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Top 15 Best Napoleon: Total War Mods [2024]

Top 15 Best Napoleon: Total War Mods [2024]

Napoleon: Total War is a testament to the power of strategy gaming. Since its release in 2010, players have been captivated by its engrossing gameplay and epic battles.

Through its detailed campaign map, players can travel back in time to the Napoleonic era and take part in some of Europe’s most iconic wars.

The game features a dozen of Napoleon’s campaigns, giving players an unprecedented level of detail on his rise to power.

Players can make strategic decisions that will shape history, from deciding the fate of entire nations to leading their own armies into battle.

Best Napoleon: Total War Mods

From improved visuals to new campaigns and scenarios, these mods offer something for everyone.

Here we present some of our top picks from among the best Napoleon: Total War mods available today!

15. Nautical Nate’s Great War Diversity Mod

Nautical Nate's Great War Diversity Mod

Military uniforms have a long and storied history, dating back to the earliest days of organized warfare. Throughout the centuries, military uniforms have evolved to reflect changing times and technologies.

They have also served as a way for soldiers to show their allegiance to their country and its values.

It makes sense that a game as serious as Napoleon: Total War should reflect this important piece of history.

Nautical Nate’s Diversity Mod adds a wide range of uniforms to the game, from both primary and secondary factions to different unforms based on role, in order to accurately portray the variety of uniforms used during the first World War.

14. Pike and Shot: Total War

Pike And Shot: Total War

The Pike and Shot: Total War mod for Napoleon: Total War is a great way to get an interactive look at the 17th-century political situation in Europe.

It brings the age of shot and pike to life with its realistic and historical changes to every aspect of the game.

With this mod, you can immerse yourself in the Thirty Year’s War, explore the peak of the pike and shot era between 1550 and 1600, and discover what it was like to live during this time period.

It’s an amazing way to learn about history while having fun playing a game.

13. Victoria at War

Victoria At War

During the latter part of the nineteenth century, Britain’s military forces clashed with adversaries in various countries around the globe.

From the Boer War in South Africa to the Anglo-Sudan War in East Africa and on to the Boxer Rebellion in China, Britain was involved in a number of wars that would shape its future.

The Victoria at War mod for Napoleon: Total War introduces the wars of the British Empire during the 19th century to the game.

Take some time to explore this fascinating period of history, spanning the Zulu, Afghan, Boer, Madhi, and Egyptian conflicts.

12. French Mod

French Mod

PdGuru’s French Mod adds a whopping 45 France-inspired units and their allies, complete with satisfying new sounds that make you feel the rush of musket balls flying past your ears.

There’s even an appropriate sound for when each unit takes a hit!

For some extra style, this European Equipment Mod adds tricolor-wrapped bugles and brass drums to the mix, along with eagle statutes included on their flagpoles.

There are dozens of other new features and tweaks to discover in this expansive mod.

11. Ntw Ballistic Realism

Ntw Ballistic Realism

Are you a fan of epic Napoleonic warfare?

Take your gaming realism to the next level with Reb’s NTW Ballistic Realism mod!

This awesome addition lets you experience Napoleon: Total War like never before, modifying all projectile velocities and ranges for more realistic combat.

Enjoy adjustments made to things like collision radius, range increase, and other projectile-related concepts of warfare.

10. Divided Nation: Acw Hardcore

Divided Nation: Acw Hardcore

The American Civil War was a defining moment in the history of the United States.

It was a four-year conflict between the Union and Confederate forces that resulted in over 600,000 casualties.

The war had far-reaching implications for the country and is still studied today as one of the most fascinating examples of warfare in history.

Divided Nation: ACW Hardcore is an exciting new mod that brings 52 new units, improved AI, and a variety of other features that allow players to battle against each other in intense Civil War battles.

9. Ultima Ratio Napoleon

Ultima Ratio Napoleon

The Ultima Ratio Napoleon mod for Napoleon: Total War is an amazing audio and graphical overhaul for the game that preserves the original gameplay.

Get ready to see your favorite games in a whole new light with more detailed graphics and high-quality and well-timed sounds.

Unlike some other graphic mods or cosmetic changes, you can still play online multiplayer with others that don’t have mods.

Few mods offer such a huge immersion bang for your download buck. (It’s an expression; the download is free.)

8. Napoleon’s Eagles

Napoleon's Eagles

Step into the past and rewrite history with Napoleon’s Eagles!

Explore a powerful combination of gameplay depth, historical accuracy, and immersive combat to experience 30 brand-new custom battles from the Napoleonic Era like never before.

Command your troops through countless scenarios as you fight for glory in this intense tactical re-imagining of some of Europe’s most legendary engagements!

There’s even a major rework on the rules and mechanics of this game’s core gameplay, creating a brand new game all its own.

7. Acw: The American Civil War

ACW: The American Civil War

The American Civil War resulted in a new definition of the United States and its Constitutional Government.

It is considered one of the most influential events in US history, as it led to major social and political changes that would shape the next century.

Experience some of the most famous battles of America’s Civil War on 120 new battlefields with ACW: The American Civil War.

This mod offers an immense amount of units, ranging from infantry and cavalry to artillery and even ships.

Special attention to detail has been paid, offering direct translations of historical information like timing, army size, and more straight from their real-life counterparts.

6. Reb’s Battle Overhaul

Reb's Battle Overhaul

The Battle Overhaul mod for Napoleon: Total War promises some exciting changes to the game’s combat features for players who love the NTW North and South mod.

This mod makes a long list of adjustments to the gameplay and battle mechanics, adding more complexity and challenging situations.

Not only are the scatter accuracy and effective ranges of each weapon varied according to the type, but so too is the fragmentation effect, reload rate, fuze type, and projectile velocity.

And that’s just the tip of the battle update iceberg.

5. Field Command: Napoleon

Field Command Napoleon

Field Command: Napoleon features a new army cap of 30 units and includes over 150 new custom multiplayer maps, as well as 50+ legacy maps.

With more than one hundred new units based on evidence from authoritative sources, this is your chance to explore history in unprecedented detail.

To top it off, the mod features a sound and visual FX overhaul with high-bitrate sound fx.

All in all, Field Command: Napoleon promises players an extraordinary gaming experience they won’t soon forget!

4. The Great War

The Great War

The Great War mod for NTW is an incredibly detailed total conversion mod that brings the World War 1 era to life.

With a wide range of new features, including authentic uniforms, weapons, and battlefields, this mod provides an unparalleled opportunity for those looking to relive the Great War.

The mod also includes a variety of exciting scenarios and campaigns that allow players to explore different aspects of the conflict.

Whether you’re playing as one of the major powers or taking on a smaller nation’s role in the war, The Great War mod has something for everyone.

With its deep historical accuracy and engaging gameplay, it’s no wonder why The Great War mod is considered one of the best mods available for Napoleon: Total War.

3. Enhanced Multiplayer

Enhanced Multiplayer

Enhanced Multiplayer is here to refresh Total War with 14 brand-new maps and six refurbished ones, each with a night battle system for those evening hours.

But that’s not all – 10 thrilling factions have been added, including the United States, Qing (China), Pirates, and more.

Plus, explore deeper into unit detail by hovering over them or right-clicking their icon, which will show you pieces of info about ammunition and the unique characteristics they possess!

2. The Century War

The Century War

The Century War is the playable Napoleon: Total War tale of an alternate world where the colonies lost the Revolutionary War, the famous Napoleon remains in power, and Italy remains divided.

Set in the 18th century, this mod offers a rare fictional war narrative for players of the game.

The Century War mod features a variety of new content, such as new units, buildings, and maps.

Players will be able to explore an alternate timeline with different nations, cultures, and technologies than those found in the base game.

The mod also includes new gameplay mechanics, such as naval battles and siege warfare.

1. Napoleonic Total War 3

Napoleonic Total War 3

NTW3 is an incredibly detailed mod for Napoleon: Total War that adds a wealth of content and features for players to enjoy.

With its improved AI and graphics, it offers a breath of fresh air to this title from 2010 that will keep you coming back for more!

Napoleonic Total War 3 is an in-depth modification of the game, taking 11 years to develop, and brings players completely new features and content.

The mod includes new units, factions, maps, campaigns, and more.

Its sheer size and scope made it our top pick for this list.

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