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Top 10 Best V-Rising Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best V-Rising Mods [2024]

V-Rising is a vampire survival experience that will make you feel like the most powerful creature in the world.

You’ll be able to build your own castle, hunt for blood, and rise in power as you conquer the world of the living.

The gothic multiplayer survival game is full of surprises and secrets, so you never know what’s around the corner.

With its unique blend of action and strategy, V-Rising offers an exciting and immersive experience that will keep you coming back for more. More blood that is.

Best Mods for V-Rising

This game doesn’t need much in the way of modification, but there are some great mods out there that can enhance your experience and slowly inch it toward perfection.

10. Invisible Cloaks

Invisible Cloaks

As we all know, fashion is the true endgame of every title, right?

For many gamers, the look of a cloak can make or break a good-looking character – so imagine the delight of an update to V-Rising that makes some of these cloaks invisible!

This simple, tiny mod allows players to craft cloaks that are invisible but still carry stats.

In short, it is a purely cosmetic change for those who have exacting standards when it comes to selecting their cloaks.

From a practical standpoint, we think cloaks would make combat more difficult, anyway! We don’t need so much redundant fabric.

9. No Game Cursor

No Game Cursor

No Game Cursor is a mod for V-Rising that is perfect for gamers who want the smoothest gameplay possible.

This mod changes the game cursor to fit the style of your operating system cursor; most often, this makes for a lighter, more performance-friendly cursor that isn’t as hard on the eyes.

Previously, gamers had to adjust their settings and preferences manually in order for their gaming experience to be more comfortable and efficient.

This kind of mod is one of our staples when it comes to games. We appreciate what devs do when they design flashy cursors, but nothing beats the simple system variety.



Being able to manage your online gaming environment gets more and more important as time goes on.

Guardian2 is an innovative mod for V-Rising that adds a simple online whitelist function.

This makes it easier than ever to protect your game server or session from malicious interference by others—simply determine who’s allowed on your server and let the rest stay away!

It certainly eliminates the need for intense security measures, making this a great choice for gamemasters looking to keep their servers safe and secure.

Plus, its ease of use means even amateur players can implement top-notch security with just a few clicks or taps of their mouse.

7. Alt Loading Screen

Alt Loading Screen

If you’re looking for a little way to spice up your V-Rising experience, why not try out a new loading screen?

This mod replaces the original loading screen with an alternate piece of official game art.

Little details like this may not rival total overhaul mods or cheat tables, but together they can create an entirely new vibe for the game that could keep you from getting bored too quickly.

The alternate art is just as colorful and spooky as we want it to be.

6. Hide Interface

Hide Interface

The Hide Interface mod allows users to toggle the game interface on and off with just a press of a few keys!

This mod comes complete with an in-game settings option that allows for custom keybindings, so players can set their own controls to hide and unhide the interface.

Now you can play V-Rising like never before, free from distractions. It’s also a great tool for setting up nice screenshots.

It’s hard to make a game style like V immersive, but this comes as close as you can get!

5. Cursor Lock

Cursor Lock

If you’re an avid video gamer, you know the frustration of accidentally clicking off your game window.

It happens to the best of us – but don’t worry, there’s a solution!

Cursor Lock is a mod for V-Rising that locks your mouse cursor into your game window.

Whether you’re playing in fullscreen or windowed mode, the mod ensures your cursor will stay where you want it and won’t wander off to irrelevant windows!

4. Track Crafts

Track Crafts

Track Crafts provides players with a great quality of life improvement—the ability to lock one particular craft on their screen for easier monitoring.

This functionality would be quite beneficial even if it were added as a base game feature.

It’s no wonder that this is a popular mod.

All in all, Track Crafts has earned its time in the spotlight; we recommend it to any and every player of any experience level.

3. Alternate Armor Looks

Alternate Armor Looks

If you’ve ever walked into a room wearing the same armor as your vampire friend, but wished yours was just that little bit more unique, then this V-Rising mod is right up your bloodthirsty alley!

With its alternative armor appearances, you can recolor, remove parts of the armor or even go so far as to get rid of those pesky stand-up collars which often cause hair clipping – ensuring you look totally different and perfectly suited to your taste.

Combine that with some awesome customizations, and you can transform your V-Rising armor into something entirely remarkable.

Our favorite is the Merciless Nightstalker recolor option.

2. Ores for Blind People

Ores For Blind People

We love to mine for ore and gems, but a common complaint among gamers is that it can be difficult to find small or big veins when they’re scattered throughout the game.

That’s why this mod is so amazing!

Ores for Blind People makes it much easier to spot those pesky ores with its quickly noticeable text indicators.

It might not be the most realistic or immersive tweak, but hey, sometimes you’ve got to take some odd approaches.

It’s one less obstacle standing in the way of finding valuable ores – no more squinting your eyes while fighting strange creatures to get your hands on some gems!

1. Alt Wolf Form

Alt Wolf Form

Alt Wolf Form offers an alternative appearance, making you look just like the formidable Alpha Wolf boss – with the tougher-looking build, red scars, and bright white fur!

The Alpha Wolf in V-Rising is one of the most exciting creatures you can encounter. This ferocious wolf has a powerful bite and can charge at you quickly, so it’s important to be prepared when facing it.

Nothing boosts your confidence like being able to step into the paws of such a formidable adversary.

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