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Top 10 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Top 10 Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Draw cards are self-explanatory: They are cards that help a duelist draw more cards.

These cards can be quite helpful if you find yourself in a situation where you have no usable cards in your hand, or you can’t defend yourself from an oncoming attack.

Best Draw Cards in Yugioh

Sekka’s Light

Sekka’s Light is a saving grace when you have no spell cards or trap cards in your graveyard yet. This magic card allows you to draw two cards.

However, and you really should heed this warning, once you play Sekka’s Light, you cannot activate any other spells or traps except Sekka’s Light.

Banish this card to your graveyard, reveal a monster in your hand, shuffle that monster into your deck, and draw another card. You can use each effect of Sekka’s Light once per turn.

It’s a drawing goldmine, but not if your deck relies on spells and traps to function.

Good Goblin Housekeeping

A trap card with a fierce effect! Good Goblin Housekeeping allows you to draw the same number of cards from your deck as the number of Housekeeping cards that are in your graveyard, plus an extra one for good measure.

Following this, you just put one card from your hand back to the bottom of your deck.

The more you play Good Goblin Housekeeping, the more cards you’ll be able to draw, and that’s the beauty of it.

When Good Goblin Housekeeping is played, you’re given a chance to exchange a card you don’t need right now for a new card that could make a difference to your next play.

Upstart Goblin

Upstart Goblin is limited to one copy of the card per deck. To the average duelist, this seems strange, but when you come to understand the effectiveness of the card, you will see why it’s been limited.

Upstart Goblin allows you to draw a card and give your opponent 1000 life points when you do so.

It’s a gamble of a card. You’ll need to be able to hit your opponent hard after giving them those life points. Whatever you’re drawing better be worth it.

Reckless Greed

A trap card that isn’t unlike Pot of Greed, but one that comes with issues. When you play Reckless Greed, you are given the ability to draw two cards.

Following the use of the trap card Reckless Greed, you are then forbidden from drawing cards over your next two draw phases.

This card basically lets you have what you would have over the next two turns.

It’s useful that way, in case you’re in a tight spot, but if you get more cards that you can’t do anything with… Well, you’ve caused issues for yourself.

The best thing to do is to have more than one Reckless Greed to play at the same time.

For example, play all three cards at once, draw six cards, and miss just two draw phases (rather than potentially six draw phases).

Shard of Greed

Every time you draw a card during your standard draw phase, you should place one Greed Counter on Shard of Greed when activated.

Once Shard of Greed has more than two Greed Counters, you can send it to the graveyard and draw two extra cards.

Shard of Greed is a replacement for the unusable Pot of Greed, which almost makes banning Pot of Greed seem a little silly because the franchise has just replaced one drawing spell card with several more that have similar effects.

Allure of Darkness

Before you decide to put this card into your deck, you need to understand that you must be using either a Dark deck or a deck with a lot of monsters that fall under the dark attribute.

The Allure of Darkness lets you draw two cards, but then you must banish any of your dark monsters from play. The monster you banish must come from your hand.

If you do not have a dark monster in your hand to banish, then you are forced to discard your entire hand.

Banishing means you cannot recover cards from the graveyard, so be careful with this play, and make sure you’ve got some cannon fodder in your deck.

Pot of Desires

When activated, Pot of Desires requests that you banish ten cards directly from the top of your deck. Once you have completed this heavy task, you may draw two cards.

You are limited to activating one Pot of Desires per turn. Like Pot of Greed and Pot of Avarice, Pot of Desires is a very powerful card. The first two have already been banned.

The price is large for two extra cards, but those two cards could be what you need to save your game.

Pot of Extravagance

Pot of Extravagance literally has Pot of Greed drawn into its card artwork. The cost is small for a large pay-off, and it’s surprising that Pot of Extravagance hasn’t met Pot of Greed’s fate yet.

At the start of your main phase, banish either three or six cards from your extra deck. Draw a card for each three that you have banished.

Supply Squad

Once a turn, you can draw one card if a monster you control is destroyed either by battle or by card effect.

This is a continuous magic card that will keep working for you until your opponent takes it off the field. Have more than one Supply Squad in your deck to save yourself when you eventually lose it.

You can use multiple Supply Squad cards at the same time. Fair warning: Don’t accidentally end up drawing so much of your deck that you’re running out of cards to draw.

When you can’t draw anymore, it’s still game over.


Trade-In’s effect is quite simple. If you have a level eight monster, you can discard that monster and draw two cards.

The monster doesn’t have to be in play, as there’s no mention of that in Trade-In’s effect. You’re just trading any level eight monster in your hand or on the field for two cards from your deck.

It’s not a spell card that every deck will be able to use effectively, but if you combine it with monsters that have effects that require them to be in the graveyard, you’ll be able to play it without worrying about discarding your most powerful cards.

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