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Top 10 Best Minecraft Arrows and Arrow Tips

Top 10 Best Minecraft Arrows and Arrow Tips

In combat, whether in medieval times or any other kind, really, enhancements and modifications are necessary to further your success and efficiency.

When talking about the Best Minecraft Arrows, it’s important to note their effects and their combat usefulness, not just the damage they can deal with.

It’s vital to known when and where you’re gonna use these arrows for since crafting them ain’t an easy task, to begin with, especially on Hardcore mode.

Best Minecraft Arrows

Minecraft Arrow Tips

10. Arrow of Poison

Every sadist I know loves this poisonous arrow from the bottom of their heart. And while this arrow kills your enemies slowly, it will not make you kill them faster.

If hit by this arrow, one will start to have your health points depleting slowly. Shooting another arrow wouldn’t make the poisoning rate faster, though. Very popular for medieval assassins.

9. Arrow of the Turtle Master

Just like what a turtle is, it makes you incredibly tough and sturdy, with the debuff of making you slower. Well, you’re as tough as a tortoise but as slow as a slug.

I don’t know if that’s a win-win, but if your enemies can’t kill you easily, even if you move slowly, then that’s good enough for me.

8. Arrow of Spectral

To summarize, Arrow of Spectral is just a wallhack. Shoot your enemies with these arrows, and they’ll be highlighted for a few seconds until the effect fades.

It’s nothing fancy, really. But you can see your enemies through walls and long distances, which is actually a good thing.

7. Arrow of Fire Resistance

Arrows drenched in the Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance gives anyone hit with it the ability to withstand fire damage.

If you’re feeling suicidal or forgot to take someone from a lava pool, try shooting yourself with this arrow tip, and you’ll see that no fire can ever harm you.

A funny effect will be a bow with Flame enchantment + an arrow with Fire Resistance.

6. Arrow of Regeneration

Anyone hit with this arrow will eventually be able to regenerate their health. Normally, it will take away a single heart from you in return for regeneration for a few seconds. It’s good enough, especially if you can take a hit or two.

Incredibly useful in PvE content, since most of the time, a lot of mobs can gang up on your friends.

Nevertheless, it’s useful for scenarios where you’re gonna face bosses as well, so you don’t have to spend most of your time healing yourself while your arrow heals you.

5. Arrow of Healing

If you’re 2 hearts away from being dead, shooting yourself with this arrow will tremendously boost your health points by a large margin.

This arrow signifies the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” as shooting yourself with this arrow will actually make you stronger, but you won’t hit harder.

You’ll just have a longer lifespan. It saves you a potion as well, which is very economical.

4. Arrow

Cheap, reliable, normal damage, and plenty. Why aren’t people taking good care of these arrows? Sure, it doesn’t hit as much, but remember how arduous crafting any specially tipped arrows?

Well, regular ones wouldn’t really give you so much headache as they are easily replaceable and craftable.

They don’t pack as much damage as Arrows of Harming or have bonus effects like the rest of the arrow tips in this list, but they’re so cheap you can mass produce them to outperform other arrows in the long run.

3. Arrow of Weakness

One of the underrated arrow tips, Arrows of Weakness, is a good addition to the game as it weakens any type of mob you’ll shoot it with.

It’s very useful against harder hitting bosses, as well in PvP, where people are always trying to kill you. Shooting anyone with this makes their knees weak, arms heavy—Steve’s spaghetti.

2. Arrow of Harming

An incredibly lethal arrow that’s useful against all types of mobs except undead, of course. It deals with a tremendous amount of damage and can usually one-shot any animal in range.

It’s good to have one of these in case you’re fighting non-undead mobs.

Also, one of the reasons why this one is on the top of the list and the Arrow of Poison being at the bottom is because Arrow of Poison is just a slow death for most mobs.

It’s better to kill them fast since you’re not a psycho waiting for them to succumb to poisoning.

1. Arrow of Slowness

Anyone hit with this arrow will walk like a slug. This is an absolute disaster, especially in PvP and all of the monsters in the game.

Since slowness isn’t really affected by mob type, it works on everyone. Want to kill a cow, but he’s trying to run like a horse? Shoot it.

Want to outrun an Ender Dragon? Shoot it, and you’ll never see it again (for the duration of its slow movement).

Are you being chased by a horde of zombies? Shoot them with these arrow tips, and you can pick them off one by one from afar.

Overall, Arrow of Slowness is a good arrow tip intended to slow anyone, whether you’re being chased or chasing something.

Crafting Tipped Arrows

Well, first off, you’ll need to decide what kind of effect you’ll want to coat your arrows with, and then craft its respective potion.

  • Head to a Brewing Stand and combine it with gunpowder to make a splash potion of your desired effect.
  • You’ll also need Blaze Powder to make your Brewing Stand functional.
  • After that, you’ll need several bottles of Dragon’s Breath, from Ender Dragons, using empty glass bottles.
  • You can re-summon Ender Dragons if you’ve already killed it using 4 End Crystals at the exit portal.
  • Combine your Dragon’s Breath bottles with your Splash Potions in the Brewing Stand, which you’ve crafted earlier, to make a Lingering Potion of [Your desired effects]
  • Go to the nearest crafting table and combine it with 8 arrows to produce 8 tipped arrows with your own choosing effects.

Bedrock and Legacy Editions made it easier since you just dip your arrows on a cauldron with a potion filling it.

Final Thoughts

For me, any kind of arrow is useful, except probably for the Night Vision, which significantly increases your sight during the night and unlit caves. Besides, what’s the point of bringing torches, right?

Anyway, that’s it for the Top 10 Best Minecraft Arrows. Be sure to check out our other Minecraft enchantments, like, for example, the sword enchantments.

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Saturday 11th of December 2021

This is stupid lmao. The order is wrong in the eyes of pvp and other use and ender dragons and a few other mobs are immune to potion effects (even from /effect)