. Radial Measuring Tool

Radial Measuring Tool

Before this mod, players would measure every single tile to determine how far apart the buildings can be constructed in Civilization 6.

Measurement of the distance is crucial because some effects in the game depend on the right distance between the buildings.

With Radial Measuring Tool Mod, you can get those distances measured without having to do it manually. It makes a rather tiresome act very smooth and satisfying. This mod is for you if you struggle with those measurements.

24. Real Great People (UI)

Real Great People (ui)

Real Great People UI Mod replaces the fake cartoon faces of the Great Personalities of them. There are 179 of them in total.

They are represented by cartoon faces. This mod replaces those faces with their actual pictures.

Now when you look at the achievements of a Great Person, you will be looking at a real picture. There is no addition of new heroes in this mod.

This mod greatly enhances the game’s reality effect without changing anything that would interfere with the game plan.No mod can be so simple yet so effective.

23. Better Report Screen (UI)

Better Report Screen (ui)

Managing trivial day-to-day matters of cities and Civilization can be a daunting task for the players. Better Report Screen UI Mod gives you a better report screen where you can easily find state policies.

Each tab is arranged in such a way that you can analyze what policies are needed and when.

It uniquely improves the quality of life. This mod is addictive in the sense that players depend on it big time once it is installed.

22. Mappa Mundi

Mappa Mundi

Mappa Mundi is both a utility and a fun mod. It adds real names to nearly 20000 new locations.

While it adds to the realism of the game, the mod also makes it easier to distinguish places and makes it exciting to discover them.

There is an additional expansion for assigning names to geographical locations, but that does not seem sufficient given the game’s vast scope.

If you think that maps are a must for you, do not delay on this one.

21. Better Trade Screen

Better Trade Screen

Better Trade Screen Mod makes a lot of changes in your trading menus. Such as, it helps you find the exact trading routes. Its filters help you track trade routes making it easier to trade.

This mod is primarily about allowing the players the freedom to customize trading menus and settle on what suits them the best.

Better Trading Screen comes as a separate mod and in integration with the mighty CQUI.

20. Policy Change Reminder

Policy Change Reminder

Once your Civilization grows, it becomes difficult to multi-task. You have to take care of s dozen things at a time.

This can leave some critical tasks unattended. For instance, you may forget when you had to change the policies on the policy cards.

Policy Change Reminder Mod reminds you when you will have to update your policy cards. If you have already done it, it won’t bother you. So that’s a win-win.

Since the importance of policy change is something the future of your Civilization depends on, this mod is central to timely policy changes.

Even though it only reminds you of the policy change, this mod may help save your Civilization future.

19. Immersive Dialogue

Immersive Dialogue

Before this mod, most of us ignored the text dialogue during the game.

Immersive Dialogue Mod keeps the players interested in the dialogue by making it more participatory and unique.

With this mod:

  • Dialogue gets an upgrade
  • It becomes realistic
  • Resembles the speech of actual leaders
  • The player gets a more realistic sense of the dialogue.
  • Does away with the boring text dialogue

If you are a fan of the game and want real experience with the dialogue, this mod delivers just that.

18. Unique District Icons

Unique District Icons

Civilization 6 comes with city districts as a new feature. However, managing those districts can be challenging because most of them have the same default icons and are difficult to differentiate.

Unique District Icons Mod assigns separate icons to your districts so that they can be easily identified.

Moreover, it keeps the color distinction to avoid mix-up. If you want to identify your districts quickly with a hint of a bit more reality in the gameplay, this is a utility mod for you.

Another icon upgrades mod, but this time the changes are much more useful. With the introduction of city districts in Civilization 6, Civilization fans have a new mechanic to dive into.



Those who have been following the Civilization series get ready to behold the PerfectWorld6. This mod gives a much more realistic experience of the world by:

  • Improving the graphics of territories.
  • Making the elevations and depressions in the terrain more noticeable
  • Changing climate patterns according to actual weather patterns of the real world
  • Making rivers follow the path according to elevations and depressions in the geography

16. Tomatekh’s Historical Religions

Tomatekh’s Historical Religions

Tomatekh’s Historical Religions Mod adds a realistic perspective to the game by adding religions to it.

Although Religions were included in Civilization 5, this time, the mod offers much more such as:

  • You can win if you convert the world to your religion.
  • New Religions from real historic, pre-modern and modern world
  • The leaders who previously had no religion are given one according to their special characters.

With the addition of a new win option and tons of religious features to play with, this mod is a giant leap forward in the real-life experience of Civilization 6.

15. Civilization 6 Environment Skin: Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Civilization 6 Environment Skin

It is a matter of preference that you choose the old-school cartoon graphics or the modern realistic look in the game.

However, when a new game is launched, it is expected to provide the players with realistic graphics than its previous versions.

Things were different in the case of Civilization 6. The new Civilization 6 gave an old-school cartoonish look and was totally against expectations of the most.

A developer from Firaxis Games took it upon himself and introduced Civilization 6 Environment Skin: Sid Meier’s Civilization 5 mod. It replaces the Civilization 6 look with that of Civilization 5.

14. More Lenses

More Lenses

More Lenses Mod adds additional lenses to your game. It allows you to have a better view of your builders, archaeologists, wonderers, barbarians, and so on.

This mod does not just add additional views, but it makes it easier for you to identify if something is going wrong.

For instance, builders’ lenses allow you to pinpoint the areas not being constructed properly. Similarly, a barbarian’s lens keeps you updated on the status of barbarians at all times.

Moreover, this mod is easy to use and is another valuable addition to the list of quality-of-life mods for Civilization 6.

13. Burjkhalifa (World Wonder)

Burjkhalifa (world Wonder)

BurjKhalifaMod gives you access to one of the tallest buildings in the world inside Civilization 6. This mod gives a modern touch to your game experience.

Once you clear the Plastics, you will have access to the BurjKhalifa itself. Besides, you can make +1 Trade route, 15% Gold, +2 Gold, and +4 Great Engineer points.

Also, you get +3 oil points +2 Cultural oil wells. Combine all that, and this mod is one of the valuable mods to install.

12. Tower Bridge (World Wonder)

Tower Bridge (world Wonder)

The Tower Bridge (World Wonder) Mod brings the historic London Tower Bridge into the game. The bridge in the game displays the same Victorian-style construction and can be crossed onto the land.

Additionally, it gives you some extra points upon discovery, such as +8% production in cities and gold each, +3% in coal. The modder has done an amazing job with this one.

If you want to have one of the most desired destinations of the world at your disposal, install this mod now.

11. Fuji


Another one of the wonder mods in Civilization 6, but this time the modder takes you to one of the world’s actual wonder places.

Yes, Mount Fuji of Japan, also known as the county’s national mountain.

This mod makes the mountain look identical to the real one. The same snow cover on its top can be seen both in the real world and in the game.

Also, there is an additional cloud cover that every one of us has seen in portraits of Mount Fuji.

And if that is not enough for you, there is a risk of volcanic eruption, just as in reality.

And wait, there is more! You will get +2 Great person points, +4 points if your district is on the volcanic site on discovering this wonder.

Install this mod and enjoy Asia’s one of the popular sites in-game

10. Yet (Not) Another Maps Pack

Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Mod is by far the most holistic map for Civilization 6.

It has the following features:

  • Largest of all maps
  • Allows you to pick from different sizes
  • Civilizations are assigned starting points
  • Starting points are the ones where the Civilizations started in the actual world
  • Resources are dispersed in the geographically actual places.

Everything this map offers adds up and makes it the best map for Civilization 6. If you find the default map too small and ordinary, do not think twice before installing this one.

9. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of Arizona is one of the popular sites around the world. Grand Canyon Mod brings the same site into Civilization 6.

The developer has taken special care to make it look like the real site. When you install this mod and discover the said wonder, you will be surprised to see the marvelous place.

Also, upon discovery, it adds +4 Tourism, +1 Food, and +1 Cultural points to your game. Moreover, the Canyon is a freshwater reservoir as.

8. Steel and Thunder: Unit Expansion

Steel And Thunder Unit Expansion

If you want to explore more in your game, Steel, and Thunder: Unit Expansion Mod adds eleven new units for you. Some of them are Mortar, Gatling Gun, and so on.

Exploring new units is never boring when it comes to Civilization 6. To install this mod and expand your game

7. Wildlife


In games like Civilization 6, not having animals leaves the game incomplete.

After all, when you have everything in real-life and more, why not have some animals too? Wildlife Mod civ makes it possible by spreading both land and sea creatures all over the map.

The amazing feature is that it supports the Earth Map, so if you install this with the later one, animals will be found inappropriate locations.

It makes the game even more adventurous as the animals can attack your settlements.

6. Catastrophic Disaster Intensity

Catastrophic Disaster Intensity

Catastrophic Disaster Intensity Mod increases the likelihood of natural disasters during the game.

For example, the eruption of volcanos, drastic climate changes, and so on. In a nutshell, if you want to add difficulty level, this one is for you.

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa (World Wonder)

Leaning Tower Of Pisa (world Wonder)

Leaning Tower of Pisa  Mod takes the players to one of Italy’s popular and most visited destinations.

From the number of details added to the tower in the game, it can be said that the developer took his time in making sure that the tower looks as real as possible.

In addition to a trip to Italy, the mod gives you additional benefits such as +1.5 Gold, 25% battle experience if your navy was trained near the destination, 100% in Tourism.

4. Anno Domini

Anno Domini

Anno Domini Mod comes as the result of the contribution of most of the famous mod developers of Civilization 6.

The mod offers:

  • 30 new civilizations
  • In the ancient era
  • With updated technology and facilities

This mod will work fine for those who love the old civilizations and those who like the new ones.

3. AI+


AI+ Mod improves:

  • Settling
  • Building
  • Tile behavior
  • It makes the game more challenging
  • Adds aggression when it comes to waging wars
  • Gives leaders the personality suited as per their way of living. For example, religious leaders are less likely to try to win via war

This mod is perfect if you’re looking for an AI that can match your speed and power. Make gaming more challenging for you with improved AI.

2. Jfd’s Civilization and Leader Mods

JFD’s Civilization and Leader Mods gives you the single best way to expand your game experience by adding new civilizations.

The mod is a combination of more than one, which allows the players to pick and choose.

The mod adds:

  • 70 new civilizations
  • Some from the older versions
  • Some new
  • Adds some old leaders
  • Some new leaders as well
  • Adds countless hours to your gameplay

Install this mod and enjoy an enhanced version of Civilization 6.

1. To Hell With the Devil: Religious Units Fight Rock Bands

To Hell With The Devil Religious Units Fight Rock Bands

To Hell With The Devil: Religious Units Fight Rock Bands Mod adds a music band into the game that plays Rock music. They can take the following steps to win you the game via cultural points:

  • Make music
  • Promote tourism via music
  • Perform in foreign countries
  • Have a religious level
  • Can engage in a brawl with rival religious icons

When you are in Atomic Age, having a band at your disposal is fun just in case other tactics seem insufficient. Fans of Civilization know that this is a whole new dimension in the game.

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