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Top 12 Best Outward Mods [2022]

Top 12 Best Outward Mods [2022]

Released in 2019, outward is an open-world fantasy game that focuses on survival.

Players can play the game online with other players or simply solo it offline. Although the game has received mixed reviews, some game functionalities can definitely be improved.

We have narrowed down some of the best mods that help improve game functionality, which was previously lacking. With these mods, you can enjoy outward more than the base game itself.

Best Outward Mods

12. Soroborean Travel Agency

Soroborean Travel Agency

An open-world game is interesting to delve into as you go through the large maps and explore untouched places that could lead to a great adventure.

However, there is one disadvantage in open-world games, and that is the element of traveling. The novelty of this soon wears off.

Don’t you just hate it when you have to travel from one end of the map to the other? Get soroborean travel agency. Give the travel fee to the caravanner and fast travel anywhere in the map no matter the distance.

Oh, don’t forget to keep plenty of food rations for your fast travels, you don’t want to get hungry on your way there.

11. Multiplayer Limit Remover

Multiplayer Limit Remover

What’s a game without your good mates or even strangers. Let the fun ensue with multiplayer limit remover.

Now with this mod, you can easily add as many players as you want in your co-op gameplay or have as few players as you want.

The power of controlling who gets to be in your game is fun and makes the game more interesting. Isn’t that what they all say, the more, the merrier?

10. Bag Map Markers

Bag Map Markers

Ahhh, the frustration when you lose your bag on the map and don’t know where it dropped.

Now you’re roaming around the map collecting items because your bag can’t be found. With bag map markers, remove the hassle of finding your dropped bag.

The moment your bag drops, the mod will leave a bag marker on the map to allow you to track it whenever you drop it. The mod gods have been generous with this one.

9. Drink While Running

Drink While Running

Even in the game, the joys of drinking can overwhelm the toughest of the tough but standing while drinking can have gamers shaking in their shoes waiting to get back on the road.

This can waste time and also break a gamer’s momentum, hence we recommend getting a drink while running. Now you can easily run around the map while drinking your favorite drink, be it water, mineral tea, and more.

8. Meditation


Burnt stats can be a huge bummer when playing the game. Hence we recommend getting meditation. Now you can avoid having burnt stats with this mod. Simply regenerate all your burnt stats while sitting.

Well, isn’t meditation all about sitting and regenerating your life back to square one? Do just the same in the outward.

7. More Map Details

More Map Details

Map markers are considered to be some of the best mods in a game as it makes playing the game a tad bit easier. With more map details, achieve all that.

You can now have markers on the map when your bag drops and on all the players and enemies on the map.

There is no hiding from you with this mod as you can easily track players, hunt down enemies and locate your lost possessions, in this case, your bag.

This was much needed in the game, and we’re glad the community is active in trying to help out in improving the gaming experience.

6. Linked Stash Chests

Linked Stash Chests

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all your stash chests linked together so that you don’t have to pack all the items in your bag? Now you can with linked stash chests.

The mod allows gamers to connect all the stash chests together so that you can have all your items in one place.

This is great and convenient, however, do note that the load times will vary according to the stash you have.

The more stash you have, expect longer load times. But that is an okay sacrifice to make as you can sell all your items and have stable gameplay.

5. Enable Sitting

Enable Sitting

Sometimes it is great to just have a sit back and unwind, enjoy the view while you drink on your favorite beverage, in this case, mineral tea.

Do just that with enable sitting mod. This feature was already present in the base game but hidden away, with the mod, you can bring it easily to the surface by using a button.

Now simply make your character sit and unwind by pressing a single button.

4. Combat HUD

Combat Hud

HUD is the main display for a gamer to resort to when checking their stats. Sometimes HUD can have way too much information, and you’re never able to find the right information at the right time. With combat HUD, change all of that.

The mod includes a number of combat-related tools in the HUD like HP, stamina, mana, floating damage labels, target enemy info, status timers, and many more. Improve your gameplay by having all the essentials in front of you.

3. Shared Mod Config

Shared Mod Config

Mods are great and improve the gaming experience; however, it can get difficult to keep track of it with too many mods involved.

This is why the community has created a shared mod config. This keeps all the mods in one place, and players are able to access a standardized mod menu with all mods included using a single button.

Gone are the days when keeping track of mods was difficult, with shared mod config make life a bit easier.

2. Player Map Marker

Player Map Marker

We’ve already discussed a mod with markers for players, enemies, loot, and more.

This is great for beginners; however, if you’re an expert at the game and would not want markers that give you an edge in the game, then get player map marker.

This mod turns on markers on players, only allowing you to keep track of your friends. It doesn’t make the game easier by giving you enemy locations and more, which is perfect for those looking to keep the challenge in the game.

1. Outward SideLoader

Outward Sideloader

What’s the best mod for outward on the internet? Of course, a mod that makes mods! Yes, modception right at your doorstep with an outward side loader.

Now you can create and edit your own mods using this bad boy, it’s absolutely great. Yes, it’ll take time to learn and adjust, but it’s well worth the time, create what you want outward.

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