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Top 15 Best Dark Souls Remastered Mods [2024]

Top 15 Best Dark Souls Remastered Mods [2024]

Dark Souls brought punishing difficulty, environmental storytelling, and sheer frustration back into the spotlight.

Dark Souls Remastered brought it to a new generation of gamers, with plenty of newcomers.

There are few games that can match the sheer depth and complexity that From Software brings to the industry.

From its expansive world to its unforgiving enemies, the game can be both a challenge and a joy. But what if you want to make your experience a little bit more unique?

That’s where mods come in!

Best Mods for Dark Souls Remastered

If you’ve already conquered what the vanilla version has to offer, don’t worry; there are countless mods available for Dark Souls Remastered that can help tweak your experience and give you plenty of new challenges to tackle.

15. Display Soul Values

Display Soul Values

Souls are both the currency and the experience points in the world of Dark Souls Remastered! So, why is it such a secret how much each consumable will give?

Ready to get the most out of your soul-giving items?

Look no further than Display Soul Values! This mod adds an in-game way to see exactly how many souls you’ll get when you use each item.

Choose between either the icon display mode or text, and it’ll let you know exactly what rewards lie in store with every item.

14. New Interface Icons Remastered

New Interface Icons Remastered

It’s frustrating when the small UI icons in games are grainy and hard to see.

An interface icon should be snappy and easily identifiable – something which the mod New Interface Icons Remastered addresses.

It overhauls all of the icons in Dark Souls Remastered with crisp and vibrant new sprites to make your play-through easier than ever before.

Navigating menus, items, and skills has never been easier on the eyes, cutting down on fatigue.

Don’t underestimate this quality of life increase; we’re fans.

13. Mod Manager

Mod Manager

You shouldn’t need to be an IT professional to manage your games’ mods, right? We think so.

With this Mod Manager for Dark Souls Remastered, you can easily organize and enable/disable mods with just a few clicks.

No more manually configuring files or tinkering with complicated settings.

Make the most out of your modded experience by getting organized first!

This manager has a great drag-and-drop interface that’s super intuitive.

12. Enhanced Lighting and Effects

Enhanced Lighting And Effects

ReShade is an awesome 3rd party tool that you can use to tweak every aspect of your favorite games’ visual effects.

Dark Souls Remastered is no exception, and this Enhanced Lighting and Effects mod takes full advantage of ReShade’s capabilities to bring the game world to life in a whole new way.

From the depth of field to sharper colors, this mod ramps up the graphical fidelity with careful adjustments that don’t sacrifice performance.

With Enhanced Lighting & Effects for Dark Souls Remastered, you’ll get access to dozens of new filters and shaders to make your adventure look even more beautiful than before.

Increase bloom or sharpen edges with the press of a button; it’s all up to you!

11. Dark Souls Item Randomizer

Dark Souls Item Randomizer

Randomizer mods offer gamers a chance to experience unexpected trials and fun playthroughs in games they’ve already played for hours.

Make your next Dark Souls playthrough unique and full of surprises with the Dark Souls Item Randomizer!

With options ranging from difficulty level to an adjustable RNG item seed, you can create a personalized randomizer that will make sure each round is as thrilling as possible.

Create an unforgettable adventure – no two players have the same journey! But they can if you sync up your seed value and other settings, giving this randomizer multiplayer capabilities others don’t.

10. Dsr 2020 Textures

Dsr 2020 Textures

Dark Souls isn’t the oldest title around, but some of its models and textures could use a little bit of TLC; that’s exactly what this mod does.

The DSR 2020 texture pack replaces the models and textures on enemies, objects, and maps with new versions that are better suited to large, high-resolution monitors while still keeping the aesthetic in line with the original game.

With these textures, you’ll never have to worry about popping pixels or muddy textures crashing the immersion. The game just flat-out looks better.

Play Dark Souls Remastered with confidence and clarity; these new textures will give you a visual edge on your journey.

9. Nier: Automata 2B Model Replacement

Nier Automata 2b Model Replacement

2B has a unique look with her black dress and white hair, which makes her stand out from other characters. She’s an undisputed fan-favorite who took the gaming pop culture scene by storm.

She’s made appearances in other titles ranging from mobile games to huge MMOs; now she’s here in Dark Souls.

This model replacement mod swaps out the Wanderer gear and the black Thief set with different parts of 2B and her outfit so you can play as the android herself.

8. Easy Mode

Easy Mode

The Dark Souls series is under a constant barrage of salty gamers whining about how hard it is.

We thought that was the point, but we’re not here to judge. There’s a mod for these players!

The Easy Mode mod for the remastered version adds a wide range of difficulty options for making the game easier.

You’ll be able to adjust things like damage taken, among others, to hit your personal sweet spot between fun and challenging gameplay.

Now, more players than ever will be able to experience the deep world of Dark Souls.

7. Fog Gate Randomizer

Fog Gate Randomizer

We couldn’t put this mod at number one because some of the other mods are just bonkers, but this one might be our favorite.

Fog Gate Randomizer both makes fog gates permanent and shuffles around where they lead. That’s right, each fog gate will not lead to the other side of some random fog gate in the game based on the given seed value.

Will you start the game and immediately step through to the Lord of Cinder, the final boss, within minutes?

Or will you beat a late-game boss and step back into the starting area? There’s only one way to find out!

6. Dark Souls Visual Overhaul

Dark Souls Visual Overhaul

With a game as stylized and artistic as the Dark Souls Remaster, we want to get every ounce of visual appeal we can manage.

Dark Souls Visual Overhaul (DSVO) accomplishes this with several changes, including shadow reworks, lighting changes, careful color correction, and much much more.

The difference is massive.

Gamers can enjoy darker dark areas and more vibrant light sources while still keeping the look and feel of the original game.

If you’re looking for a visual change that will really stand out, this is the mod to get.

5. Improved Face Textures

Improved Face Textures

Nothing breaks immersion like a wonky avatar face, right?

The Improved Face Textures mod changes how characters’ faces look in-game to something much more aesthetically pleasing, more person-like.

Fine-tuning of the textures, lighting, and shadows makes characters look realistic and add depth to their faces.

Now when you look into the eyes of your character, you’ll be able to gauge their journey and the struggles they faced before you.

4. Better Bonfire

Better Bonfire

Bonfires are safe havens that provide a moment of relief in the game.

There’s nothing better than slogging through Blighttown and seeing the warm, welcoming glow of a bonfire off in the distance. Relief.

Better Bonfires upgrades the whole bonfire system by letting you teleport to absolutely ANY lit bonfire without the Lordvessel.

There’s also one new bonus fire placed at the bell tower in the Undead Parish.

Get this mod. There are no downsides, and we don’t think it’s that big of an advantage.

3. Roguelike Souls – The Binding of Lordran

Roguelike Souls The Binding Of Lordran

Are you a fan of roguelike games and mods?

Well, here’s one for Dark Souls Remastered.

This mod changes the game into a roguelike and introduces random elements like item drops and enemy placement.

You’ll face increasingly difficult levels as you progress and have to strategize your way out of each area. You can even get invaded by random NPCs!

2. The Old Lords 3.0

The Old Lords 3.0

If we could rename this mod, we would call it Dark Souls Remastered: Remastered.

Old Lords is a massive total overhaul mod that creates an entirely new gameplay experience!

Among the mountain of new features, players can look forward to brand new consumables, gear, redone enemy placement, item locations, previously cut content, EVERY spell remade, and so much more!

We can’t get enough of mods that are just short of full expansion packs and remakes.

1. Daughters of Ash Remastered

Daughters Of Ash Remastered

For those of you already familiar with the Dark Souls Remastered modding community, this number one pick should come as no surprise.

Would you even trust a list that didn’t put this at the top?

Daughters of Ash Remastered is a total re-imagining of the Dark Souls 1 world. If Old Lords comes close to being a remake or expansion, DoA nails it.

Daughters of Ash comes with custom storylines, brand-new boss fights, weapons, fresh lore, and a treasure trove of secrets to unearth.

There’s so much new content, it will take multiple playthroughs to see it all!

We cannot believe it’s free.

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