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Top 23 Best Angry Anime Girl [2024]

Top 23 Best Angry Anime Girl [2024]

Anime girls who can make men cower in fear deserve all the praise and respect we can give them.

It can’t be easy being mad all the time, but these characters stepped up to the challenge and gave us the best texture all shows must have: a strong woman unfettered by the usual roles assigned to their gender.

Who says girls have to be the submissive ones in every adventure? Not these girls, definitely.

Best Angry Anime Girl

23. Tsunade, Naruto

Tsunade, Naruto

Tsunade is older than she looks, with the attitude to go along with it. She is a tough ninja who, while she has severe poor luck, is extremely supportive with a strong will and belief about attain dreams.

After meeting Naruto, she rethought about her cynic nature and began to dream once more after losing those she loved. However, Tsunade is also short-tempered.

She strikes and strikes down hard when she’s in a bad mood. Especially when it comes to Naruto’s immaturity or Jiraiya’s advances or perviness.

But when she became Hokage, Tsunade stood tall for the sake of her lost loved ones and for the future generation.

22. Himiko Toga, My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga, My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga, the infamous sadistic yet cheerful young villain, isn’t known for her angry side. In fact, Himiko can be quite compassionate at times.

However, she is prone to severe mood swings and becomes enraged when a comrade is hurt.

Alongside her normal twisted nature and warped perception of affection and friendship, Himiko sets out to kill anyone in a fit of rage who is to blame.

She even picked up the philosophy of destroying whatever she hates, which pairs dangerously with her instability.

However, for a villain, Toga expresses many emotions and does desperately want to connect with others, searching for someone who understands what she feels.

21. Bulma, Dragon Ball Z

Bulma, Dragon Ball Z

Bulma is one of the most temperamental characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. She can be sweet and girly at one moment, then tomboyish and angry the next.

She is a devoted wife and mother with a brilliant mind as a scientist, but in many circumstances, she can be cross, brash, and sometimes violent. However, when she needs to defend herself, Bulma does try to stand up for herself.

One of the key moments of her showcasing her anger, though, is when she is flying. She becomes easily angry with anyone on board. Namek and Krillin even said that an angry Bulma is scarier than Frieza.

20. Skuld, Ah! My Goddess

Skuld, Ah! My Goddess

Skuld is a child prodigy who was first introduced to the anime series to get a little action between Keiichi Morisato and Belldandy. But of course, she’s pretty interesting herself.

That’s why the showrunners probably allowed her to stop being just a plot point but rather have a character of her own.

To tell you the truth, Skuld acts the way she does because she’s pretty much lashing out as the youngest of the Norns. She wants to be treated like an adult, but whatever she does and no matter how smart she can be, Skuld is relegated to the sidelines because of her age.

However, from a viewer’s perspective, I kind of get annoyed with her sometimes because of the way she gets in between Bell and Keiichi, especially since we know that she doesn’t actually like the guy. She just admires his brains, that’s all.

19. Envy, Fma

Envy, Fma

This one might be a cheat, because technically, Envy is genderless, but seeing as she usually presents as a female, we have to include her on this list.

Out of all the homunculus, Envy bears the most resentment towards humans and exists for the sole purpose of making humans suffer.

Ruthless, callous, and sinister, Envy takes great pride and joy in wreaking havoc and ruining human relationships, particularly because it feels quite envious about the inner strength and connections that humans are able to forge.

If I was Envy, I’d be mad all the time, too.

18. Nami, One Piece

Nami, One Piece

If you were aboard the Going Merry along with the entire One Piece gang, Nami’s the one you should watch out for.

She has lived her whole life in pain and resentment, and she’s unwittingly passing it on to most of the people she knows. She’s irritable and easily agitated, though it’s only a manifestation of her many fears.

She has lost way too many important things and people in her life, which is why she puts up this tough exterior to shield herself from getting too attached (and too hurt) again.

Would you believe she eventually became part of Luffy’s crew despite her unadulterated hatred of pirates at the start of the story?

17. Ryuko Matoi, Kill la Kill

Kill La Kill

Just like Nami (and most of the angry anime girls on this list), Ryuko’s cold and stubborn personality is a direct result of her living a rough life.

Her father was killed when she was young, and she wants nothing more in life than to find her father’s murderer so she can exact revenge — at any cost.

Without much to lose, Ryuko doesn’t have much to fear. She can be vile and cruel if she wants to, but she undergoes impressive character development after coming across people who genuinely love her and care about her.

She’s still a bit irritable with them, though, despite her growing connection with Mako and Senketsu.

16. Sakura Haruno, Naruto

Sakura Haruno, Naruto

Sakura spends most of season one being mad at Naruto and how he never seems to take anything seriously. She could not reciprocate Naruto’s feelings for her because she prefers Sasuke, who is always so calm, stoic, and even a bit cold.

Naruto’s silly antics always drive Sakura to the height of anger, as do Inno’s haughty moves to try and be with Sasuke, the same cool guy she likes.

When she’s not done being angry, though, she’s a very keen observer who cares a lot about her village, so much so that she committed to being a special kind of ninja — a medical one at that.

Who knew someone who’s angry all the time has it in her to be a healer?

15. Asuka Langley Soryu, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Asuka Langley Souryuu, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Just like Skuld, Asuka Langley Souryuu is a mad genius. What I mean to say is she’s really intelligent in many aspects — like her fluency in many languages and, of course, her skills as an Evangelion pilot.

However, this competency kind of allowed Asuka to place herself on a pedestal, thus becoming exceptionally prideful and easily gets mad when she is bested by someone who she deems is not as great as herself… like Shinji, for example.

This kind of put her in a bad light because, well, they were nearing the end of the world during those times, so there isn’t any room for some smarty pants privilege kid like you, Asuka.

14. Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail

Erza from Fairy Tail isn’t technically always angry. She just keeps a stern face because of her dark past as a child laborer for the Tower of Heaven, where she was the only one to escape.

This caused her to vow never to cry again. However, Erza does feel a whole range of emotions, and she’s definitely one of the strongest members of Fairy Tail and respected as Titania by allies and enemies alike.

There is so much more to Erza than her apparently smoky temper. Let’s just say that she only really gets mad when someone commits injustice or when someone hurts her beloved Fairy Tail.

13. Asuna Yuuki, Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki, Sword Art Online

Just like Erza Scarlet, Asuna Yuuki doesn’t really get mad too often.

Both of them exude a kind of confidence and ruthlessness that only someone who’s pretty competent can afford to have, especially in a place like a video game where the game over can literally mean death.

However, upon meeting Kirito for the first time and getting to know him a little, Asuna actually changes from a stoic battle-hardened girl to someone who can have fun at least for a little while.

12. Revy, Black Lagoon

Revy, Black Lagoon

There’s a very easy way to tell if this badass sniper is mad or not. When she’s talkative, even though she sounds angry, you’re still good. However, the moment she withdraws from the conversation, you know trouble is coming.

Now, when she starts fiddling with her guns, you’ve got to run — not that running will do you any good when you’re up against two Hands Revy.

She’s ruthless and skilled — a deadly combination for a marksman. Add that to the fact that killing and hurting other people puts her in a good mood, and you have a pretty good picture of what this mad woman is like.

11. Meiko Shiraki, Prison School

As vice president of the secret student council, Meiko is very sadistic and is a nightmare to any boy who falls under her watch during detention.

Can you imagine a fellow student lounging about with her very own horsewhip, ready to punish whoever does not do her bidding? That’s Meiko Shiraki for you.

Her surly mood often provokes other people around her, which benefits Meiko because she likes showing off her strength through fighting and arm wrestling competitions, just to prove that she’s the strongest in the institution.

10. Hiyori Sarugaki, Bleach

Hiyori Sarugaki, Bleach

While Skuld makes up for her young age by being a bit annoying, Hiroyi Sarugaki compensates for her short stature by being a totally aggressive chick! She has a short fuse and sometimes displays a violent demeanor, especially to Shinji Hirako.

Aside from being ill-tempered, Hiroyi is pretty ill-mannered, too. It kind of looks like she has no respect for authority whatsoever.

The only person Hiroyi showed a bit of respect is Kirio Hikifune, who was her former captain and mother figure. Hiroyi goes as far as treat her new captain Kisuke Urahara with unveiled disgust.

9. San, Mononoke Hime

San, Mononoke Hime

San has one of the saddest origin stories in all of anime. Having been abandoned by her parents in the forest, she was taken in and raised by a pack of wolves as one of their own.

She thus grows up with a lot of animalistic instincts, including courage, a short temper, and a keenness to protect her own, even if it means putting her own life on the line.

Upon learning about her true heritage, San contemplates just coming home and resuming her life as a normal girl, but she finds that she may be human, but her heart will always remain with the species that took her in even when they didn’t have an obligation to do so.

8. Aisaka Taiga, Toradora

Aisaka Taiga, Toradora

If Aisaka Taiga was known for anything, that would be her brutal demeanor to everyone. That plus the fact that she’s too dang short for a high school student caused her to earn the nickname, Palmtop Tiger, in school.

But deep inside, we learned that Taiga is just pretty lonely because she belonged to a broken family.

However, that’s no excuse for being such a sadist to everyone around her, even to Ryuuji Takasu. In fact, the fated lovers actually met after Taiga punches Ryuuji.

7. Izumi Curtis, Fma

Izumi Curtis, Fma

This master alchemist is almost never seen without a frown on her face, which is truly not reflective of how kind her heart is.

She doesn’t usually take on students, but she accepted Elric brothers under her wing when they pleaded that they really needed her help.

She taught both of them in martial arts and alchemical theory, allowing her to become their long-term guide and trusted advisor when it comes to all things alchemy.

6. Misaki Ayuzawa, Kaichou WA Maid-sama!

Misaki Ayuzawa, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!

A change in the family also caused the formerly sweet and gentle Misaki Ayuzawa. However, when her dad left them, she developed a tough exterior and built up a wall around her, especially with men, because she ultimately thought that all boys are like that.

This caused friction with the boys of Seika High School, where she was elected as student president.

But behind her strict and no BS attitude, she secretly works as a part-time maid at a Cafe. It took a while before another student, a boy, learned of Misaki’s closely guarded secret, and that’s where the trouble started for this hardworking gal.

5. Kaname Chidori, Full Metal Panic

Kaname Chidori, Full Metal Panic

Sure, Chidori may be the ‘kind of girl everyone looks up to,’ but not everyone can actually handle her tenacity and toughness once they see it up close.

She spent her early years traveling between Japan to the U.S. until she eventually lost her original identity.

She was often described as being ‘too Japanese’ for America — and too ‘westernized’ for Japanese. Her frequent lash outs must be a manifestation of her vulnerabilities, and how she never really felt 100% welcome anywhere.

4. Aquarius, Fairy Tail

Here’s another entry from Fairy Tail. Aquarius is the personification of the Aquarius Zodiac, who has a contract with Lucy Heartfilia.

She always has a bad attitude, especially towards the celestial wizard Lucy, even after Lucy entered into a contract with Aquarius’ boyfriend, Scorpio.

Aquarius is only willing to help Lucy out when even Lucy herself would get drowned in her water rush. Lucy actually fears her because she’s pretty powerful, so Lucy treats her with respect, but that never works on the blue-haired mermaid.

But her relationship with Lucy is actually pretty deep, considering her first master was Lucy’s mom Layla.

Aquarius gets irritated with Lucy because back when she was a child, Lucy would always summon the water bearer to be her playmate. Pretty sad if you’d ask me.

3. Umiko Ahagon, New Game!

Umiko Ahagon, New Game!

The rational reason as to why Umiko Ahagon of New Game looks so intimidating is because she’s a pretty strict boss. She is working as the leader of Eagle Jump’s programming team, and it looks like that’s a pretty stressful job as it is.

So she doesn’t really care if she needs to shout at her team to get the necessary work done. While she’s pretty scary most of the time, she also shows softer emotions at times and hides her lack of self-esteem.

Speaking of which, Umiko also gets irrationally mad when people call her by her last name. They say it has something to do with her name ending in “gon,” but maybe she really just doesn’t like it.

2. Touka, Tokyo Ghoul

Touka, Tokyo Ghoul

This former waitress detests what she has become, and she tries to hold on to both her humanity and her ghoul identity.

As a result, she is usually rash and snaps on other people a lot because she’s terribly tired living a double life all the time.

If I had such a wonderful human life that had to say goodbye so I could focus on being a monster, I think I’d be more reckless and ruthless, but Touka has her reasons for not losing her mind. Do you think he knows that I know?

1. Lucy, Elfen Lied

Lucy, Elfen Lied

Lucy from Elfen Lied has a really good reason to look so merciless and scary all the time. She’s probably the most tortured anime in the history of anime.

Because of experiencing such unspeakable torment, she develops an emotionless state and a hunger for vengeance, which she was able to get after a pretty gorey killing spree.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, the top 20 best angry anime girls on this list really do have good enough reasons to be furious at someone or in life in general.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a quality worth emulating. Anger is just like any emotion that must be expressed in a healthy way and must never be directed towards other people if possible.

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