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Top 10 Best Trap Hole Cards in Yugioh

Top 10 Best Trap Hole Cards in Yugioh

Originally, there was just one Trap Hole card in Yu-Gi-Oh! But that single card has multiplied over the years and given us numerous Trap Hole cards that have various effects. Trap Holes are great cards to have in your deck because they don’t rely on other cards to be played.

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Best Trap Hole Cards in Yugioh

Adhesion Trap Hole

Adhesion Trap Hole is a bit of a strange Trap Hole card because it doesn’t actually remove any of your opponent’s monsters from the field; which is the usual tactic when playing a Trap Hole card.

Instead, you can rely on Adhesion Trap Hole to half the attack points of any monster that your opponent summons.

The moment your opponent summons a monster in attack position, if you don’t like the look of their high attack points, simply bust out Adhesion Trap Hole, and you’ll be fine.

Void Trap Hole

A sure-fire way to annoy your opponent and stop whatever strategy they were cooking up. Void Trap Hole does destroy a monster, but only once you’ve also negated any of its effects before it can use them.

Void Trap Hole works a little differently to other Trap Hole cards because it allows you to target a specific monster card that your opponent has played.

If your opponent summons more than one card, and all cards have over 2000 attack points, you can choose which card you want to negate and destroy.

Treacherous Trap Hole

A Trap Hole card that understands how Trap Holes should work! You can only use Treacherous Trap Hole if you have no other Trap Hole cards in your Graveyard.

This card is better for duelists who aren’t running any other Trap Hole cards or who are extremely patient and willing to wait to play this Trap card before other Trap Holes.

You can activate Treacherous Trap Hole anytime, and it’s extremely reliable. Target two monster cards on the field and destroy them, with no restrictions on when you need to do so.

Meaning that you don’t need to use this Trap card as soon as a monster is summoned; something you have to do with a lot of other Traps.

Break off Trap Hole

Break Off Trap Hole caters specifically towards Link monster cards, which means it’s only useful in certain situations and completely useless any other time.

If you aren’t fighting against someone with Link monsters in their deck, there isn’t much point keeping Break Off Trap Hole in.

But, having said that, Link monsters are extremely popular, and you’re more likely to come across them in tournaments and official duels.

When a Link Monster is Link Summoned, you can destroy all of the monsters on the field that are not linked.

Time-space Trap Hole

When your opponent Special Summons monsters from their hand or their extra deck, Time-Space Trap Hole forces them to shuffle those monsters back into their deck. You lose 1000 life points for each monster returned to the deck.

This card is risky. Time-Space Trap Hole can make you lose a lot of life points if you aren’t careful when you play it.

The plus side is, as long as you pay attention to your opponent’s actions, you should escape with most of your life points intact.

We would recommend a few life point boosting cards in a deck that has Time-Space Trap Hole.

Trap Hole of Spikes

Trap Hole of Spikes is perhaps one of our favorite cards on this list. Not only does it destroy your opponent’s monster, but it also inflicts damage to your opponent’s life points! Now, that’s a Trap Hole card we can approve of.

When an opponent’s monster (that was either Normal Summoned or Special Summoned) declares an attack, Trap Hole of Spikes allows you to destroy the attacking monster.

If the monster is successfully destroyed, you should also inflict damage to your opponent’s life points that is equal to half that monster’s attack points.

For example, the attacking monster has 2000 attack points. You would flip Trap Hole of Spikes to use it, destroy the monster, and your opponent would take 1000 points of damage.

Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

Something to clear up here, there are several categories for cards, and in the Trap Hole category, people often get confused.

There are “Trap Hole” cards, “Hole” cards, and there’s even a place for “Traptrix” cards. Despite its name, Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare is firmly part of the “Trap Hole” member list.

Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare is great to quickly stop any plans your opponent might be making.

When a monster that was special summoned on the same turn tries to activate its effect, you can play Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare to negate that effect and destroy the monster.

Network Trap Hole

If a card is banished face-down, it cannot activate its own effects that come into play when it leaves the field.

That’s what makes Network Trap Hole so ingenious because it completely stops a monster and takes it out of play.

When your opponent Special Summons any monsters from their deck or their Graveyard, you can banish those cards face-down.

Face-down banished cards can only be looked at by their owner, but they can’t use their effects, and they aren’t in the game anymore.

Bottomless Trap Hole

Surprisingly, Bottomless Trap Hole used to be banned in Yu-Gi-Oh! Players will be happy to know that it’s now unrestricted, but it’s still interesting that a card so powerful is back in play; and that you can have three copies in your deck.

Bottomless Trap Hole works with any type of summoned monster card, as long as they have 1500 attack points or more.

Once your opponent summons such a card, you can destroy and banish that monster. So, not only are you destroying a monster card with decent attack points, but you’re also removing it from play.

Deep Dark Trap Hole

Last on our list is Deep Dark Trap Hole. When an Effect Monster that is level five or higher is Special Summoned, you can banish that monster.

This card is extremely useful to have in your deck because Effect Monsters can be horrific to deal with in today’s duel arena.

While some cards, like Link monsters and XYZ monsters, don’t have levels, this card is far from useless in Yu-Gi-Oh!

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