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Top 28 Best Witcher 3 Mods [2024]

Top 28 Best Witcher 3 Mods [2024]

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the third installment to CD Project Red’s hit RPG series based on the Witcher novels, came out in 2015 to universal acclaim on all platforms.

Ever since then, we’ve seen the developers come out with both free and paid DLC.

Along with these, the community created a whole host of mods that adds content, systems, and quality of life improvements to this beloved game.

Here we’ll be looking at some of the best mods that you can get right now to improve your Witcher experience or change it altogether.

Best Mods for Witcher 3

28. Super Turbo Lighting

Super Turbo Lighting

When the Witcher 3 demo was first shown off during E3, people were amazed by the graphics, including the lighting. However, when the final version was released, the lighting didn’t match the demo versions.

The Super Turbo Lighting returns the stunning lighting effects of the original demo Witcher 3 into the final version.

Witcher 3 is a beautiful game with many mods out there to truly capture the environments, and this lighting mod helps enhance these experiences!

27. No Fall Damage

No Fall Damage

Fall damage is always an annoying type of damage in any game, especially when it has the chance to out right kill your character even from a short distance.

The No Fall Damageremoves the damage Geralt takes when taking a fall, no matter from how high.

With this mod, you can easily jump down from ledges and cliffs without fear of dying or taking extensive damage, making for a quick escape or easy travel.

26. Always Full Exp

Always Full Exp

Ever completed a complex quest only for the experience points to be next to nothing? Many Witcher 3 players have this complaint and want a more balanced experience when playing.

The Always Full EXP mod offers multiple options that alter the experience points from all quests.

This mod is separated into five variants: Always Full, Always Difficulty, Always Mixed, Always DLC, and Always Neovalen.

Each variant will change how much experience you will earn depending on difficulty, the type of quest, and so on.

This is a mod for any player who wants a more balanced EXP earning system in their next playthrough!

25. Unification Patch

Unification Patch

The Unification Patch is a community-made patch that alters base game scripts and unifies GOTY and non-GOTY versions of the game, making them identical.

This is important because it makes it so no matter what version you have, you can be sure that the community-made mods that alter scripts will be compatible with your game.

Unification Patch is a great mod to ensure that you’re able to play as many script-altering mods in the vanilla game as possible without having any of the mods crashing on you while you play.

24. High Quality Faces

High Quality Faces

The Witcher 3 and The Witcher series as a whole is known for its compelling story and memorable characters.

The High Quality Faces mod looks to help with the presentation of these characters by increasing the quality of the faces of almost every character and NPC in the game.

According to the mod author, the mod is almost complete, applying to all Main and Secondary characters and about 80% of common NPCs.

Use this mod to alleviate your gameplay to another level as now you’ll be able to distinguish characters facing providing you with that complete experience.

23. E3fx


Post-processing effects can do a lot to pretty a game up. The mod E3FX is one of the best post-processing mods for the Witcher 3.

It is a Reshade frameworks package that has the goal of making your game look good.

The mod has a good amount of choice as well, with its shader presets coming in five different styles.

We’ve all enjoyed the preset trailer that was released with vibrant colors and stunning visuals.

You can have all of that vibe in the current game!

22. The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project

The Witcher 3 Hd Reworked Project

The Witcher 3 was one of the best-looking games around when it came out in 2015, but now in 2021, it definitely starts to show its age.

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project looks to bring the game’s textures, meshes, and LODs up to the standard of the latest releases we have today.

The mod is a total overhaul of the game’s visuals with 4k textures and high-quality meshes, all while maintaining the original artistic vision of the developers.

Gone are the days where you could identify pixels on Geralt’s face. Bask in the madness of 4K as crisp Geralt sparkles in all his glory while tackling his enemies’ heads on.

21. Beautiful Grass Mod V3

Beautiful Grass Mod V3

We believe that mods that look to improve a game’s visuals have the most impact when they improve parts of the game the player is always looking at or interacting with.

With this in mind, the Beautiful Grass Mod V3 ticks that box, as you’ll constantly be looking at foliage as you travel across the Northern Kingdoms.

This mod improves the visual quality of the grass in the game and upscales it to 4K quality giving you an immersive feel as Geralt swiftly moves around the foliage in his shiny-laden armor.

20. Bootstrap and Utilities

Bootstrap And Utilities

The Bootstrap and Utilities mod is a mod utility that provides a standardized method for other small mods to auto start with compatibility with each other.

The community patch allows for a simple method of installing small mods from the community that supports the patch.

Unlike mod managers, bootstrap and utilities is not really a mod utility for larger mods in the game. We recommend sticking with small mods so that there are no errors while you play the game.

19. Increased Draw Distance

Increased Draw Distance

The Witcher 3 has some beautiful landscapes. It’s a shame that you can’t see them from further away!

Maybe this is due to rendering, who knows, but the Increased Draw Distance mod looks to improve on that.

It does exactly what it says. It allows players to customize the in-game draw distance and level of detail of distant objects.

Now you can enjoy the landscapes the game has to offer without any bugs.

This is also one of the mods that use the Bootstrap patch mentioned earlier, so if you wanted to check it out, be sure to get that one alongside this.

18. Hdmr – HD Monsters Reworked Mod

Hdmr Hd Monsters Reworked Mod

Another memorable aspect of the Witcher games is the unique monsters it has, drawn from Polish folklore.

If you’re going to be improving the game’s visuals with mods, don’t forget this one.

HDMR – HD Monsters Reworked mod looks to bring back a bit of the otherworldly feel of these creatures by improving the textures and maps of the Monsters in the game.

The author has taken care to keep the general look envisioned by CD Project Red while adding over 1,000 plus textures to make the monsters a bit different.

17. Fast Travel From Anywhere

Fast Travel From Anywhere

We thought the way the Witcher 3 did fast traveling was quite good. It is fair and somewhat immersive, having you go to a signpost first before you can fast travel.

However, if you are already a few playthroughs in, you might be in the mood and just want to go straight to the action.

Fast Travel from Anywhere lets you fast travel no matter where you are. Simple as that.

It eliminates the realism that comes with open-world games, but some gamers might feel that the aspect of traveling can be time-consuming.

With this mod, you don’t need to approach a signboard for fast travels.

16. Slots Slots Slots

Slots Slots Slots

In the same vein as the previous mod, Slots Slots SLOTS just lets you get straight to it and is sort of cheat-y.

It adds many additional skills and mutagen slots to the GUI that is fully functional. Gamers can now add over 100 skill slots!

The mod also allows you to activate multiple mutagens at the same time, all options are fully configurable in the mod.

It’s gamepad-friendly, and you even get a balanced version with this mod if you don’t want it to be too overpowered.

15. Atmospheric Nights

Atmospheric Nights

Sometimes, the game lacks immersion and realism when you walk into a bar or a closed area.

This is because most of these areas are well lit, which can affect the mood in the game for some like us.

Atmospheric Nights is a mod that reworks the lighting systems of the game, radically changing the atmosphere of the night.

The stated goal of the mod is to make the night feel closer to the tone of the game itself. Gritty, dark, and sometimes brutal.

14. Increased Creature Loot

Increased Creature Loot

Some people like grinding, and if you do, this mod is not for you. It can be frustrating after hunting a couple of animals, you still don’t have any loot to take home. Not anymore.

Increased Creature Loot makes it, so all creatures and monsters always drop loot.

It’s not THAT simple, though, as there are 5 different installation choices for you to pick from that change up the balance in different ways.

If you don’t want to lose too much balance in the game, you can select from those configurations.

13. All Quest Objectives on Map

All Quest Objectives On Map

The Witcher 3 only shows one quest marker at a time. This keeps the map from getting cluttered, but you might want a reminder for all those quests you have backing up in your journal.

All Quest Objectives On Map says it all in the title. It shows all of the player’s active quests you have on the map.

There is also the option to change which objective you are currently tracking.

This is a great way to reroute whenever you want to a nearby quest rather than heading to the primary quest first. Eliminate quests that are nearer to you to save on time!

12. Jump in Shallow Water

Jump In Shallow Water

Jumping in 3rd person in an RPG game is fun. It’s not fun when you can’t. Jump in Shallow Water does exactly what it says.

Geralt can now jump when moving in shallow waters. Such physical skills were not possible before, and we all know how gamers like splashing around in a body of water.

It’s simple and effective.

11. Random Encounters

Random Encounters

Putting things in between points of interest can be a good way to encourage traveling on the map instead of fast traveling.

Random Encounters adds random encounter enemies all across the game world.

These include ground-based monsters, flying monsters, wild hunt enemies, and human enemies.

The frequency and time between respawning of enemies are all completely configurable. Spice up the gameplay with some random activities, you’d never expect it!

10. Friendly Hud

Friendly Hud

The Witcher 3’s HUD is pretty good, but it’s always nice to have more options to get it exactly how you like it. This is especially true in an RPG where you have a lot to keep track of.

Friendly HUD makes general improvements to in-game menus as well as allows you to configure your HUD.

All of the changes it makes are also configurable, so you can turn some of them off if you are not particularly happy with what they do.

9. Autoloot the Items You Want

Autoloot The Items You Want

AutoLoot the items you want is a nice quality of life mod that allows you to set an item that you want to auto-loot, so you don’t have to open the loot menu every time you want to pick something up.

There are several categories and filters of loot items that you could want that will be automatically looted. Rest assured, though, it does not auto steal.

The mod makes the game easier to play with and helps you save time on picking up the loot if you didn’t have this mod before.

8. All NPC Scabbards

All Npc Scabbards

Small things can help a lot with immersion. The little details in the world show us it is indeed alive and lived-in. All NPC Scabbards is one such “little detail” mod.

It might be a little pedantic for some but isn’t it strange how everyone wears their swords bare and exposed to the elements.

This mod adds scabbards and sheaths to all swords worn by NPCs in the game. This includes swords on NPCs added from the DLCs as well.

Those with OCD can finally take a sigh of relief and thank the modding gods for such a blessing.

7. TW3 Gameplay Tweaks

Tw3 Gameplay Tweaks

TW3 Gameplay Tweaks makes small and simple changes to The Witcher 3 that are the most commonly used by the community.

These range from the prices, to level restrictions, to fast traveling.

All of these tweaks are modular and can be turned on or off whenever you like. This is built to be used with the unification patch.

6. FCR3 – Immersion and Gameplay Tweaks

Fcr3 Immersion And Gameplay Tweaks

FCR3 – Immersion and Gameplay Tweaks is another small gameplay tweak mod.

But unlike the TW3 Gameplay Tweaks mod, this one focuses on tweaking small immersion breakers and buffing underused or underpowered skills and items.

It also looks to nerf the more overpowered items and abilities to bring back a bit of challenge to the game.

The mod is great in fixing small things that you may notice from time to time, creating a seamless gaming experience.

5. Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions

Remove Weapon And Armor Level Restrictions

Level requirements are a staple of RPGs, especially in classic titles.

Modern RPGs have moved away from this somewhat, but the Witcher has a quite pronounced level requirement system. For some, this can feel limiting, though.

Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions makes it so you can equip any weapon or piece of armor regardless of your level.

This makes the gameplay so much easier without having to wait for leveling up before you can use a weapon or wear and equipment.

Some might say it eliminates the fun in leveling up, but we like to turn this mod on when no one’s looking.

4. Ultra Gore 2 – A Dismemberment Mod

Ultra Gore 2 A Dismemberment Mod

Perhaps not for everyone, Ultra Gore 2 – A Dismemberment Mod makes it so all enemies that can be dismembered will always be dismembered upon death.

This may not be exactly “gameplay” or even all that realistic, but we think it makes Geralt seem just that much more powerful and the game grittier and brutal.

The mod is pretty fun if you let go of the fact that the dismemberment scenes are not that real.

At least they’re something which wasn’t present before, and we’re sure this will appeal to our gore-fest audience.

3. Friendly Meditation

Friendly Meditation

We think immersion is an important thing to take into account when making a believable fantasy world.

Part of this is keeping the player connected to the world, but things like menus and game-y aspects take you out of it.

Friendly Meditation keeps you in the game as it allows you to meditate in real-time in the game.

This means it takes away the meditation menu and HUD and lets you admire the landscape as everything moves fast forward while you meditate. It’s surreal and perfect!

2. Weather Enhanced

Weather Enhanced

The world is as much of a character as any other in an RPG by having its personality and patterns.

Weather Enhanced is a mod that introduces a variety of different weathers to the game bringing it to life.

It includes a collection of extreme weathers and some gentler weather conditions where appropriate across the game world.

For example, the Storms in Skellige are more intense than they are in Novigrad, and one can expect the weather to be summer-y in Toussaint.  It’s fantastic!

1. E3dodgesystem


Probably the most important aspect that needs to be injected with immersion is Geralt himself by making the player feel like a Witcher. We think E3DodgeSystem does just that.

It changes up the animations, Geralt’s dodges, and combat animations to be more like that shown in the E3 gameplay trailers.

Geralt feels mightier than ever having that nimbler Witcher feel to them, with quick sidesteps and changing the rolls.

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