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Top 10 Best Yugioh Spellcaster Monsters

Top 10 Best Yugioh Spellcaster Monsters

Spellcaster monster cards have been favored by duelists since Yugi Moto first played his Dark Magician, which he states is his favorite card of all.

A bit of a kick to his duel monster spirit, Kuriboh, but there is a huge difference in their power levels.

Best Yugioh Spellcaster Monsters

Dark Magician

One of the first spellcaster monsters, Dark Magician, is still extremely popular even today. This card has absolutely no effect at all, but it has a solid attack point count of 2500 and a defense point count of 2100.

This card rivals the Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the eyes of every duelist around, even though neither of the cards has any card effects or special powers.

Dark Magician is used in fusions, to summon stronger cards, and as a solid defense in the early turns of a duel.

Dark Magician of Chaos

When Dark Magician of Chaos is summoned, you can add one spell card from your graveyard to your hand.

Any monster that is destroyed by Dark Magician of Chaos is removed from play, and when Dark Magician of Chaos is destroyed, it is also removed from play.

It’s a great card to have if you want a strong spellcaster that can stop your opponent from re-summoning things out of their graveyard.

Exodia the Forbidden One

Exodia has five cards in total, which make up one super spellcaster monster when summoned. Only one Exodia the Forbidden One can be placed in a deck because it’s overpowered.

The original set of Exodia cards was released as a set of Ultra Rare cards, which meant they were difficult to collect.

The reason that Exodia’s cards are split into five is that Exodia was said to be a beast of uncontrollable power, so each of his parts was sealed away to prevent his power from being used by any single individual.

Having all five Exodia cards in the hand is an automatic win for the owner of the cards.

Apprentice Piper

The Apprentice Piper is a spellcaster with a quick flip effect. You can special summon one monster from your hand once you’ve managed to flip over the Apprentice Piper.

If Apprentice Piper is destroyed in battle or sent to the graveyard by another card effect, you can special summon another monster from your hand.

This is a great monster card to have if you want to be able to summon a couple of monsters in the same turn quickly.

Thanks to the second effect, you could potentially destroy Apprentice Piper after you’ve flipped it and summon a second monster before the end of your turn.

Apprentice Magician

When Apprentice Magicianis summoned, you should put one Spell Counter on a face-up card on your side of the field.

This must be a card that can accept a Spell Counter, not just any random card you have in play.

If Apprentice Magicianis destroyed by your opponent’s monsters attacking it, you can then chooseone Level two or lower Spellcaster monster from your deck and summon that monster card to your side of the field.

Performage Trapeze Magician

Performage Trapeze Magician has a few different abilities. It’s a good idea to read over the card several times before using it in a strategy.

This card comes with 2500 attack points and a solid 2000 defense points. It’s an XYZ monster card, which does complicate its summoning and its use.

You’ll need two spellcaster monsters that are level four to summon Performage Trapeze Magician. You cannot take damage that is less or the same as this card’s attack point count while it’s on your side of the field.

One per turn, you can detach one of the material monsters from this card, select one of your opponent’s monsters, and attack them twice.

Timebreaker Magician

A pendulum spellcaster, Timebreaker Magician, has 1400 attack points. Once you’ve managed to summon Timebreaker Magician from your hand, you can double this card’s attack points to make them 2800 points in total.

Once per turn, you can target a monster on your field and banish that card and your Timebreaker Magician from play until your next standby phase.

This is a great tactic for taking one of your opponent’s strong or annoying monsters away for a turn so that you can get on with what you want to do.

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

When Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer inflicts damage to your opponent’s life points, you can select two of the monster cards in their graveyard and banish those cards from play.

Following this, your opponent cannot banish cards from either their graveyard or yours.

Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer, only has 1800 attack points, which might make it difficult for you to take down higher level monsters that your opponent has.

Strategize properly, play Kycoo at the right time (when there’s a less powerful monster on your opponent’s side of the field), and you’ll be able to set yourself up for a win.

Dark Red Enchanter

If Dark Red Enchanteris Normal Summoned, you should place two Spell Counters on it.

Each time either you or your opponent activate aspell card, you should place another Spell Counter on Dark Red Enchanter. Dark Red Enchanter gains 300 attack points for every Spell Counter that is placed on it.

Once each turn, you can remove two of the Spell Counters that are on Dark Red Enchanter and discard a random card from your opponent’s hand.

To do this, just choose a card from where you are. You should not view their entire hand to complete this task.

World of Prophecy

When World of Prophecy is summoned by the effect of another spellcaster monster or a Spellbook magic card, you can target two Spellbook magic cards from your graveyard and add those cards to your hand.

Having this card in your deck is pointless if you do not have other Spellbook magic cards to play it with.

You cannot special summon any other monsters during the same turn that you use this effect.

When you have added the two magic cards to your hand, you can reveal four Spellbook cards in your hand to destroy every card on the field except World of Prophecy.

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