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Top 10 Best Stellaris Mods [2022]

Top 10 Best Stellaris Mods [2022]

Stellaris is one of the best grand strategy design games of all time a game about diplomacy, strategy, and war.

The immersion of the universe, mechanics, and the gameplay is worth getting into, but the space battles are what Stellaris is all about.

Although the game received high praise, we believe that our list of the top 10 best Stellaris mods will have you hooked to your computer for days to come.

Best Stellaris Mods

10. Star Trek: New Horizons

Star Trek New Horizons

Star Trek: New Horizons is by far the best mod for the game. It contains everything from graphical enhancements to ships, buildings, and more found in the famous franchise Star Trek.

The mod copies every aspect of the series Star Trek providing a complete immersion into the franchise.

There are many different races for players to choose from and many events and races to indulge in.

The mod is perfect for all those that fangirl about the franchise and can’t seem to get enough. There is an entirely new tech tree as well that you can start to explore.

9. UI Overhaul Dynamic

Ui Overhaul Dynamic

A gamer would instantly notice when playing this game is how the UI starts to have trouble adapting when switched to higher resolutions.

It becomes very difficult to view the user interface and can even cause blindness if you start to look at it too much, well, not really blindness, but it’s very difficult to view.

UI overhaul dynamic is a combination of mods that look towards fixing this issue.

The mod changes the font, alters the backdrop image, and ensures that the user interfaces no longer cause any viewing problems. This is one quality of life mod that you need.

8. Improved Space Battles

Improved Space Battles

Don’t you hate it when you’re in the middle of a space fight, and upon zooming in, you’re completely disgusted?

Not anymore, as improved space battles provide you the right graphics to enjoy an intense space war.

Now you can watch your soldiers take up arms against your legendary foe as they bring them to their knees and show them the true might of your great empire.

Yes, the space fights are more epic and more legendary with this mod. Don’t just believe us, try it for yourself.

7. More Events Mod

More Events Mod

If you feel that the game is slowing down and is not keeping your interests at the level they were at when playing the game for the first time, then get more events mod.

The mod introduces small events that might stumble across your way and keep your interests peaked.

These events are not something grand or part of the storyline but some nibbles for you to feed on before you get ready for your meal, the main mission.

6. Alpha Mod 2.8

Alpha Mod 2.8

Alpha mod 2.8 is a mod to look out for if you want to stay tuned to the world of Stellaris.

The mod is a complete expansion of the vanilla game and introduces new buildings, ships, governments, and more so that players get to experience new things while staying in the fascinating kingdom that is Stellaris.

The mod keeps on updating regularly so that you don’t get bored of any component any time. How perfect is that?

5. Real Space 3.7

Real Space 3.7

If you’re a big fan of the real, the real space 3.7 will shake your boots up as it brings real science into the game.

The mod adds a complete solar system, in fact, a bunch of stars into the galaxy. As you look closer into the galaxy, you will notice how real these stars are.

They will spit out gases while moving around the galaxy and more.

You can even add a lot of things like space weather and clusters of stars into the mix, making it the best mod for you if you enjoy staring at the stars.

4. Dedicated Worlds

Dedicated Worlds

If you’re the kind of gamer that loves to go big or go home, then the dedicated worlds mod is the one you’re looking for.

The mod adds nine different planets allowing gamers to colonize or dedicate those worlds to a particular development like.

For example, one world can be completely dedicated to agriculture to feed the population while the others can have residents simply living and enjoying their lives and so on.

This way, you can ensure that everything is running as efficiently as possible.

3. Realistic Camera

Realistic Camera

Are you a gamer that can resist graphics or, in this case, stunning views?

The realistic camera mod is not a graphic enhancement mod but a simple camera mod that allows gamers to adjust their cameras, zoom out and look around wherever they feel like without being restricted with one view.

You can get as close to the sun without getting burnt or even witness the moon glow in the darkest of the nights.

It’s pretty stunning to watch, and we recommend the mod to everyone who enjoys a bit of a view now and then.

2. Gods & Guardians

Gods & Guardians

Control the natives and take destiny in your hands, for you are a God sent to guide mankind. Gods & guardians allow gamers to control the natives, enslave them and let them do your bidding.

The decision to choose whether you want to destroy other races or enslave your own lies in your hands.

You can lead the natives to victory or simply enslave them under your reign, the decision is yours.

1. Sins of the Prophets

Sins Of The Prophets

What is a space game without some visually stunning spaceships?

Sins of the prophets ensures that you have some of the best space battles of all time as you rock out beautifully crafted spaceships like a corvette, destroyer, and more.

No more roaming around in dull, boring spaceships. After installing the mod gods and guardians, sins of the prophets will truly make you feel like a god as you cruise past galaxies towards a war that you’re sure to win.

Get your seat belts on as the groove is about to start.