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Top 45 Best Oblivion Mods – Elder Scrolls IV [2024]

Top 45 Best Oblivion Mods – Elder Scrolls IV [2024]

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an open-world adventure role-playing video game and the 4th installment in the Elder Scrolls sequence.

Released initially in 2006 for PC and Xbox 360, then in 2007 for PlayStation 3, it was one of the generation’s greatest success and dearly valued games.

Oblivion is more than a decade old, and playing in this era might make the game feel out of place. So new mods are constantly being released, and older ones are regularly updated with different and improved content.

The best Oblivion mods are what keeps players coming back, so here is our list of the top 42 best oblivion mods that are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Best Oblivion Mods

45. Universal Silent Voice

Oblivion is known for having a few bugs that mod creators have fixed. Oblivion did come out in 2006, after all!

In Oblivion, the subtitles often disappear before you’ve finished reading them because the character is done speaking.

The Universal Silent Voice fixes this by adding a pause at the end of the dialogue. This pause lasts for eight seconds, giving players enough time to finish reading.

This doesn’t happen all of the time, for short responses, for example. But this mod is helpful in creating a more immersive experience.

44. Improved Trees and Flora 2

Improved Trees And Flora 2

Oblivion is still a beloved title in the Elder Scrolls series today, but it definitely is a title that shows its age!

The Improved Trees and Flora 2 mod is one that is a definite need for players who want the sense of a remastered Oblivion.

These mod set is the second in the series of mods that focus on the in-game nature. You will need the first pack for this mod pack to work, but both are worth the download!

The Improved Trees and Flora 2 mod pack is a great one to have because it fills in the gaps that players have noted out in the Oblivion wild.

43. Beautiful People

Beautiful People

There’s no denying that designing characters, and video games in general, is difficult. But Oblivion isn’t known for its beautiful character design.

The Beautiful People mod makes the up-close and personal dialogue shots sightlier and more interesting.

The faces of NPCs are transformed to have more interesting face shapes, including their eyes, jawlines, noses, and lips.

This mod is a mix of other mod packs, including character customization mods. The Beautiful People mod is one worth downloading if you are looking to “modernize” the game a bit.

42. Oblivion Script Extender

Oblivion Script Extender

Oblivion script extender (OBSE) is a unique mod that ensures the game covers its scripting skills to allow more complex mods to work. OBSE extends the scripting aptitudes of Oblivion.

In layman’s language, it lets you install new mods and raises the capabilities of the mods you can install.

This mod will also benefit you to install mods in much class and measure. Also, it works to offer excellent visuals and accurate size.

If you’re looking to connect any mods that are determined in size and choice, you’ll want to install this one.

41. Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

If you are deciding on the regular Oblivion, then the level will be growing at a similar rate.

Oscuro’s oblivion overhaul changes the realm by making different regions have different level caps for opponents and making the wilderness of Oblivion riskier and more unpredictable.

This mod targets to make Oblivion a much more fascinating, puzzling, realistic, and risky place.

The mod also offers great prizes for the daring adventurer regardless of your level.

It also tweaks several new things, like making magic cooler to cast, and making the AI for animals cleverer and more responsive, and adding some hundreds of unique items and weapons into the game along with the stable alteration.

So, if you want to play the advanced levels and little tough too with much more puzzling steps around many increased competitors, then right to catch these Oblivion Overhaul Mods.

40. Candidenb Reborn

Candidenb Reborn

Stunning views await those who use this mod, candidENB reborn. The outlooks are incredible. This is the ultimate ENB mod for refining the game’s graphics and stepping it up a notch.

If you’re looking for an ENB to improve your game’s visuals by modification post-processing effects, this is the mod to download. You will feel like you’re in a completely different game with film graphics.

This ENB is intended to be played with Oblivion Reloaded for the best consequences!

39. Stutter Remover

If your PC is showing any sort of performance problems like frame ratio that is irregular or stutters, then stutter remover will solve all these issues for you.

Bethesda’s games may be ideally open and endlessly attractive, but they’ve never been short on technical problems.

Stutter remover helps gamers resolve all of the technical problems that the official creator has not resolved, ensuring stable gameplay.

Generally, this mod works to eliminate the stutter in-game. So, if your game is riddled with bugs and errors, then this mod should help you minimize it.

38. Oblivion Character Overhaul Version 2

Oblivion Character Overhaul Version 2

Characters in the game are graphically outdated. The faces in Oblivion may be the most noticeable part of this problem. Oblivion character overhaul version 2 mod purposes to alleviate that.

A comprehensive, all-in-one revamp of Oblivion character’s aesthetics.  The mod entirely reworks character heads throughout the game, with all races, different hairstyles, eye textures, normal maps, and more are included.

The looks are made to appear in line with Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online, making this one of the finest Oblivion graphics mods.

37. Unnecessary Violence Iii

Unnecessary Violence Iii

Unnecessary Violence is back. It’s both bloody and wonderful. This mod will change the mechanics of the combat system in the game by adding new panels, new actions, lots of new techniques to kill and be killed.

The base game only has 6 different combat passages available, but unnecessary violence 3 adds more. Players can also throw objects and individuals, and they can even change their hold on their weapons.

You’ll be cutting limbs off your enemies, hurling spears at their throats, blowing them up, and bathing in their blood before the day is out. This is perfect for gamers who need a little more variation.

36. Better Cities

Better Cities

Better cities accumulate several mods that aim to repair cities by expanding Oblivion’s towns, giving them a reformed look, placing more constructions, and even new NPCs with their quest lines.  

This mod repairs and enhances all the cities by adding different buildings, new NPCs, and unique quests from the original oblivion game.

It also reforms some of the portions of the cities, making them look and feel much truer.

Since this is a modular compilation, you can blend and match which cities you would like to revamp and which ones you like just the way they are.

This is one of those mods that is still being constantly worked on by modders, with fresh content being added regularly.

35. Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager

Oblivion Nexus Mod Manager

Oblivion nexus mod manager allows gamers to organize many functions with a single click. The mod will display all of the mods offered according to your usage.

Oblivion Mod Manager lets you accurately sort mods and see them more obviously than you can with Oblivion’s original launcher.

This is a service for managing plugins and also for storing them for distribution.  One of the mod’s worthy features is that it allows gamers to download or uninstall any mods.

If you know, you’ll be using a ton of mods. Then this mod manager could be very beneficial to you. It’s a huge time saver.

34. Qarls Texture Pack Iii

Qarls Texture Pack Iii

Qarls texture pack III is the mod for you if you want Oblivion to feel louder, less two-dimensional, and fresher. It covers almost everything, which is a popular target for other graphical packs.

The mod changes the textures in the vanilla game by adding graphical improvements.

It updates a vast amount of the game’s textures to be four times greater than the originals, getting it much more in track with what contemporary PCs can control.

It reworks every texture in the game (except clothes, armor, weapons, creatures, NPCs) and makes them look perfect.

Qarl’s Texture Pack III is the most famous Oblivion texture pack out there, and you should go check it out.

33. Knights of the Nine Revelation

Knights Of The Nine Revelation

Knights of the nine revelations is based on playing a “good” knight.

The mod improves the questline on top of the Knights. There are hundreds of new things for players to attain, brand original NPCs with fully voiced dialogue, and even different companions. This does need Knights of the Nine.

All occasions represented in the mod are consistent with what is printed in the books.

Players have laughed, cried, overjoyed, and despaired as they assumed a perilous ride thousands of years into Tamriel’s past, becoming the lone salvation for millions of survivors.

32. Alternative Start Arrive by Ship

Alternative Start Arrive By Ship

Alternative start arrives by ship is a really enjoyable mod with lots of replay worth.

If you choose to live the purest of breaths after the tutorial, you’ll always have your status tainted for consuming the one who ran out of the Imperial Prison when the game started.

This mod offers the player a greatly extended range of role-playing choices to define their personality and make them new.

This mod permits you to decide how you jump in Oblivion, as your character reaches by ship instead of breaking out of prison.

This is also a superb choice for gamers who don’t want to play an evil person.

You can pick your race, your favorite qualities, and you can even choose the kind of person you are with this mod. It’s great!

31. Deadly Reflex

Deadly Reflex is an Oblivion mod that benefits players by adding different strategic and intentional depth to the battles and aids in combat fighting by allowing gamers to use unique maneuvers.

The enemies will also have the same characteristics: the fun of this mod, making the game more challenging and exciting. Combat now feels more visceral. This mod adds new skills to the combat system.

It adds several new moves and capabilities you can use in combat, such as a dodge, the ability to stun opponents, and a finisher move.

30. Alivewaters


Sometimes life can be peaceful underwater, and sometimes it can be hectic. AliveWaters makes life underwater in Oblivion so much more interesting. It aims to add new things and beings to the underwater biome.

The mod’s main goal is to modify the underwater part of Oblivion to make you love being underwater.

The underwater landscape was so uninteresting, just rocks and sand before! However, with this mod, you can now explore the unknown and unique territory underwater.

You’ll probably need a portion of water-breathing or two once you have this mod connected. That’s if you’re not an Argonian, of course!

29. Keychain


Most Oblivion users experience the frustration of having a lot of keys to search through in their inventory.

The original genius behind this mod, keychain, assumed the most practical and common-sense way to fix it: by adding a keychain.

This Keychain mod offers you an essential keychain item where all of your keys are stored and managed. Open the keychain and choose any key you want.

28. Sounds of Cyrodiil

Sounds Of Cyrodiil

The game has a lot of sound effects, but they lack variation. Not anymore with sounds of Cyrodiil as it adds thousands of sound discharge points to the game and a total of 250 different sound effects.

The mod aims to revitalize the game through the usage of unique sound effects.

You will be able to recognize the beasts that are prowling in an area just by hearing their far-off growling, NPCs will chat, joke, and bicker, and different sounds will appear depending on the type of area you are in.

You will be able to distinguish between beach sounds different from the mountain. Sounds of Cyrodiil mod is a must-have mod.

Play the mod with headphones, marvel at the range, and influence the audio of a game. No environment is silent anymore.

27. Better Dungeons

Better Dungeons

Better dungeons overhaul each cave in the game by adding new traits include efficient lighting and set pieces, brand new challenges and rewards, unseen treasures, and more. It makes dungeons better.

It adds new treasures and areas to each dungeon by various methods, visually modifies them, and makes each one appears as new as possible.

Better Dungeons changes every cave in Oblivion into something that is improved while also adding a few more puzzling features and qualities to each dungeon.

A fantastic mod, although you might only want to download it if you’ve already ended the game once. Just do not misplace the spirit of the classic Oblivion caves.

26. Kvatch Rebuilt

Kvatch Rebuilt

The city of Kvatch is popular in the world of Oblivion for being a city destroyed by the Oblivion gates, but it sadly never returned to its former glory.

The mod, kvatch rebuilt, corrects this by allowing gamers to help reconstruct the city of Kvatch after they have solved the Oblivion Crisis.

It turns the lifeless city of Kvatch into one of the finest places you can explore in the game. Get your sculpture in the city and fight in the arena to become a new winner!

And just as you thought it was all over, the mod starts to expose the dark mysteries of old Kvatch! Are you interested in getting this mod now?

25. Enhanced Camera

Enhanced Camera

Enhanced Camera makes the playable character’s body visible when shifted to the first-person mode. It also allows gamers to clone their body allowing them to see themselves.

Players can examine their body from any viewpoint and ensuring that scenes that would generally put you in third-person (like execution animations) stay in first-person. The mod makes the first-person feel much more accurate.

This mod enables an observable body when in the first person.  If you’re looking for immersion and the decision to play an entire game in the first person, this is the mod you need to use.

24. Enhanced Water

Enhanced Water

Many mods have tried and failed to make the water more realistic.

However, there is one mod by the name of Enhanced Water that turns the water into a tone of blue that looks like real water, while it also advances the way water appears when it “moves.”

The mod tweaks reflections, watercolors, waves, and almost every setting that alters the way water is rendered in the game in an attempt to make its appearance.

If you’re searching for mods that improve the game’s graphics, this one is a must-have mod.

23. Uncapper


Uncapper is a simple game mod that removes the restriction of upgrading beyond level 100.

When using this mod, gamers will be allowed by the game to receive certain characteristics and abilities after pushing the vanilla game restriction cap at level 100.

Without this mod, your progress is limited to level 100 because of the cap implemented by the game.

The cap of the mod will be altered to 200 if the weapons are broken during a hand-to-hand fight or any other type of change or damage.

22. Oblivion Xp (Version 2)

Oblivion Xp (version 2)

After installing the Oblivion XP mod, Oblivion allows for a much better and modified adventure by providing players with gems or XP upon killing their opponents during adventure tasks.

This mod modifies the way the XP system works in Oblivion.

You’ll also get the skill of exploring new spaces or doing minor things like nourishing off corpses as a vampire.

This mod changes the XP system to something like Creation of Warcraft or characteristic RPGs like Baldur’s Gate, where you earn XP from killing opponents and finishing quests.

21. Darnified UI

Darnified Ui

Darnified UI completely reshapes Oblivion’s user line, modernizing every menu screen to make it work correctly on your screen. It also replaces the sphere map with a beautiful color style.

It’s not a major mod, but it makes everything smoother and easier to use. Fonts are smaller; settings can be adjusted in-game, more information on display, and vastly enhanced hud.

A very handy UI mod that marks the UI as less compressed and zoomed-in and more user welcoming. It’ll work well with the additional mods here, too.

Having this mod will develop the overall gaming knowledge with these little alterations.

20. Alluring Potion Bottle

Alluring Potion Bottle

A mod’s attractiveness is that you get to modify the game down to the T, taking maintenance of the tiny things.

Alluring potion bottle modifies every standard bottle in the Oblivion for much more alluring forms of themselves.

The mod adds an amazing 108 bottles in total, changing the way liquids and drinks look.

There are 108 original beverages and new bottles designed in this mod for you to go through and admire. It is indeed alluring, as the name states.

19. Weapon Expansion Pack

Weapon Expansion Pack

Sometimes when playing against an opponent, one always desires an edge, whether it be better weapons or increased skills. Weapon Expansion Pack adds 625+ new Fine Iron and Rusty Iron weapons to the game.

This mod is qualified to repair Oblivion mods weapons faults, those that the game developers missed. The mod makes it possible to have more than 650+ weapons with new traits in Oblivion.

18. Natural Environments

Natural Environments

Natural Environments hold a series of subtle improvements that work to modify the way the world appears and feels. This mod enhances the environmental components of Elder’s Scrolls IV Oblivion.

With new weather effects, revamped water properties, foliage tweaks, and the addition of birds, natural environments mod does a great work of making Cyrodiil look much more like an existing, living world.

Natural environments are the finest mod for the game. It adds further 40 different weather conditions and seasonal weather forms and repairs some small issues associated with the environment in the vanilla game.

17. Really Aevwd

When starting off in the distance, you may see one thing, but as you got closer, it might not be what you think. This is not only in real life but also in the game too.

Really AEVWD is a mod that looks towards improving the way we see the material in the distance when playing the game, offering a major revamp to the distant views throughout the oblivion world.

This major improvement balances image class against the act to make your favorite game that much more entertaining. It improves upon visual qualities.

With this mod, all distant views are brighter, with detailed towns, forests, mountains, and cities looking much more realistic.

16. Unique Landscapes Compilation

Unique Landscapes Compilation

Sometimes a collection mod is what you need, and Unique Landscapes mod changes many locations, making them more different and fascinating.

As the name suggests, it collects 28 other mods that modify Cyrodiil’s landscapes in diverse and interesting ways.

It fits everything into a single mod that makes your oblivion game texture as alive as can be.

Fresh waterfalls, fantastic new places to explore, and many new minor additions turn Cyrodiil’s land into an area that feels much more in touch with the natural environment as a whole.

15. Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod

Francesco's Leveled Creatures And Items Mod

Oscuro’s Overhaul and Francesco’s leveled creatures and items mod make Oblivion a more adaptable and exciting experience as it changes the leveling system of the beings around you.

This mod aims to produce a more realistic and pleasant Oblivion experience. Mainly at the lower levels of the game, gamers will have a less puzzling experience.

Francesco’s also gives you a choice to turn off many of its characteristics, letting you preserve Oblivion’s core experience and pick the modifications you like best.

14. Engine Bug Fixes

What’s great about mods is that modders can take it to the next level whatever the developers leave behind in the vanilla game.

Engine bug fixes mods are one of those mods and are responsible for fixing all of the invalid and damaging bugs for you giving a much more enhanced gaming experience.

You will never face any viruses or know what an invalid gaming engine looks like because this mod resolves a lot of known harms with Oblivion’s dated game engine and makes the game more advance.

13. Martigen’s Monster Mod

Martigen’s Monster Mod

Looking for a change of environment, characters, and more? Martigen’s monster mod might be something you’re looking for.

The mod adds more than 150 competitors and characteristics to make the game look more different and fill it with a lot of variations.

It will make you discover different kinds of locations, new characters and invite more challenges to your doorstep. Your fights with enemies will never be the same with this mod!

12. Oblivion Randomizer Project

Oblivion Randomizer Project

The Oblivion Randomizer Project mod is the perfect mod for you if you’re looking to turn things upside down in Oblivion.

Meet a worthy foe while playing tutorial! Come across a blunt sword that doesn’t even cut after making an effort to destroy all the enemies in the dungeon!

It’s all a bit crazy, and that is why this mod is one of the best for us.

Expect the unexpected and get trolled while playing Oblivion. The game doesn’t have to be that serious all the time.

This mod completely randomizes most of the game. So far, NPC apparatus and spells have been randomized, but the modders are looking to add more variety to this.

11. Midas’ Magic Spells of Aurum

Midas' Magic Spells Of Aurum

Wouldn’t it be nice to spice up the magic scene in the game?

Yes, we agree with that too, and Midas magic spells of Aurum adds hundreds of new magical capabilities to Oblivion, along with new bases and even makeover powers.

Oblivion is a well-balanced game, but once you’ve added the most powerful spells with the help of this mod, nothing will stand in your way.

Midas Magic improves over 300 new spells to the game, greatly improving upon the base game’s mystic system and getting major props for stylishness.

The mod also adds beam spells, missiles, a ton of new Conjuration commands, and more.

10. Nehrim


Nehrim is a prize-winning TC that repairs almost everything about Oblivion. It takes place on a completely new, original world in a region that’s approximately the size of Cyrodiil.

But because everything in Nehrim is customized and placed by hand instead of procedurally created.

The world of Nehrim is much more strongly designed, packed with content and mysteries to discover at every chance.

9. Dynamic Map

Dynamic Map

The dynamic map is a mod that offers a detailed map that continuously updates to whatever modifications you’ve made in the game. Any mods that add different cities will reflect in this Dynamic Map mod!

It modifies the map to show whichever new items the gamer may have added to Oblivion. Dynamic Map makes the realm map reflect what you have added in your active mod inventory.

It also adds color to the map, which matches the genuine environment of Oblivion. You can even zoom into and out of the map.

There are four different and new base map choices. This is the finest map mod that you can install for Oblivion.

8. Natural Faces

Natural Faces

The game is pretty old, but even back in the times when it was new, you could tell that something was a bit off with the character appearances in the game.

Natural Faces intends to fix these minor problems associated with visual things like shadings, textures, expressions, and more.

It also fixes the lip-sync problem that the game has, whereby the lips do not move according to the speech that is narrated. This mod tries to immerse gamers by working on the visual details of characters.

7. Blockhead


Blockhead lets gamers bypass the game’s current restrictions by allowing gamers to make modifications to the head and body of characters, override animations of NPCs, have asparagus for breakfast, and more.

The purpose of the mod is to get a laugh or two and believe us. You’ll get a good laugh after having your way with the characters. It’s a great way to unwind and not take things too seriously.

6. Oblivion Graphics Extender

Oblivion Graphics Extender

Many mods make the game’s visuals more stunning, but we consider this one, Oblivion graphics extender, to be the greatest of the bunch.

Combine this remarkable mod with the Landscapes mod and throw in the flora and grass repairs, and you’ll be set to embark on one of the most exceptional adventures of your practical life.

Better-quality textures, enhanced lighting and characters, and more, the mod permits the gamer to develop Oblivion’s graphical engine and take it to the next level.

5. Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

This unofficial Oblivion patch is necessary for getting into Oblivion Nexus on a computer. This patch aids in fixing 1800 bugs and viruses starting from the moving rocks, animation faults, and many more.

We understand that the mod or patch created by the developers will be the best, however, currently, there is no other option, and this is your next best thing to having a great gaming experience.

4. Coronerras Maximum Compatibility

Coronerras Maximum Compatibility

Coronerras maximum capability mod is for all those looking for a unique gameplay. The mod itself won’t do anything however, with a combination of a few mods, you can achieve the unimaginable.

The mod makes all parts of the character’s body interact with others.

An imaginary mod with lots of modification options like improved animation skeletons where you can control even the bones. The possibilities of what you can do are endless.

3. Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul

Maskbar’s Oblivion Overhaul

Another repair mod that greatly changes many features of Oblivion is Maskbar’s oblivion overhaul.

This mod adds changeable encounters, upgraded tool, and apparatus drops, the ability to pretend death, introduces set-ups and the ability to deactivate them, resource assembly, wealth hunts, and more.

With this mod activated, you can destroy your enemy in so many unimaginable ways. Maskbar’s oblivion overhaul mod is one heck of a mod and is a must-have on your mod inventory list.

2. Oblivion Reloaded

The game, although fantastic, has certain graphical limitations due to the year it was developed in.

In order to combat that, gamers are looking towards mods, and Oblivion Reloaded eliminates many of the graphical restrictions that come inserted into the Oblivion core.

It sets free the post-processing feature of Oblivion and adds a ton of different tweaks to nature, weather, and beings. A must-have mod for the visual’s enthusiast.

It makes many changes to Oblivion, eliminating several restrictions and adding unique graphic effects.

1. Immersive Weapons

Immersive Weapons

There is a massive quantity of weapons in Oblivion for gamers to obtain, but immersive weapons mod makes this amount even higher by adding hundreds of extra weapons to the oblivion game.

Now you can destroy your enemies with swords, knives, cutlasses, spears, mauls, and more. It combines all the other weapons mod to provide a plethora of options to go through.

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of the top 42 best Oblivion mods. We tried to add something for everyone, from graphical enhancements to completely new and unique storylines that will keep you entertained for hours.

Let us know which mods you enjoy playing with or any mod that we have missed and worth noting down. We will be more than glad to have a look at it.

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