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Top 7 Best Minecraft Bows Enchantments Ranked [2024]

Top 7 Best Minecraft Bows Enchantments Ranked [2024]

Ah yes, bow enchantments. You know what? I personally prefer bows over swords.

I just feel like they’re a bit underwhelming in this game where everyone is a sword user, and I’m the only one who’s really into the range aspect.

Anyway, we’re gonna be talking about the best Minecraft bows enchantments and what you should really be aiming for.

Best Minecraft Bow Enchantments

7. Curse of the Vanishing

This is very obvious. Curse of the Vanishing is the very last enchantment you’ll ever need for your bows. Look, the weapon DISAPPEARS when you die.

Remember that you don’t have a lot of resources at the start, and even at the first stage where you can have enchantments, you don’t really want a weapon to disappear.

I highly suggest not using this enchantment UNLESS you’re playing PvP or wanna roleplay a rogue-like scenario.

6. Punch

This bow enchantment is useful if you’re up against mobs that have nothing better than, well, mob you out. It’s good crowd control since it pushes your enemy a few meters back.

The one thing you’regonna be using this mod on is when you’re going through tight spaces.

And with the Caves update coming in, we’regonna be seeing lots of tight spaces. You really don’t want to die from getting mobbed out, so be sure to get one of these during your run.

5. Unbreaking

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the mod, but if you’re not, that’s fine. Unbreaking is a mod that will help you extend the durability of your bows.

It’s good to use it when you’re fighting bosses, but for regular runs, any of the enchantments here are infinitely better than Unbreaking since you’re not going on a killing spree, anyway. There are 3 levels of it, the higher the better.

4. Mending

With only a single level, Mending converts your excess XP to repair your weapon, hence the name Mending, It’s very effective when you’re doing a lot of runs, and you don’t really have the time to get yourself a new weapon or too far from your base of operations to actually go there and repair your weapon.

3. Power

Power is the best enchantment in terms of overall damage. It can get toe-to-toe with other ridiculous enchantments like Infinity, but with great power comes great responsibility.

And the responsibility is getting yourself a new weapon or repairing your old one. Power makes your bows hit 25% harder, and it’s very useful against mobs since you’ll be able to kill them easily.

The only thing that makes this enchantment subpar to the next enchantment in this list is eventually, you’regonna run out of arrows, and your weapon will break, decreasing your overall maximum damage output in the long run.

2. Infinity

Gotta be the best bow enchantments you’ll ever need IF you’re playing PvP. The good thing about Infinity enchantment is that you’llnever have to worry about running out of arrows to shoot from.

Honestly, Infinity is good if you’re in the PvP games, and you’re trying to out-damage an opponent by repeatedly firing regular arrows in which they have to reload.

This enchantment doesn’t mean you’re gonna be machine-gunning tipped arrows because, again, it only applies to regular arrows.

1. Flame

Why Flame? Because of the DoT, duh. Flame is the enchantment that you should be investing for. I know a lot of guides that are actually recommending you to get either Infinity or Mending, but that’s not the case with that.

Yeah, infinite arrows are fun, but when you’re balls deep into the game, you really don’t use the bow too much and invest a lot more into the sword since that’s your heaviest damage dealer, and you really don’t need to be throwing thousands upon thousands of regular arrows because it doesn’t work with enchanted ones, which sucks lol.

Flame is the way, my friend since it burns your enemies alive and gives you the time to compose yourself before they even get to your position, they’ll already be toasted.

Final Thoughts

Mates, when choosing a bow enchantment, always go for what you feel like your playstyle will be.

This piece is an opinionated one, but using Flame will help you in the long run more than using Infinity or Power. But the good thing is you can combine them, so that’s good enough.

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