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Top 12 Best Gambling Anime of All Time [2024]

Top 12 Best Gambling Anime of All Time [2024]

If you’re having a hard time finding a great gambling anime, then you are in luck. It’s fairly uncommon to see gambling as a part of the main concept of an anime show.

That said, when it is featured as part of a main storyline, it is usually about money, life and death, or risking something important for a shot at glory.

But no matter what it’s about, gambling anime never fails to impress and thrill anime fans. Here are our picks for the top 12 gambling anime of all time.

The Best Gambling Anime

12. Joker Game

Joker Game

Starting off our list we have Joker Game. This show is set right before World War II. Japan has just established a new organization called the “D Agency.” 

It is a special spy group devoted to obtaining a very powerful weapon. The group’s spies are sent to infiltrate some of the most powerful places on earth.

If you are into watching highly trained people manipulate one another in order to obtain valuable information then this is the one for you. While Joker Game isn’t solely about gambling, it features lots of it through the game of poker.

This is the perfect choice for those poker loving anime fans out there.

11. Legend of Koizumi

Legend of Koizumi

This is unlike any other anime on this list. It is a comedy Anime that features parodied versions of world leaders and influential people like the Pope, Kim Jong Il, and George W. Bush.

In this anime world, every political leader is a master mahjong player, and all global problems are solved by playing mahjong. While gambling isn’t exactly the main takeaway here, it made the list because it is funny and entertaining to watch.

This is an excellent choice for those wanting to watch something that’s not all that serious. It provides plenty of laughs and entertainment and is unlike any other anime out there!

10. Imawa No Kuni No Alice

Imawa No Kuni No Alice

This series is based around a young high school student named Ryouhei Arisu. He has no ambitions, and he feels like he has no purpose.

That is until he and two friends are at a train station, and they see a firework display so blinding that they are forced to cover their eyes. 

Upon opening their eyes, they find themselves in the most unlikely of places. Without spoiling too much, they must put their lives on the line in order to survive.

It is a pretty short show compared to some of the other gambling anime series on this list. Nevertheless, it is a great watch.

9. Rio: Rainbow Gate

Rio -Rainbow Gate

While it isn’t the most popular anime on this list, Rio is still popular among gambling anime fans.

It revolves around a female casino dealer at the Howard Resort Hotel named Rio Rollins. She is known as the “Goddess of Victory.” She’s seen as a good luck charm by local gamblers.

Watch as Rio Rollins as she attempts to follow in the footsteps of her missing mother by battling her way to the top to become the MVCD (Most Valuable Casino Dealer).

This show offers cute girls, lots of laughter, and even a few tears. Combine this with gambling, and you’ve got yourself a classic.

8. One Outs

One Outs

If you were given an offer, every pitch earns you 5 million yen and every run that you give up, you’d lose 50 million yen, would you accept it or walk away?

Although One Outs is tagged as a sports genre, the show revolves around a baseball and gambling prodigy Toua Tokuchi who is faced with some pretty tough decisions that will either make him rich or destroy his life. This makes it a gambling anime in my books!

One Outs is a highly recommended Anime in the community to anyone that loves sports-related gambling.

7. C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

After the Japanese government gets rescued from the brink of financial ruin by the Sovereign Wealth Fund, life doesn’t improve for its citizens. With crime, unemployment, and suicide on the rise, things look pretty bleak.

The main character, Kimimaro, is a student who dreams of avoiding the difficult life around him by becoming a civil servant. 

However, he meets someone who offers him a fast way to make money. The only potential cost is his entire future!

The high-stakes battle of putting your future on the line is enough to make anyone cave. So, for those who love good gambling anime, this is a great option.

6. Death Parade

Death Parade

Imagine being told after you die that you were sent to the Quindecim, a bar attended by a mysterious Decim where you will play a game that decides whether you will be reincarnated or be sent into oblivion.

Death parade doesn’t gamble with money, instead, you gamble your soul. How you play dedicates what happens in the afterlife.

Death Parade highlights how it is impossible to judge humans fairly while offering a clear view of the dynamics of morality.

While watching this, it’s hard not to think about how you’d handle this situation. All in all, it’s a must watch for those gambling anime fans out there.

5. Kakegurui


Kakegurui is a newer anime when compared to some of the others on this list. Nevertheless, it’s proving to be quite popular among gambling anime fans.

It is based on two concepts, gambling and high school life, but this is no regular high school, it is a school for the elite. By day, things here seem pretty normal, but by night, things take an exciting turn.

That’s when the gambling begins. Students learn all there is to know about the world of gambling and manipulation by risking it all in various games. And when the protagonist, Yumeko Jabami enrolls, she shows the kids what a real gambler is like.

For anyone that likes gambling, this is a must-watch.

4. Touhai Densetsu Akagi

Touhai Densetsu Akagi

This show is centered around Akagi Shigeru, a young boy who stands in for a game of Mahjong.  This is the beginning of his climb to the top.

Akagi, a self-proclaimed master of Mahjong, wants to make a name for himself in the underworld.

Trying to gamble his way to victory to achieve that goal of being the best in the underground gambling scene, Akagi plays against some of the most dangerous organizations and individuals hoping to walk away victorious.

3. Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

This gambling anime is about the people of Shinjuku. Things are so bad here that some of its residents have resorted to gambling in order to survive.

The protagonist, Tetsuya, is a cocky mahjong player who easily beats everyone he plays. 

That is until he encounters Boushu-San. Boushu-San is an incredibly talented player with much more experience than Tetsuya.

This humbles Tetsuya and makes him realize that he isn’t as good as he once thought. This also gives him the motivation to become a better player.

If high stakes and high rewards are things you enjoy, then you’ll love Legendary Gambler: Tetsuya.

2. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is about Kaji Itou. He’s a bit of a drunken nobody until his former co-worker tricks him, and he ends up in a whole heap of debt from the Yakuza.

Having no way of paying this debt back, Kaji ends up being a part of a shady deal that has him participating in an underground gambling circuit on a cruise ship.

The anime is centered around the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” While this doesn’t sound particularly intense, the game features some slightly different mechanics compared to the standard game, making this a must-see gambling anime.

1. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

No Game No Life is one of the most popular anime title on this list. While gambling isn’t as big of a part of the series when compared to some of the other entries on this list, it still offers an exciting and thrilling gambling angle hence its feature on this list.

Siblings Sora and Shiro, AKA Blank, are the most feared team of pro gamers in the world. After beating God in a game of chess, the two are sent down to a world where all disputes are settled by playing games.

This show combines gaming and gambling to create an all-or-nothing world where winning is the only thing that matters.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know which gambling anime shows are the best, it’s time to start watching them! The picks for this list were made up using my own opinions as well as opinions from the anime community.

So, I hope this list has helped and made it easier for you since the Gambling genre in Anime is uncommon.

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