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Top 10 Best Yugioh Abridged Characters

Top 10 Best Yugioh Abridged Characters

Created by LittleKuriboh and his team, the Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series is a wonder of puns, lines that exploit each character and their plot from the original series, and utter hilarity.

Best Yugioh Abridged Characters

Yugi Moto

If you’re looking for the most done person in the series, you’ve found part of him. Granted, Yugi can still be a little emotion, but between him and Yami, they’re both over every situation they get put into. We’ll talk more about Yami later.

Yugi enjoys calling out Yami occasionally, getting himself into situations that he’s very aware he shouldn’t be in, and being continuously uncaring towards his grandfather and his friends.

Which given some of their backstories and actions during the original anime seasons (and in the abridged series, to be honest), we aren’t really surprised that LittleKuriboh decided to write Yugi’s character like this.

Joey Wheeler

Apparently, doing a Brooklyn accent makes it difficult to concentrate, and if you find yourself agreeing with that, then you might be the real Joey Wheeler.

Joey’s abridged character enjoys sizing up Kaiba and mispronouncing his name on purpose. Joey’s character is best known for his accent, the voice sound “Nyeh!”, and the one scene where he’s repeating said sound while trying to kick down a door.

Tristan Taylor

Does your hair give you super strength? Tristan’s does for a small moment of the series! The rest is him being a little bit off-kilter like he gets possessed every now and then.

Most of his best voice lines are an inner monologue that would make him look like he’d been replaced by a drone if he said them aloud.


Sassy Pharaoh is everywhere. In the anime, Yami is lonely, confused, and completely unsure of what’s happening for the first few seasons.

The only thing he’s certain of is that he knows how to duel and that he cherishes his friends.

Forget that. Abridged series Yami is the literal King of Sass.

He knows he can win any duel, he knows he looks good doing it, and he’s got no problem calling out the other characters on their nonsense. He’s done with the whole plotline – almost as much as Yugi is.

The Pharaoh also appears during each of the episode introduction, giving out amazing lines and ads for “Yu-Gi-Oh’s!” Does he cheat in duels? Yes. But who doesn’t in this show?

Seto Kaiba

We couldn’t exactly rule out Kaiba when he’s been the symbol of every money and adoption-related meme that came from the abridged series.

He’s antisocial, rich, and cares as much about his little brother as he cares about ripping up an old person’s Blue Eyes White Dragon.

He does, however, completely hate stairs and has broken into song with Yami a couple of times during the series re-write.

The banter between Yami and Kaiba has expanded across the entire series, with Yami hitting out as many adoption puns as possible and then both of them trying to one-up each other in a duel that Yami typically wins with sass and jokes that aren’t exactly safe for work.

Hair Guy

Pretty sure Tristan stole some of his lines from the “My Hair” guy in season one, but we’ll let him have them because he works with so well.

Either way, this guy is pretty commonly hated in the original (read: non-abridged) series, but his new attitude towards life and, well, his hair, give fans a different view of his character.

The downside is that he doesn’t actually have a name and even the Wiki for Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged lists him as Hair Guy.

In the original anime, he’s called Kemo, but Hair Guy is funnier. Hair Guy will yell, “Attention Duelists!” before continuing with a sentence that starts with a comment about his hair.

The Abridged series decided to write Hair Guy in as Tristan’s father, on the basis that they have similar hairstyles and make references to the powers that their hair and their voices have.

Mako Tsunami

The ocean doesn’t love Mako, no matter how much he asks her why.

Mako doesn’t often appear in the Abridged series, though the conversation that surrounds his voice lines is always directed towards calling him out for his stupidity.

For example, after throwing a harpoon at Yugi, he is labeled a “Freaky Fish Guy” forevermore.

In Episode 17, this is even his caption during an interview. Despite the ocean apparently not loving him, he does marry the ocean later that same episode, which is just bizarre, but okay.

In case you’re interested, he does throw more harpoons at people during the series.

Duke Devlin

Can we talk about theme music? Or the excessive use of the phrase “Dungeon Dice Monsters?” No? Well, we’re going to anyway.

Anytime Duke Devlin speaks, his funky theme music immediately starts playing. Other characters have pointed it out, and while he stays oblivious, it’s obnoxiously obvious.

If you’re wondering, the music is “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake.

Duke often talks about Dungeon Dice Monsters, trying to convince others that it’s nothing like the standard duel monsters game. Which, of course, it is.

Ryo Bakura

Bakura is the owner of the Millennium Ring, which his father gave him.

He’s very much British in the Abridged series, which does become a running joke throughout his time on-screen.

Bakura is often teased for being British by the other characters, and he fills many well-known British stereotypes.

He dies several times during the series, and the rest of the main characters refer to him as a minor character throughout the show, despite Bakura holding one of the shows biggest antagonists within his Millennium Ring.

Marik Ishtar

Marik’s favorite pastime is attempting world domination with his small army of Steves. He’s not a very good villain and comedically slips up in front of Yugi and the gang a fair few times.

Whenever Marik drops a particular swear word that begins with “F,” the sound bite “EFF!” from “Perfect Hair Forever”plays.

The holder of the Millennium Rod is also a Lady GaGa fan, and a rather enjoyable music video parody of the song with Marik and Bakura singing was released alongside the Abridged series.

Marik is upset at the end of the music video because there are no Lady GaGa songs that rhyme with “shoes.”

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